NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer

Can you believe that it's going to be summer next month?! I can't. While some people are gearing up to get that glowing tan, I got mine early from going to Mexico in March for my honeymoon and being out in the sun every single day. While I loved my bronzed look, I did not love how my foundations became too light for me and didn't match the rest of my body.

While a lot of the other bloggers I follow have a hard time finding the perfect foundation that matches their very fair skin (and with the foundations still being too dark), I have the opposite problem. Thankfully, the NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer is the answer to my beauty prayers.

You may be living under a rock if you don't know about the famous NARS Laguna Bronzer in powder form (though I don't have it), and the liquid version actually came out last year. Like the powder, the liquid bronzer cost $40 at 1 oz. Not bad, since it will last a long time.

I am digging the rectangular, minimalistic packaging. And the fact that it comes with the pump. There's a reason why I don't have any of the NARS foundations, and I really do not want to buy a separate pump from their website. However, when I try to get some product out, it ends up being super messy all over the pump and bottle. It's also difficult to wipe off the bottle even with makeup remover wipes. That means that it's hard to remove too. Which is also a plus, because it's long lasting on the face.

Middle: NARS Laguna Liquid Foundation
Bottom: Both mixed together

When I mix with my foundation, I usually get half a pump of the bronzer and a full one with the foundation. I mix them together on my hand, and using a damp sponge, I tap, tap, tap all over my face. I layer it a second time, same method.

Of course, I also use this for actual bronzing too. I lightly contour on my cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin for that beach bunny look, and I use the same damp sponge (the Real Techniques sponge) since it dries fairly fast. This is actually great for the warmer months coming up since it's more natural looking and less cakey than the powdered version. If you have oily skin though, I'm not sure if this would suit you.

But if you're have normal or dry skin, this is perfect! You will look like you spent all day bumming by the beach or pool. (I'm dreaming of Mexico or Hawaii...)

Other than the packaging and how messy it is, I have been enjoying this and it's definitely one of my summer staples!

Have you tried the liquid or powdered version of NARS Laguna? Or any liquid bronzer in general?

Also, did you know that NARS is going to release liquid blushes soon? Check it out here. Oh great, now I'm getting tempted...


  1. I am afraid of liquid bronzer because I'm worried that I don't blend well and it end up looking super patchy or weird on me. LOL!

  2. I have the powder version and really like it! Although, in general, I prefer cream/liquid bronzers because they look so natural on the skin.