April Beauty Favorites + More Life Updates

If March was a crazy month, April for me was even moreso. Right now I'm getting used to married life and my new last name, and I love it. Cecilio and I moved on April 7, and we've been going back and forth getting our stuff together. Our apartment is on the 2nd floor, so he and his dad were struggling so much to get our couch and bed up the stairs because it is winding. His parents also bought us a new dining table, which I'm so thankful for so that we don't have to eat on the coffee table or floor. We've also bought some shelves and new decor.

Influenster: Origins #MyPerfectWorld VoxBox*

Influenster, Origins, Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash,  Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer, Origins GinZing Eye Cream, Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Renewal Cream, Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, #MyPerfectWorld, Influenster Voxbox, Influenster Origins VoxBox

Though makeup is my first love, I have been falling more for skincare. I love the fresh, clean feeling of washing and cleansing my face before I go to bed, and I like experimenting (but not too much because I'm afraid that my skin might react) with different products that will give me soft, glowing, and youthful skin. So when Influenster sent me an email notifying me that I was receiving the Origins #MyPerfectWorld VoxBox*, I was super excited and checked the mail everyday until my box of goodies have finally arrived!

Mexican Beauty Haul: Renova, Ultrafemme, & Zan Zusi

Mexican Beauty Brands, Renova Makeup, Ultrafemme Makeup, Zan Zusi, Ultrafemme Rubor Compacto Cabos, Ultrafemme Black Eyeliner Gel, Zan Zusi Lápiz Delineador de Ojos Negro, Zan Zusi Delineador de Cejas Retráctil Café, Renova Labial Máxima Andrea, Renova Esmalte para Uñas Dulce

While I was in Playa del Carmen for my honeymoon, Cecilio and I made some frequent trips to the supermarket for snacks, hair products, water and other essentials. I would stop by the beauty aisle, of course. The supermarkets had mostly American beauty brands such as Maybelline or Revlon. There was even a Sephora and a MAC off of 5th Ave. But come on, I can get those anywhere, anytime! I wanted to purchase unique Mexican makeup brands. They were a bit hard to find, but not impossible.

The prettiest, most comfortable (non-drying) lipsticks for Spring

spring lipstick, NARS Audacious Jane, Revlon Berry Rich, Clinique Rose Pop, Urban Decay Manic, Rimmel Berry Rich, Tarte Double Duty Renegade

Though I do miss my fall burgundy and burnt orange shades, I am so excited about bringing out the rosy shades for spring! Moving and packing all of my makeup made me realize (well, duh) how much makeup I had. I never really comprehended it until I had to pack multiple boxes for my makeup, organizers, nail polishes, skincare products, etc. So rather than buying more and more lipsticks (though I'm drooling over the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, just not Pillowtalk), I decided to rediscover some of the ones I already had for this post and to use everyday.

My Ulta Platinum Perk (20% off) Haul

April is a dangerous month for buying beauty products: not only is the Sephora VIB sale about to start (tomorrow!), but Ulta is currently having the 20% off sales for their Platinum members. To be a Platinum member, you have to spend $450/year, and I think it's worth it more than Sephora VIB because you can also drugstore makeup alongside high end, some essentials (I purchase cotton balls and micellar water there), and avail of the Benefit Brow bar and hair salon.

Anti-Wishlist: Beauty Products I won't buy

I have posted a lot of wishlists in this blog, but I've seen others post an Anti-Haul, Anti-Wishlist: where you list products you wouldn't be caught dead buying or wearing. Maybe it's a new product out on the market that everyone is going crazy for but makes you yawn, or maybe it just doesn't go well with your skin tone. Or maybe you don't support the collaboration with the beauty influencer. Whatever it is, there are some products you could probably do without.

YSL Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water Glossy Lip Stain (Onde Rose)

YSL Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water Glossy Lip Stain (Onde Rose)

I've always been drawn to the luxurious packaging of YSL, particularly the lipsticks, but I haven't been very wowed when I swatched them at Sephora. 

Mexico Honeymoon (contd): Day Trip to Cozumel



"I want to go to an all-inclusive beach club", said Cecilio on our 2nd night in Mexico.

Our honeymoon in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Life is good with a drink in your hand right on the beach, canoodling with your new husband. And tacos. Lots and lots of tacos.

I Heart Spring Tag

Happy April!

It's been a while since I did one of these, but I was tagged by Kay from Shoes and Glitter for this awesome little survey! If you haven't already, please check Kay out, she is awesome. She is so sweet and has great in-depth beauty reviews with oh-so-cute photos. I am looking forward to spring and lighter clothes, although it's been windy where I live >_<;