Travel Bucket List

I've always had the itch to travel, and I can say I get it from my mama: she was a flight attendant in the 80's, and got to live in Bangkok and Jeddah. Meanwhile, she visited NYC (her first trip to the US in 1981), Madrid, Paris, Rome, London, Seoul and Singapore. She also traveled all over the US for business trips.

Aside from my flight from moving from Manila to SF, my first plane trip (for vacation) was to Hawaii (Big Island) when I was 15 in 2005. Since then, we've flown to Seattle/Vancouver, NYC, Chicago, Paris, Zurich, Florence, Rome, Manila and Borocay. Cecilio and I took our first trip alone to NYC in 2015 as boyfriend/girlfriend, and left as officially engaged. This year, we went to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for our honeymoon. It was an amazing time and I never wanted to leave. I have this desire to travel more, but it's a bit difficult right now trying to save up and pay for rent and bills on top of all of that. I keep suggesting different places to go next year. Honolulu? Paris? London? Florida? Cecilio and I are 27/28, and although next comes the baby in the baby carriage, we aren't planning to have kids for the next few years. Even when I protest to Cecilio, No kids yet!! I still have that baby fever. But one of the reasons I want to delay having kids is because there are so many places we (especially I) would like to visit and explore so many places in the world, and enrich ourselves. It will be very hard to do that once the little ones come along. Not impossible, but extra difficult. But I will make the effort to have them travel with me to open and enrich their minds to the world.

Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer. I know it's hard to long to go to all of these places yet you can't afford, yet, but you cannot put a price on memories. Here's a list of places I am dying to visit:

London, England

London has always been on my list since I was young. A lot of my favorite teenybopper groups I listened to in the 90's/early 2000s were from there (Spice Girls, STEPS, S Club 7). When I was a teen, I started listening to Led Zeppelin (since it was my dad's favorite band), who also formed in London. If I were to visit London, I would definitely check out Hard Rock Cafe to see John Bonham's drum set, Jimmy Page's guitars, and other musicians' outfits (they even have drafts of the Beatles' lyrics!) Of course, I also want to go to the big attractions such as London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace. And let's not forget shopping! I would fancy a shopping spree in Debenhams and Primark, and to try the drugstore beauty products such as GOSH, Barry M, and Max Factor (we don't have those brands in the US). Oh! And most of the bloggers I follow are in the UK, and I would love to meet them in person!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam never interested me all that much until Cecilio and I read (and watched) The Fault In Our Stars. We really identified with the characters Hazel and Augustus because of how they fell in love and because of the health issues they had to go through. We wouldn't make out in the Anne Frank House though (if you read the book you know what I'm talking about), but I still want to go to pay a tribute! I especially want to go during tulip season. There are some awesome museums to visit such as Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and the Cheese Museum! Also, some of the food sounds delicious: there are a lot of Indonesian restaurants, and street foods such as bitterballen (deep fried meatballs served with mustard), stroopwafel (2 thin waffles with a layer of syrup in between), and fries served with peanut sauce, mayo and onions. Since the city is small, it would be easy and fun to bike around in.

Capri, Italy

Long before Cecilio proposed, I daydreamed that our honeymoon would be in Italy with our itinerary as Florence-Rome-Amalfi Coast (or Sicily). Well, I did get a chance to go to Florence and Rome, but to be able to see and swim in the turquoise beaches of the Amalfi Coast is a once in a lifetime experience. You also can't deny that there are gorgeous, antique-like buildings and fresh seafood. Next time I go back to Italy, Amalfi Coast is a must-see. I also need to stay in Florence for longer than just 1 night.

