How to overcome discouragement from blogging

I try to keep this blog as happy as possible despite my issues, because who wants to be around people who are constantly negative and dragging you down? My friends in high school were complete downers and cynical about life (we also went through that emo rocker phase in the mid 2000s, but that's a different story), and it really messed with my psyche. But there is a burden in my heart that I want to open up about, and I know other people are going through the same feelings and I want to encourage and let you know that you're not alone.

August 2017 ipsy Glambag: Good Vibes Only

Another month, another beauty box (or in this case, a beauty bag). It's what I look forward to mid-month, and my ipsy glambag arrived right on the dot as it always does.

Heal your lips with Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

With my chronically dry lips, I am always on the search on the hunt for finding lip balms, treatments and oils that would heal and moisturize my lips and help make applying lipstick a lot easier. Believe me when I say that I have tried just about everything: Maybelline Baby Lips, Carmex, Aquaphor, Fresh lip balms, EOS, Glossier Balm Dotcoms, Chapsticks, Bite Agave Masks, name it.

Beauty Menu for a #naturalglow

I love having a glow to my face. Dewiness has always been something I've strived for, especially for my dry skin. When I bought my first foundation at MAC, I told the MUA that I wanted something with coverage and gave me dewy skin, she pointed me to the Face & Body Foundation. 

The beauty box for women with chronic illness

There's nothing fun about having a chronic illness. Let's see: everyday, you have some sort of physical pain. You have to take your medications every single day (twice a day in my case), and sometimes you have to go through hoops with the pharmacy and your doctors just to get a refill on those meds. You have to spend money on medications (my keppra, losartan and plaquenil are only $8, but cellcept is $150 because it's not covered under my pharmacy), co-pay for appointments, and monthly medical bills. You also need to set aside an emergency fund in case if you get hospitalized. Might I mention that the medications that help you also give you undesirable side effects? Oh, and let's not forget that the feeling where you are sitting on life's sidelines, not always able to do what most "healthy" people can accomplish? Then, if you're on remission, there's always a chance that you can go back to flaring up. It's a never-ending cycle.

My favorite non-powder summer blushes

When it comes to summer beauty, I prefer wearing blushes that aren't in a powdered formula (cream, liquid, and gel). The only exception to that is the BECCA Luminous Blush in "Hibiscus Bloom" from the Chrissy Teigen Palette (Which I've been reaching for all summer). 

How to edit phone blog photos using VSCO

It's not true that you need the most expensive DSLR to take amazing photos for your blog. In all of the photography classes I've taken, I've heard,"it's not about the camera". You can have the fanciest camera and still not know how to use the settings. In contrast, you can snap away with your phone camera and still get high quality photos. 

Why I'm terrified of having children

Mommy and me

As a newlywed, it's only natural to start thinking of the next logical phase in your life: baby time!

Mented Cosmetics: lipsticks by and for Women of Color

Left–Right: Pretty in Pink, Peach Please, Nude La La, Foxy Brown, Dope Taupe, Dark Night

Guys, I think I'm finally done with searching for (and buying) nude lipsticks.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette, Full Spectrum Palette, UD Full Spectrum Palette

Though neutral eyeshadows are hot in the 2010s, I can't seem to let go of bright colors.