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Hi and welcome to my blog, Floraful (named after one of my dogs, Flora, a Yorkie/Maltese mix...well, she's actually my mom's dog, and let's just say that I have a whole bunch of dogs in my life). My name is Hannah, and I was born in the Philippines, moved to the US when I was a toddler (specifically, SF Bay Area...and to be more specific, Daly City where there are a bunch of other Filipinos), and I have been residing in Sacramento since I was 11. 

I first fell in love with makeup in 8th grade, when I would browse around the beauty aisles at Walgreens and buying the Bonnebell products. Remember the body glitter (the 2000's version of the highlighter), the Lip Smackers, and the Lip Lites lip glosses? Surprisingly, in high school, I didn't wear a lot of makeup except for black eyeliner, mascara, colored eyeshadow, concealer when I had the annoying pimple (which I didn't know how to apply correctly), and lip gloss. I did not even wear my first foundation until I was 23, which was the MAC Face & Body foundation.

I started this blog in 2014 as a hobby, before I became a senior at my university at the time. Now this was the time when I became REALLY makeup obsessed and started my collection. I turned to beauty and makeup as a way to feel self-confident and beautiful, because I have lupus (SLE and lupus nephritis, which affects the kidney). I was taking a very high dose of prednisone at the time from a bad lupus flareup from 2013 and from having high protein in my kidney, thus gaining a lot of weight and getting the puffy "moonface" as a side effect. Though it helped me heal, it killed my confidence at the time, and I did not want to take any pictures during parties or get togethers. This was around the time I learned how to contour my face to feel somewhat like my normal self again. 

In this blog, I write up a lot of beauty hauls, reviews (especially the best products for tan skin: as a woman of color, I struggle with finding that perfect nude lip or foundation shade), my struggles with lupus, my little travels and adventures with my husband, Cecilio. We have been married since March 2017 and live in an apartment with our 2 dogs, Aristotle and Chewy. 

Through blogging, I have met so many amazing women around the world who share the same passion for makeup and fashion as I do, and learning about different cultures from my own.

I would love to get in touch whether it's through collaborating or just meeting a new blogging buddy. Feel free to email me at han.e.padilla@gmail.com !

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