Nairobi, Kenya

It's a myth that all of Africa is just poverty and slums. While you do want to be extra careful and stay safe, there are many cities that are bustling with lots of activity and fun. Nairobi is one of those cities (and again, provided that you stay safe and in the nicer areas). There are a lot of delicious eateries and coffee shops. And how cool is it that their city skyscrapers is literally right next to their own national park?! It would be so awesome to see different animals such as zebras, wildebeests, giraffes, and ostriches roaming around the park freely. Nairobi also has their own Elephant Orphanage to save baby elephants and rhinos from poaching, and I would love to experience bottle feeding them.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan has been at the top of my bucket list since I was young. I used to love anime, but taking Japanese for my foreign language requirement in high school made me appreciate the culture much more. So much to do and see. I don't want to just limit myself to Tokyo though. For food and friendlier people, Osaka is a must see. For temples and old traditional Japanese houses, Kyoto is worth going to. And for magnificence, I would love to visit Mt. Fuji.

Palawan, Philippines

Palawan is Philippines' up and coming hot beach destination. Now it's not as popular or crowded as its competitor Boracay, but that's what makes it romantic and sexy for couples. The ocean is just crystal clear and makes it perfect for snorkeling, diving and just plain swimming for hours!

Barcelona, Spain

Cecilio and I almost had our wedding in late May, and if we did, we were contemplating going to Paris and Barcelona for our honeymoon. I still want to go, especially to look at colorful architecture, eat delicious tapas and lounge around the beach a bit. And yes, a trip to Ibiza and Madrid are in order as well.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Cecilio and I keep talking about how we want to go to NOLA, and we almost booked a trip there 2 Christmases ago. Funds were a bit tight though. But within the US, NOLA is at the top of our list. It's quaint, small and easy to get around, and there are some great restaurants. I have to try Café du Monde for those cafe lattes and beignets. And there's the massive, beautiful City Park we can bike around. Let's not forget the river cruises as well!

Kauai, Hawaii, USA

I've been fortunate enough to visit 3 Hawaiian islands: Big Island, Oahu (where Honolulu is), and Maui. I do want to try something different, and Kauai is known to be the perfect island for romance and nature. It's a little more secluded than Maui, but nowhere near as much as Lanai, Molokai or even Big Island. The beaches are vast, and hiking in Waimea Canyon (Grand Canyon of the Pacific) is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston has always been at the top of my US travel wishlist, and I am super jealous that my in-laws got to go recently (along with NYC, Washington DC, and Philadelphia). Boston would be an educational trip since it is one of the oldest cities in the US, and played a big part of the American Revolution. It would just be fascinating to walk on the Freedom trail, where people of the 17th and 18th centuries lived, ate, worshipped and fought for our religious freedom and liberty from England. Another reason to visit Boston: delicious seafood. Especially clam chowder. Yum!

Orlando, Florida, USA

Being a West Coast native, I've been to Disneyland more times than I can count. Now it's time to visit Cinderella's castle on the other side of the country. I've been fascinated with how HUGE the parks are at Disney World. I don't care too much for Disney's Hollywood Studios, but I definitely want to go to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. But if I had to only choose between the 2, I would go to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Pocahontas is nowhere to be found in Disneyland, but she is in Animal Kingdom. We could go on a little safari tour and some of the rides. It almost reminds me of Xcaret in Mexico, in the sense that the animals are very well-taken care of.

Other places I would like to visit are:

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Copenhagen, Denmark (because I read The Little Book of Hygge)
Milan, Italy
Greece (Athens and Santorini)
Miami, Florida, US
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Santa Fe, New Mexico, US
Australia (Sydney and Melbourne)
Bangkok, Thailand
Dubai, UAE

What places are on your travel bucket list?


  1. This bucket is similar to mine, I would love to go to Japan and Capri, they're so different from each other but hold a lot of culture. But one place, actually two places, I have to get too, within the next few years are San Fran, always wanted to go there and Australia!

  2. You sound very well-traveled to me, I've barely been out of the states! :) Italy is definitely on my wish list as well, and NOLA and Australia!

  3. You should definitely come to London, you'd love it! It is really busy, but there's so much to do there. I actually haven't travelled much at all, but I'd love to do Rome, Spain, Venice xx

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