About Hannah

Hi! My name is Hannah, and I am a 20-something recent alumni from California State University, Sacramento (Go Hornets!!) I have my Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. I'm a makeup junkie... I have a huge stash, more than I care to admit. I am trying to minimize, and I am writing about it here. I was born in the Philippines, grew up as a child in the Bay Area (and often dream of coming back), and now I've been residing in the Sacramento area for almost 15 years.

I started blogging in August 2014 to share my passion of makeup and fashion with others. In addition, I write about my life with lupus: I have systemic lupus erythematosus and lupus nephritis (where it affects the kidneys). I want to share my story to help and relate to others who are struggling. In a way, it also helps me because it comforts me to know that I am not alone either. 

But despite all of that, I also write about my great adventures with my fiancĂ©, Cecilio. He is the best! I also enjoy traveling and plan on doing so more. 

Here's 15 facts about me:

  1. I LOVE Hot Cheetos, but I am trying to cut down on them to be healthy.
  2. I'm naturally really messy.
  3. I became a US Citizen on February 25, 2015. And I registered as a Democrat.
  4. I don't like a lot of Filipino food. It's a shame because food is a huge part of our culture and celebrations. But I do like the following dishes: sisig (sizzling pork parts with chillies), rellenong talong (egg stuffed eggplant), longanisa (sausage), turon (caramelized rolls with jackfruit inside), buko coconut pie, fried milkfish...and the ones everyone knows: lumpia (egg rolls), pancit (noodles with meat and veggies) and adobo (meat with vinegar, soy sauce and garlic marinade). Yes, our dishes are very meat-based.
  5. I grew up in Daly City, CA (a suburb right below San Francisco) and lived there from the ages of 3–11.
  6. I had a "punk" phase in high school my freshman year, of always wanting to wear Hot Topic and using safety pins as earrings. But then I started dressing girly and wanting to wear Abercrombie and Fitch.
  7. I met my fiancé on Myspace because we were both about to be in 2 classes together at our community college, one of them being the school newspaper. We got involved in our high school newspapers our senior year. He added me, we talked on Myspace a bit, I added him on Facebook, we met in person in our classes, and the rest is history.
  8. My favorite childhood memories involve watching Disney movies, rollerblading, bonding with my dad, and spending time with my older sister and nephew! Yes, my older sister and I are 13 years apart and my nephew and I are 6 years apart.
  9. I also have a younger sister with autism.
  10. I've been watching a lot of Hey Arnold lately. What? I grew up watching it as a kid, all the time.
  11. I am an INFP
  12. I am left handed.
  13. How could I forget my 2 dogs, Aris and Flora? Aris is a half Maltese/half Rat Terrier. Flora is a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie). I obviously named my blog after her.
  14. Of all the countries I've visited...besides the Philippines and US, I've been to Canada, France, Switzerland and Italy.
  15. I'm a bit shy at first...but I eventually let my guard down and warm up easily. It's been getting better.

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