My Summer 2017 Bucket List

Happy Summer Solstice, I say after I whine about how hot it is every summer in my crabby tone of voice.

I am someone who hates extreme cold or hot temperatures, but if I really had to choose any of the evils, then crank up the heat please. Sacramento summers are oppressive, and this week our highest temperature was 109° F (42.78° C). That is why Cecilio and I escape a lot to SF, where it's much cooler and milder (though it's like, foggy 90% of the year there). Though I can't stand melting, there are some things that make me admire summer: fair/carnival season, getting a tan, wearing mini dresses, sandals and bright pink lipsticks, swimming. Oh, and the heat is much better for my joints. There's a reason why older folks retire in Phoenix or Florida, even though the heat in those places rival the lowest level of Hell.

But I have got to enjoy it before the cold air starts to kick in November. As much as I love pumkins and Christmas, I don't like feeling cold to the bone. So this summer, I want to do the following:

1. Swim laps at the new gym I joined (I only joined because of my sister's prodding even though I prefer to work out at home) and work out doing the barre3 videos at least 4 times a week.

2. Have a kickass 4th of July get together with family and/or friends.

3. Stroll around the farmer's market and buy in-season produce, like nectarines, tomatoes and berries.

4. Make a delicious caprese salad with those tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil pesto.

5. Visit SF again (without the dogs), but this time leave as early as 7 am to beat the traffic.

6. Celebrate my best friend Nate's birthday in July.

7. Go to the California State Fair and eat all of the fried fair foods, pet baby farm animals, drink a wine slushie, and ride on the skyride and ferris wheel.

8. Overcome my fear of getting my Pap smear in August (I'm terrified: more on that in another blog post) so that Cecilio and I can do something fun after the appointment. I'm thinking of medicating myself beforehand.

9. Buy a rug, a small table, and some chairs for our balcony.

10. Go to 2nd Saturday in Sacramento.

11. Buy more minidresses, shorts and sandals.

12. Decorate our apartment more and fill the bare walls with photos and artwork.

13. Make and drinks lots of smoothies.

14. Visit Stinson Beach.

15. Visit Lake Tahoe.

16. Have some friends get together in our apartment and drink lots of fruity alcoholic drinks.

17. Go hiking in the foothills.

18.  Buy a fresh peony bouquet.

19. Attend the California Museum Volunteer Orientation, so that I can get involved.

20. Bike around the parks nearby.

21. Go to an Oakland A's and an SF Giants game.

22. Plant some vegetables (I say that I am going to learn to do this every year though).

I'm naturally a beach bunny at heart, so if I lived back in the coastal areas, you bet I would be spending most days laying down on the sand or walking around and admiring the ocean. I'm always dreaming of Mexico and Hawaii, and wondering when the next time I will let their waves ride me.

What's on your bucket list?


  1. It's Winter here in Australia. I am so missing Summer! xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  2. I decorated my house last summer and I finally put colours on the walls. I also bought some affordable Ikea photo frames and I printed some pictures of our holidays and made a picture wall, so pretty!! x


  3. I'd love to go swimming, wish I had my own pool because I'm not one for the gym either! My Summer bucket list is just to try something new, maybe some volunteering opportunities :) x

    Velvet Blush

  4. You have great plans for summer. I'm going to join a new gym also, and very excited.
    Nina's Style Blog

  5. Such a lovely summer bucket list. x

  6. Such a great summer list, I want to try and go biking too, I haven't ridden since I was a kid!

  7. This is such a great list! I want to come and join you in ticking things off it! I'm getting so excited about out holiday that I haven't even considered what else I'd like to do this summer. I'm like you and find the warmer weather much better for my joints (and migraine). But, like you, I also find the really hot temperatures of summer too much. So I'm trying not to plan too much in advance, incase we're hit with another heat wave and I can't even sit up! I definitely need to have more in mind for summer. You've inspired me to make a list, thank you! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  8. Summer this year is getting settled in our new home. It has been absolute madness recently because we're waiting for our dream house to complete and then move in. And then I hope to hire a interior designer to help decorate. I wish I have the creative eye for decorating but I really don't. LOL!