April Beauty Favorites + More Life Updates

If March was a crazy month, April for me was even moreso. Right now I'm getting used to married life and my new last name, and I love it. Cecilio and I moved on April 7, and we've been going back and forth getting our stuff together. Our apartment is on the 2nd floor, so he and his dad were struggling so much to get our couch and bed up the stairs because it is winding. His parents also bought us a new dining table, which I'm so thankful for so that we don't have to eat on the coffee table or floor. We've also bought some shelves and new decor.
Once we get our wedding photos and we frame them, I will have a little apartment tour blog post!

I still go to my mom's house every Monday–Friday though because now I am getting paid by the government as a caregiver for my 24 year old sister, Sarah, who has autism and always needs adult supervision. I'm thankful that my mom handed me over hours she has declared, and it's a way that I can help Cecilio with rent, and help my mom with household chores as she is working full-time. I'm still on the hunt for a regular job though, whether it's in graphic design or marketing or a regular office job. I'm a bit frustrated with the past interviews I've had and no such luck, and I often wonder what the hell is wrong with me. I feel like it's a reflection of my inner being. But my mom and Cecilio are constantly reminding me to be patient, never give up on the search, and that God is in control.

Also, I have some great news: I now have a stepdad! My mom and her partner, Bart, went off to Hawaii (Maui) last week and eloped there on April 22. She wore a gorgeous long pink dress and her bouquet was just so lush and colorful (and full of peonies). They had a private ceremony overlooking the peach and a musician, and celebrated by dinner overlooking the water. I am just so happy for them in this next chapter in their lives. How many people can say that they and their parent got married in the same year? Bart has also been a great father figure to me. Although I still miss my dad, and I will never forget him. That means I also have a stepbrother, Jacob, who is 17 and about to graduate high school. He is still living in Wisconsin (where Bart is from) and he will be moving here over the summer and starting community college.

I haven't been wearing a ton of makeup because of the business, but when I do, here's what I've been reaching for:

Butter London Plush Rush Lip Gloss in "Flirt"
I purchased this lip gloss during the Ulta Platinum Perk sale. Well, I actually originally purchased the Tarte Quick Dry Matte Paint liquid lipstick but the formula was a nightmare to deal with. I also ended up hating the color. But I love this gorgeous hot pink shade for spring. It's a bit sticky, but it's very moisturizing. It's super pigmented too, I love lip glosses that are more opaque.

YSL Pop Water Glossy Lip Stain in "Onde Rose"
This lip gloss is more on the sheer side, but you can build it up the opacity you want. It's very moisturizing too. If you are wanting to take a break from the ever so drying liquid lipsticks and want something more wearable and spring appropriate, this is it.

Ultrafemme Compact Blush in "Cabos"
Woah, this made my "beauty favorites" 2nd time in a row! That's how much I've been using it. I bought this in Mexico and the peach glow just flatters my skin so much. It's hard to find a peachy blush for tan skin, but I was able to find it! You can read more about it in my Mexican Beauty Haul here.

Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral-Enriched Renewal Cream*
This is one of my favorite products I received in the Origins #MyPerfectWorld VoxBox*. This moisturizer is so thick with a great scent, and I wake up with softer skin. The moisturizers I've been using are old and greasy, and it's always nice to try something new. I especially need more moisture because the water in my apartment leaves me feeling so dry.

Zan Zusi Eyebrow Pencil in "Café"
Another Mexican beauty brand, this brow pencil is so affordable and pigmented. When I wear it, it gives the appearance of more natural, fuller brows. I only wish it came with a spoolie though. But this and the Benefit Gimme Brow together rock!

IT Cosmetics CC Cream in "Tan"
I've had this for over a year and started using it again. I forgot why I love it so much, it gives me a soft, semi-matte finish (without the cakiness) and photographs so well (as long as it's not with flash photography because it's SPF 50). The full coverage means that it also hides my redness without having to resort to green concealer.

What beauty products have you been loving lately?

Also, what do you think of my new layout? I'm obsessed with it. I purchased it from Gaia Fox Design. For the longest time, I put off getting a layout because as a designer, I feel like I'm "supposed" to design and code my own layout from scratch. I know basic HTML and CSS (no Javascript though), but not THAT well to where I can do that! Most of my former classmates do not know that in-depth web design. We took 1 semester of web and that was it. As a designer, you're expected to know some coding but whether you want to take it to the next level and learn more is up to you. I did change the colors and designed my header logo though.


  1. I love Origins moisturizers, I will have to check out their night cream! Congrats to your mom, it's so cool that you both had such a happy moment in the same year x

    Beauty From Katie

  2. that YSL lipstick look amazing!! would loved to try that!

    marisa - summer in march

  3. IT Cosmetics CC cream is a product I'd love to try! Congrats on your wedding!

  4. Nice picks! I need a new cc cream, maybe I'll try this one!


  5. Wow, I love the shade of that blush!


  6. I love the sound of the cc cream ❤️

  7. Favourites are my fav to read! That blush looks beautiful!
    Kayleigh of www.kay-l-w.weebly.com

  8. Love the layout! And the origins moisturisers are always bomb! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie x

  9. Ive been searching for a new Eyebrow pencil, definitely going to look into Zan Zusi!

    1. It's only available in Mexico, I bought it when I was there for my honeymoon!

  10. I see two of my favorite products here! I love the It Cosmetics CC Cream and Origins Night-a-Mins. I've been wanting to try Butter products. I'll have to give this lip gloss a try.

    1. Butter London has great lip glosses, lipsticks and nail polishes :)

  11. That origins cream sounds awesome!!!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  12. Thanks for sharing! I am going to have to try some of these products...I love YSL products i am going to have to try their lip stain,I have a weakness for lip porducts!

  13. So glad to hear that you're enjoying your married life, hun! :) Hope that you and Cecilo are settling in well in your new apartment. <3 Can't imagine how difficult it must be to move everything if the apartment is on the 2nd floor, though! And don't give up on the job thing, hun. I am sure that you will find something soon! Finding a job can be so difficult, it seems that companies just have unrealistic expectations and already want you to have experience even for entry-level positions! So it's definitely not you, hun. The job market is just ridiculous! My boyfriend has been trying to move on from support work for three years now, and no luck. Anyway, I hope you're well, lovely! xoxo


    1. Thanks so much <3 it's actually more difficult because the staircase is winding. If it was straight up it would not have been as awkward. And thank you so much for the encouragement. I had a paid internship last year for 2 months and it gave me a lot of experience and things to do, but the competition is tough! And it doesn't help that I am a bad interviewee and get so nervous easily, and I don't know how to charm the interviewers. And wow, 3 years? That's ridiculous (how competitive it is) and I'm sorry for your boyfriend. My mom tried to go back to her own company where she used to be a VP and she didn't even get accepted! And my stepdad is a radiology tech and is constantly going to interviews (because his job is contracted). Thank you for the love and encouragement <3