The beauty box for women with chronic illness

There's nothing fun about having a chronic illness. Let's see: everyday, you have some sort of physical pain. You have to take your medications every single day (twice a day in my case), and sometimes you have to go through hoops with the pharmacy and your doctors just to get a refill on those meds. You have to spend money on medications (my keppra, losartan and plaquenil are only $8, but cellcept is $150 because it's not covered under my pharmacy), co-pay for appointments, and monthly medical bills. You also need to set aside an emergency fund in case if you get hospitalized. Might I mention that the medications that help you also give you undesirable side effects? Oh, and let's not forget that the feeling where you are sitting on life's sidelines, not always able to do what most "healthy" people can accomplish? Then, if you're on remission, there's always a chance that you can go back to flaring up. It's a never-ending cycle.

That is why self-care for those with a chronic illness (or spoonies, for short) is extra important for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It's ok (and encouraged!) in the things that give you joy and pleasure, whether it's materials things or fun experiences. I talk a lot about starting this blog 3 years ago because I started getting really into makeup and experimenting with it after feeling so self-conscious about the side effects of taking a high dose of prednisone. I was also very frustrated that I couldn't drive for a year in 2014 because of the seizures I had in January and June. I've always loved writing as form of art and expression.

ChronicAlly Box* was founded by Ally, a fellow spoonie based in North Carolina. She came up with the idea because she was tired of just getting lab results and medical bills in the mail. I'm sure you are too if you have a chronic illness. She eventually came up with the idea of curating a monthly beauty subscription box for women who suffer from chronic illnesses, to give them a sense of joy in the midst of suffering.

With ChronicAlly Box, you get 3–6 full-sized health and beauty products monthly, and sometimes it something fun like a mug. The subscription costs $43.95/month, or you can get the ChronicAlly Treat Box for $27.95/month. You still get at least 3 products with the Treat Box, but it's more of the miniature version of the regular box.

Almost all of the beauty products in ChronicAlly Box are from brands with mostly natural and organic ingredients. It makes sense since a lot of us spoonies are allergic or sensitive to harsh chemicals in mainstream beauty brands, and you want to put good things in your body!

Ally kindly sent me the July 2017 box. As I opened it, I was so delighted to see all of my goodies laid out on the pink and white crinkle.

A manicure set
I love getting nail polishes in my beauty boxes, so I was happy to get the B'Livinn BeYOUtiful nail polish in "Awesome No 25"* (A neon hot pink shade). This is a gorgeous summer shade, and I will be swatching it on my nails in a future post. The packaging is equally is good (if not moreso) than the polish itself with the pretty, whimsical illustrations and hand-lettering. They are free from 5 of the major toxins associated with polishes: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toulene, camphor, and formaldehyde resin. I also received the B'Livinn Emery Board*, a simple but high-quality nail filer that smoothes and shapes your nails.

In addition, I found the Two's Company Nailed it Manicure Kit*. It comes in a lime green and white patterned pouch with a hot pink tassel. In the kit are a pair of scissors, another nail file, a clipper and a cuticle tool. The little pouch makes it great for traveling or when I'm in need of a quick manicure within my reach.

Birchrose + Co Sea Spray Texturizing Hair Mist*
I could never really get into beachy hair texturizing products, but now I will be able to try this baby out. The directions are really simple too: just spray on dry hair, and air dry (or use a diffuser). This is made with purified water, aloe leaf water, witch hazel, dead sea salt, organic coconut oil, jasmine sambac oil, and various essential oils. I don't have to worry about putting harsh chemicals in my hair with this! This also doubles up as a body mist for extra hydration. Pretty cool, huh?

Slant Collections: Sippin' & Chillin' Double Old Fashioned Cup*
This cup is so adorable with the colors and gold lettering! It's made with acrylic, is BPA free and keeps your drinks hot and cold. I will definitely be using this on the regular. The only thing about this is that I wish it was slightly larger (it's only 10 oz). Cecilio has been making cold-brew coffee for us and I drink A LOT of it, but I drink it in a thinner, taller glass. I have at least 2 cups of it a day. I love how it comes with a lid and straw too, so you can take it anywhere!

I recommend ChronicAlly Box for my fellow spoonie ladies. Life is hard enough to deal with without the extra stress of bearing the burdens of our disease(s). There is no guilt or shame to indulge yourself once in a while. I actually encourage it to keep you sane despite the hardships of chronic illness. Getting yourself a ChronicAlly box is one of the things that will help with your self-care routine.

*These products were sent to me in exchange for a review. 
However, my opinions about the products remain 100% honest and unbiased.


  1. I think it's really nice that she set up the box to help other people out, and bring a smile to their faces. Plus, I can imagine it can help with interacting with people who have similar experiences. The cup is so cute, I always forget to drink water so I'd love something like that to just motivate me x

    Velvet Blush

  2. This sounds like a great idea, and would make someone smile. The cup is my favorite, so adorable.

  3. That's such a nice idea and lovely concept!
    Jen, Velvet Spring x

  4. I absolutely love this box, I honestly take my hat off to you and find people with chronic illnesses so inspirational!

    Lauren x Huggled

  5. This is a brilliant idea. I have a few friends with chronic illnesses that would just love this!