July Beauty Favorites (and life+death updates)

Usually July is my one of my favorite months because there's so much fun things going on. This year though, my July was a bit boring: I spent 4th of July watching my younger sister while my mom and stepdad went out of town, and Cecilio and I were gonna go to his friends' house but he worked late and was too tired to go. And we didn't get to watch fireworks. Oh well, we'll spend many more 4th of Julys' together!

Summer Hot Pink Lip Edit

My love for bright, hot pink lipsticks knows no bounds. One of the reasons I look forward to warmer months is being able to wear them...although they can also be an alternative to red lips during Christmas party season, and do we really need to be tied down to seasons?

July 2017 Boxycharm: Cutie Pie

July 2017 Boxycharm: Cutie Pie, Blinc Electric Eyes Eyeshadow Palette, ColourPop Beeper, Bareminerals invisible light translucent powder duo, winkylux universal eyebrow pencil

I admit that I'm not the most patient person, so I was getting really antsy when Boxycharm sent me an email on the 5th that my box has shipped and the arrival date was pending for about a week and a half.  I kept wondering what the delay was about. I was obsessively checking my tracking everyday. Finally, I got the notice that it would arrive on the 21st! That's the longest I've waited for Boxycharm! But now that I have it, it feels like Christmas! 

A Newlyweds' Apartment Wishlist

In my 27 years of existing, my 1-bedroom, 670 square-foot apartment is the smallest habitat I've ever lived in. But I have never been happier.

Bio-Oil First Impressions

To be honest, I have not used beauty oils all that much, with the exception of the Smashbox Primer Oil for my face. I know I have naturally dry skin all over my face and body, and I've struggled with more dryness since using our shower from our new apartment. The Soap & Glory Righteous Butter has been my savior for my skin.

Linkin Park & Fort Minor Playlist

Cecilio works at the local news station as a digital journalist/producer, so he gets access to breaking news before it gets released to the public. On Thursday, when he told me that Chester Bennington from Linkin Park committed suicide, I was in shock. 

How I use Twitter to promote my blog + grow my following

How I use Twitter to promote my blog + grow my following , twitter, seo, blog seo, growing twitter blog, bitly, buffer, twitter chats

One of my biggest mistakes when I first started blogging 3 years ago was not utilizing social media to its fullest. Ok, when I did start Floraful, I created my twitter to go along with it, @im_hannaheunice. I followed all of my favorite beauty and fashion brands, celebrities, politicians, local businesses, etc. I promoted my blog posts like I do today (my proud moment as a baby blogger was when I wrote a post about my birthday haul from Francesca's Collections, tweeted it and they read it, and sent me free items), but for the most part, I had no clue what I was doing. I didn't know how to find other fellow bloggers. Overtime, I did start finding other bloggers (and they found me as well), promoted more often, and joined Twitter chats.

July 2017 ipsy Glambag: Over Easy

July 2017 ipsy Glambag: Over Easy, July 2017 ipsy Glambag, ipsy x gudetama

Finally, after resubscribing to ipsy in April and getting a few months worth of crappy glam bags, I actually get products I actually will use and enjoy!

Travel Bucket List

I've always had the itch to travel, and I can say I get it from my mama: she was a flight attendant in the 80's, and got to live in Bangkok and Jeddah. Meanwhile, she visited NYC (her first trip to the US in 1981), Madrid, Paris, Rome, London, Seoul and Singapore. She also traveled all over the US for business trips.

3 ways to style retro sunglasses

Warby Parker, Warby Parker Hayes sunglasses

When the sun is glaring and your eyes are squinting, sunglasses are a must.

My Job Interview Makeup Look

My Job Interview Makeup Look

I've been having some luck again with scoring job interviews, until I actually go there and answer my questions. That's when I start to get really nervous, stutter, and talk really really fast.

L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara, L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise, Too Faced Better Than Sex Dupe

I don't know about you, but mascara is one of my least-bought beauty products. I feel like to me, it's an afterthought at times...but I shouldn't. Sometimes I forget to add it in my beauty routine, but it is one of those things that tie a whole look together. It just gives me extra oomph and femininity on my "no makeup" days.

SPF Foundations on Rotation

summer beauty, summer makeup, SPF foundations, bb cream

You should be wearing sunscreen all year, rain or shine, but let's face it...most of us don't. We tend to wait until May or June to roll around before we slap on some SPF. 

Why I'm making peace with not reaching my "goal" wedding weight

I absolutely love this photo of Cecilio and I. This was taken during our first look, and it was an emotional, poignant moment, just about an hour and a half before our ceremony. When I tapped him from behind, we were both holding back tears. I had this printed as an 11"x14" photo at the local print shop to frame above our TV.

Kat von D Lolita Eyeshadow & Blush

Kat von D Lolita Eyeshadow & Blush, KVD Lolita, Kat Von D Lolita, KVD Lolita Eyeshadow blush

Kat von D's most beloved and popular lipstick shade just grew into a powder form!

My lipstick/lip gloss ban.

makeup ban, no buy makeup, lipstick ban, no buy lipstick

It's the same thing over and over again. I'm going on a makeup ban for a month, every blogger proclaims.