Thank you ColourPop for this beautiful haul.

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Every beauty blogger and their mother knows about ColourPop, and now I'm hearing more and more about them now that they ship internationally. I have a love-hate relationship with their Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks: although they have beautiful shades, they are the most drying lipsticks I have ever tried (along with the Tarte quick dry matte lip paints and the CT Matte Revolution lipsticks). However, I saw that they had a sale going on and I wanted to take advantage of getting some of the products before they discontinued: let's just say I was not disappointed!

colourpop, colourpop haul, colourpop love bug, colourpop secret stash, colourpop prim, colourpop honey b, colourpop frick n frack, colourpop glo up, colourpop bronze me, colourpop kaepop

Here is what I splurged on:

Lip Trio: Keep it Going
I bought one of the lip trio kits that's on sale right now for $11.20. The Keep it Going trio consists of the Ultra Matte lip in "Love Bug", the Lippie Pencil in "Love Bug", and Lippie Stix in "Secret Stash". All three of these are described as "rich mahogany shades": deep brick red. These are my signature fall shades (even though summer hasn't even started) and honestly I don't care, I will wear them any time of the year. I haven't tried the Ultra Matte lip yet, but the Lippie Pencil is so rich and pigmented. I am tired of lipliners not having enough product or pigmentation because they are too waxy. Not the lippie pencils. I have tested the lippie pencil, and oh my gosh, there's no words to describe how gorgeous this is. It's a Matte X formula (which is dryer and longer-lasting than the regular matte), but it's still creamy and comfortable to wear, as long as I apply lip balm every few hours or so.

Ultra Glossy lip in "Honey B"
This is my first Ultra Glossy lip, and it did not disappoint one bit. I hate when a lot of lip glosses are too sheer, but I already expect that ColourPop does it big and bold. Which is exactly what the shade Honey B is:  a bright, punchy pink that's perfect for the summer. I was jonesing for the NARS lip gloss in "Priscilla" after I read about it in Sally from The Makeup Directory's blog, but Honey B is a wonderful dupe. It's so creamy and comfortable to wear too!

Mini Ultra Satin lips in "Prim" and "Frick n Frack"
ColourPop had this deal where for every $10 you spent, you get a free mini Ultra Satin liquid lipstick (right now they are doing it for the mini Lippie Stix). These are at 0.02 oz compared to the regular-sized ones at 0.09 oz. So I was able to get my hands on the shades Prim and Frick n Frack. Prim is a deep, reddish plum that's a bit intimidating to wear and is more suited for the fall and winter. In fact, I would say that this is a great dupe for Kylie's Leo liquid lipstick. I've always wanted to try "Frick n Frack" but I wasn't sure about how it look on someone with my skin tone. Let's just say I was pleasantly surprised. On me, it's more nude but rosier. It's wonderful for everyday wear!

Super Shock Cheek in "Bronze Me"
This shade is a part of the KaePop (Karrueche x ColourPop) collection, and because we almost share similar skin tones, it made sense that I was looking into shades in this collection. This warm matte bronze is a summer must have for that beachy glow look. The gel formula makes it so lightweight and gentle on the skin too.

Super Shock Cheek in "Glo Up"
Another one from the KaePop collection, the texture of this highlighter is like butter! It's so soft and delicate, I cannot stop touching it. For someone who is fair skinned, this could pass as a bronzer. Even for me if I want a subtle glow, but once I get darker over the summer this golden copper will be my ultimate strobing staple.

colourpop, colourpop haul, colourpop love bug, colourpop secret stash, colourpop prim, colourpop honey b, colourpop frick n frack, colourpop glo up, colourpop bronze me, colourpop kaepop
Top–bottom: Ultra Matte (Love Bug), Lippie Pencil (Love Bug), Lippie Stix (Secret Stash), Ultra Satin (Prim), Ultra Satin (Frick n Frack), Ultra Gloss (Honey B), Super Shock Cheek (Bronze Me), Super Shock Cheek (Glo Up)

I am in love with my purchases from ColourPop. I complained in the past that even the Ultra Satin lips were too dry for me, but my Glossier Mint Balm Dotcom has been a lifesaver and I can wear them more with ease. Also, I was able to get another Ultra Satin lipstick in London Fog from my Summer Beautycon Box that I will be reviewing soon. ColourPop has been killin' it with their new releases that it's so hard to resist temptation from them. ColourPop, you stole my heart back, just try not to steal more money from my bank account, k?

What are your ColourPop products?


  1. That is a brilliant haul! I swear ColourPop has some of the best lip formula.

  2. I'm so in love with ColourPop!!! I need it all! Nice post. 😍

  3. Colourpop is the best! I am always tempted with their sales ;) great post !

  4. I love the colour Love Bug - I haven't tried that before but after seeing the swatch here I think I have to! Thanks for sharing!

    Britt |

  5. I'm in love with the Ultra Glossy lips, I need to get more shades! I would have loved to try Frick n Frack in a little sample size x

    Beauty From Katie

  6. I still haven't tried their products because I have dry lips all year round, so I thought they wouldn't work for me! I really want to give some liquid lipsticks a go, I'm the same, nude lip shades never suit me but I like your picks. I will have a look at the lippie pencils though, as I needed some new liners :) x

    Velvet Blush

  7. I keep hearing about ColourPop everywhere, but I actually don't own a single product from them! Always thought they were a little difficult to obtain here in the UK, but I am glad to hear that they ship internationally, that's great news! :) The first thing I noticed about your lovely swatches was how gorgeous the highlighter looked, wow! Absolutely stunning and the lip shades are super bold and feminine, too. :) Thanks for sharing this fab haul, hope all is well with you my darling xoxo


  8. I wish I had got some of their pencils, Love Bug looks gorgeous. Beautiful haul Hannah, thank you for sharing xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin