Mexican Beauty Haul: Renova, Ultrafemme, & Zan Zusi

Mexican Beauty Brands, Renova Makeup, Ultrafemme Makeup, Zan Zusi, Ultrafemme Rubor Compacto Cabos, Ultrafemme Black Eyeliner Gel, Zan Zusi Lápiz Delineador de Ojos Negro, Zan Zusi Delineador de Cejas Retráctil Café, Renova Labial Máxima Andrea, Renova Esmalte para Uñas Dulce

While I was in Playa del Carmen for my honeymoon, Cecilio and I made some frequent trips to the supermarket for snacks, hair products, water and other essentials. I would stop by the beauty aisle, of course. The supermarkets had mostly American beauty brands such as Maybelline or Revlon. There was even a Sephora and a MAC off of 5th Ave. But come on, I can get those anywhere, anytime! I wanted to purchase unique Mexican makeup brands. They were a bit hard to find, but not impossible.

I found 3 Mexican beauty brands: Renova, Ultrafemme, and Zan Zusi. Renova and Zan Zusi are drugstore brands, and can be easily found in the supermarket or Walmart. Renova sells really awesome and affordable makeup and nail polish, but they are a very small brand and are not as active on social media. They don't even have Instagram, but here is their website and Facebook page if you are interested.

Ultrafemme is a small beauty department store that sells mostly high end makeup such as Chanel, YSL and Dior, but they had their own extremely affordable brand. There are only 3 Ultrafemme locations in Mexico: Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Cabo.

Mexican Beauty Brands, Renova Makeup, Ultrafemme Makeup, Zan Zusi, Ultrafemme Rubor Compacto Cabos, Ultrafemme Black Eyeliner Gel, Zan Zusi Lápiz Delineador de Ojos Negro, Zan Zusi Delineador de Cejas Retráctil Café, Renova Labial Máxima Andrea, Renova Esmalte para Uñas Dulce

Here are my impressions and thoughts about each product:

Ultrafemme Rubor Compacto (Compact Blush) in "Cabos"
This is my favorite product in this little haul. I have been using this gorgeous peachy coral every time I wear makeup. Though I got a tan from the trip, it still shows up on my skin. It's like a better, more affordable version of NARS Orgasm (which I had at one point but didn't like it enough to keep it).

Ultrafemme Black Eyeliner Gel
I like gel eyeliner because it's easier to control and more forgiving than liquid liner. Unfortunately, this is one of the least pigmented eyeliners I have ever tried. Even spraying it with MAC Fix+ spray did not help with the pigmentation. So this one is a miss. I should have gotten one of the Ultrafemme brushes instead.

Zan Zusi Lápiz Delineador de Ojos (Eyeliner Pencil) in "Negro"
I did not particularly care for this pencil eyeliner either. No pigmentation or staying power whatsoever. But I did like how it comes with a sharpener attached. I like to line my lower lashes with eyeliner pencil, and most of my pencil eyeliners last for a couple of hours before it starts to fade, but this fades within minutes.

Zan Zusi Delineador de Cejas Retráctil (Retractable Eyebrow Pencil) in "Café"
I always like me a good eyebrow pencil product, and this is decent. The retractability makes it easy to use and doesn't require sharpening, though the pencil itself is a bit thick and less precise than I want it to be, but the pigmentation is great. I purchased the shade café (brown) instead of negro (black) so that my brows wouldn't look too dark and unnatural. I have been using this lately and setting it with my Benefit Gimme Brow.

Renova Labial Máxima (Maximum Lip) in "Andrea"
Every time I went to Walmart or the local supermarket, I would stare at one of these Renova lipsticks but get disappointed because a lot of the shades I wanted were either sold out or broken. I was able to eventually pick up this shade, Andrea, an orange-toned red. The formula is amazing. It is creamy and nondrying, and I love pressing my lips together wearing this because it just feels that good!

Renova Esmalte para Uñas (Nail Polish) in "Dulce"
This hot pink shade is great for spring transitioning to summer. It reminds me of Essie's nail polish in "Mod Square". The brush picks up a lot of product so you have to be careful because it applies thick. It even applies a little uneven too. 2 thin layers on your nails will do just the job. But I will forgive the little imperfections because the color is gorgeous, and I wish I picked up more shades.

Mexican Beauty Brands, Renova Makeup, Renova Esmalte para Uñas Dulce
Renova Esmalte para Uñas in "Dulce"

Mexican Beauty Brands, Renova Makeup, Ultrafemme Makeup, Zan Zusi, Ultrafemme Rubor Compacto Cabos, Ultrafemme Black Eyeliner Gel, Zan Zusi Lápiz Delineador de Ojos Negro, Zan Zusi Delineador de Cejas Retráctil Café, Renova Labial Máxima Andrea
Top–bottom: Zan Zusi Eyeliner Pencil in "Negro", Ultrafemme Black Eyeliner Gel, Zan Zusi Retractable Eyebrow Pencil in "Café", Ultrafemme Compact Blush in "Cabos", Renova Maxium Lip in "Andrea"

One day Cecilio and I will go back to Mexico and I will pick up more Renova polishes. Which of the products appeal to you the most here?


  1. I'm currently on a blush kick so the blush appeals the most to me! Shame that most of the products didn't work for you though.

    1. Yeah it was mostly the eyeliners that disappointed me. Everything else was great.

  2. I love the new template Hannah, so beautiful!! I changed mine a few months ago and it gave so much motivation :)


    1. Oh, I'm so obsessed with my new layout :)

  3. I've never tried anything from Renova appart from their nailpolishes. Zan Zusi is really affordable and they are mostly known for their mascaras, I've only tried one and I loved itttt.
    My favorite mexican brand is definitely Bissú, they aren't sold at Walmarts or any other supermarkets but they are amazing quality affordable! They have some palettes inspired in every state of the country, their colors and the regional culture, they are beautiful. Everything I've tried from them is great, my favorites are their eyeshadow quads, the next time try them without a doubt! :) I was actually thinking in doing a mexican makeup giveaway in the future to promote the country and culture :) I'm so happy to see you tried some bits!

    Cy | Dulce de Mango

    1. I should've gotten one of the mascaras instead of the eyeliner then! I want to try Bissu, I looked them up and they remind me of NYX and Kiko :) and that would be awesome if you did a giveaway, I would totally participate in it!

  4. Congratulations on the honeymoon! That lipstick Andrea is gorgeous! So pigmented!

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