Hannah and Cecilio's Wedding Video

As I was planning my wedding, I learned that one thing most brides regretted was not budgeting for a videographer.

I can understand why: you're already spending a shit ton on the ceremony/reception sites, the photographer, food, attire, flowers, other decor, and honeymoon. You're telling me that I need to make room for another thing?! Besides, don't the photos already provide enough memories?

Not necessarily.

Obviously, photography is one of the biggest things you want to invest in for your wedding. Those photos last forever, and you want the best quality and the photos that capture the essence of your special day the most. But video is more dynamic: you can actually see what went behind the scenes, how the wedding party walked down the aisle, and how everything and everyone moved. You can hear the people's voices. Now I don't want to be morbid, but if there's a time that Cecilio or one of our loved ones leave before me, I want to watch the videos to hear their voices and capture those moments in time vividly. I see pictures of my dad all the time, but I can hardly remember his voice since the 4 years he passed away.

As I was searching high and low for the perfect videographer that fit our budget and produced high-quality cinema, I found Indigo Sky Studios. Their prices have doubled since we have booked them, so we were able to get a great deal for 2 videographers, 10 hours of filming, a short highlight video, and 2 20 minute videos (for the reception and the ceremony). Now I can't stop watching our mini highlight video (which I am sharing with you guys above), and this weekend I will be showing our families the longer ones.

Thank you Indigo Sky Studios for these beautiful, memorable films and capturing the essence perfectly.

Hope you guys enjoy watching!


  1. OMG Hannah, this was such a beautiful watch. I couldn't stop being in awe, your wedding was stunning and just seeing how happy you guys were on your big day brought a massive smile to my face. I got a little teary at your first dance haha. Such a gorgeous wedding for an incredible couple xxx


  2. I LOVED this! You two make such a lovely couple, and I love the wedding highlights. Wedding videos are a big thing here too amongst my family, but yours is so intricate and I love the way they put it together. Your wedding looks like it was an amazing affair as well, all those little details! Wishing you two a lifetime of happiness xx

    Velvet Blush

  3. Wow, this is incredible, thank you for sharing it, Hannah!
    So many feelings... I can't even imagine what it must be like for you to watch it!

  4. Such a lovely wedding video!! I think it's definitely worth paying extra for - you will have it forever!

    hayley // hayleyxmartin.com