The prettiest, most comfortable (non-drying) lipsticks for Spring

spring lipstick, NARS Audacious Jane, Revlon Berry Rich, Clinique Rose Pop, Urban Decay Manic, Rimmel Berry Rich, Tarte Double Duty Renegade

Though I do miss my fall burgundy and burnt orange shades, I am so excited about bringing out the rosy shades for spring! Moving and packing all of my makeup made me realize (well, duh) how much makeup I had. I never really comprehended it until I had to pack multiple boxes for my makeup, organizers, nail polishes, skincare products, etc. So rather than buying more and more lipsticks (though I'm drooling over the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, just not Pillowtalk), I decided to rediscover some of the ones I already had for this post and to use everyday.

I chose specifically comfortable lipsticks because while liquid lipsticks are a huge hit, I and so many other beauties are starting to realize how painful they are. Yes, they come in so many beautiful shades and yes, they last all day even through eating, but is it worth the pain and suffering of having dry, flaky lips? Don't get me wrong, I still have a nice-sized liquid lipstick collection and I will still use them, but these days I am leaning towards lipsticks in the classic tube in the creamier formulas. When looking for a comfortable lipstick, look for the formulas "Cream", "Velvet", "Satin", or "Moisturizing". If you are really dead set on a matte lip, I recommend a lipstick that says "Velvet Matte" or "Creamy Matte". If you are interested in Urban Decay, get the "Comfort Matte" instead of the "Mega Matte" lipsticks. Avoid MAC mattes (especially Retro Mattes) like the plague. Forget about the ColourPop liquid lipsticks. I also highly recommend the Clinique Pop Matte collection because they are still easy to wear and super creamy while having insane pigmentation.

Wondering what new lipstick you should get for the new season that's ultra girly yet comfortable? Look no further.

NARS Audacious (Jane)
This was my first NARS lipstick, and the first shade in the Audacious line that I fell in love with. It is a warm coral nude, and this is perfect for someone who has medium/tan skin like me and has a hard time finding nude lipsticks. The pop of peach brightens your face. The NARS Audacious line is known for being rich in pigmentation, soft and creamy in formula, and it just glides on oh-so easily.

Revlon Super Lustrous (Berry Rich)
For a medium rosy, everyday lip color that doesn't break the bank, I highly recommend Berry Rich. It is more pink than berry, and in the Creme formula. My lips feel so moisturized after, and this goes well with blush and many neutral eyeshadow looks. I can definitely see this shade working on all skin tones.

Clinique Pop Matte (Rose Pop)
Like I mentioned earlier, though it's a matte formula, Clinique's Pop Matte lipsticks are one of the most comfortable and creamiest lipsticks I have ever tried. Rose Pop is my favorite, it's a bright hot pink that fares well in spring and summer. It's not too warm or cool, it's just perfect.

Urban Decay Vice (Manic)
When I went to Ulta last year to check out the new Urban Decay Vice lipstick line, I found Manic and immediately had to get it. Well, Manic was a part of their old Revolution lipstick line, but it was only when it was repackaged in the Vice lipstick line when I discovered it. Manic is a Cream formula that's called "soft wine", it's a gorgeous everyday berry pink lip color.

Rimmel Moisture Renew (Berry Rich)
Another lipstick with the name "Berry Rich"! Rimmel has a moisturizing lipstick line that I highly recommend if you suffer from dry lips. I usually don't like a lot of Rimmel lipsticks because most of them are too pale for me, but Berry Rich is a "my lips but rosier and better" shade. It is a bit sheerer than the other lipsticks featured, but it's pretty, feminine and affordable.

Tarte Double Duty Lip Sculptor (Renegade)
I've worn this a few times last year and bringing this out, I remember why! The shade Renegade is a girly medium pink and would look great on all skin tones. This product has a lipstick and lipgloss on both ends. The lipstick glides on so easily and makes my lips feel nourished (it has coconut, maracuja oils and Vitamin E). The lipgloss is super pigmented too and looks great on its own, but wearing it on top of the lipstick makes my lips look healthy.

spring lipstick, NARS Audacious Jane, Revlon Berry Rich, Clinique Rose Pop, Urban Decay Manic, Rimmel Berry Rich, Tarte Double Duty Renegade
Top–bottom: NARS Audacious (Jane), Revlon (Berry Rich), Clinique Pop Matte (Rose Pop), Urban Decay (Manic), Rimmel Moisture Renew (Berry Rich), Tarte Double Duty Lip Sculptor (Renegade—the lipstick)Tarte Double Duty Lip Sculptor (Renegade—the lipgloss)

Sure, these lipsticks aren't as long lasting as a matte liquid lipstick and you have to reapply every few hours or after every meal, but that's the tradeoff. For me, right now I don't want to deal with my lips flaking, feeling uncomfortable and them looking ugly in front of people with the flakes peeling off.

What are your favorite creamy, comfortable lipsticks for the spring?


  1. Rose Pop is such a pretty pink shade, so beautiful. I prefer to use creamy and moisturising formulas too, I had a couple of bad experiences with dry liquid lipsticks and I turned back to my old favourites!


  2. They are such beautiful spring shades! I hate when lip products are drying x
    A Blushing Beauty Blog

  3. I love all these shades and they sure are pretty! The clinique pop range is my fave, they're so comfortable to wear <3

  4. These are such beautiful shades! They'd work well for me as autumn/winter shades. I know I'm allergic to a couple of the formulas (NARS and Urban Decay) but I love the Revlon lipsticks! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  5. I am glad Spring is here and been wearing brighter shades too and like you, I've been wearing normal lipsticks again. I need to revisit Revlon lipsticks, I know the formula is amazing.