Spring 2017 Beautycon Box

I first subscribed to BeautyCon for last box featuring Dulce Candy. I "forgot" to cancel it, but based on the products I received this quarter, I'm so glad I didn't! I'm loving this much more than the Winter Box. 

BeautyCon Box is a quarterly-based subscription box, curated by Youtube/Instagram influencers. Every quarter brings a different influencer, but the Spring 2017 box is made up of 3 girl bosses: Sayria Jade, Dacey Cash, and Lademi. This box has the pretty pink spring motif going on, with roses abound. It's just too adorable not to post. And it's so cheery too, as we transition from the dreadful winter.

I'm really impressed with the products that I'm considering keeping this subscription for good. (Even though unlike most subscription boxes, this tacks on a shipping and tax fee, making it bounce up from $29 to $38).

Here's the little treats I got!

Cargo Cosmetics Around The World Palette
Usually this isn't the type of palette I would get since I lean towards warmer tones (and as you can see, this is more cool-toned), but I can't complain about getting a full-sized eyeshadow palette worth $34! This has some wearable looks for me, with a mix of shimmer and matte. I just know that I will be using the shades "Madrid" and "New York" frequently.

Luxie 516 Duo Fibre Powder Brush
I have so many Luxie brushes from my ipsy, Boxycharm, and now BeautyCon subscriptions. I can't complain, because the packaging is the sweetest and the bristles are oh-so soft.

Dirty Little Secret Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick (Rust)
Even though "Rust" sounds like a warm, terracotta shade, this is rosier and a "my lips but better" type of shade, personally. It is a bit drying, but nowhere near as close to most liquid lipsticks. Plus, it dries out towards the end of the night. It's a softer, more comfortable texture.

NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick (Rose Petal Pop)
Despite it saying that it's an illumantor/highlighter, this is a coral pink cream blush. It has a good amount of pigment, so blend away for a natural, flushed look.

Garnier Micellar Makeup Removing Towelettes
I can always use makeup remover wipes, so the fact that this box provided some is extra points in my book. For the winter box, I received the Garnier Micellar Water. But this one is wonderful because it's infused with the micellar water and doesn't irritate skin at all. It's so powerful that it even removed the DLS liquid lipstick off of my arm!

IBY Beauty Mineral Pressed Blush (Peach Sheen)
Oh no! I was looking forward to trying to gorgeous peachy pink blush until I discovered that it crumbled all over. I bought alcohol to try to repair it, until I received an email from BeautyCon that others have had the same complaint and that they were willing to replace it. Isn't that awesome customer service?! I responded saying that I was one of those who received the damaged blush and to have it sent to me at my address.

The BrowGal Convertible Brow: Power to Pomade Dup
I have enough brow products but I am always happy to receive a new one! I love how this comes with a brush, and the packaging is super sleek. I can't wait to try it!

I would say though that the products that I didn't care for are the hair products.

OGX Orchid Oil
This is supposed to protect color treated hair, but I haven't dyed my hair in 9 years!! I used to A LOT as a teenager, so it would've helped back then. But I went back to black at 19 and have never turned back. So I don't really have a use for this.

NUXE Multi-Purpose Dry Oil
I thought this was a nail polish, but this is an oil that you can use for hair, face, and body. This reminds me of the body glitters that were so popular in the 2000's (pre-2010's highlighter era). I haven't tried this yet, but I will let you know how it goes!

Other than the last two, I am absolutely loving this box! From the products to the floral packaging, this sure did not disappoint!


  1. Wow this is definitely a lovely box, you got some amazing products and how nice of them to replace the one that was broken. The Cargo Cosmetice palette looks so beautiful. I am using the NUXE multipurpose oil too but not the one with glitters in it, I love the scent and how moisturising it feels. You will love it :)


  2. That cargo palette looks amazing!!! Sucks about the blush though :(

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  3. Oh no, that blush!! I can't think of how it managed to break in a box of amazing stuff, but at least it's going to be replaced :)


  4. Oh wow, that is a brilliant box indeed! I would have been thrilled to receive this box and yes, that awesome CS is a huge bonus too.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  5. This looks like such a cute subscription box, I'd never heard of it before! I recently subscribed to Ipsy and I've been wanting to try new subscription boxes haha!

  6. It's great that you're getting the blush replaced! I would still love to see if you could fix it and how well the fixed blush compares to the brand-new one. That Cargo palette is also really gorgeous!

    Beauty From Katie

  7. Such a lovely box! I have always been keen to try a subscription box but i'm just not sure how much I would love the products and if it's worth it! You seem to have done really well though!

    Lizzie | Takeoffs & Landings

  8. I didn't know that there is a quarterly box, that's actually a good idea :) I love the look of the eyeshadow palette. You prefer warm ones and I prefer the cool ones :) That's good that they will send you a replacement for the blush, it is a beautiful colour. I like Nuxe oil, it is multipurpose and that tiny one is perfect size to fit in your handbag :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  9. Wow girl, I am usually not a fan of subscription boxes at all but this one seems absolutely fantastic, I love the products included and how much you actually get! Shame about the blush as the shade looks gorgeous, but I think it's nice that they offered to replace it. :) I love the palette, as well! Also hun, I tagged you in the I Heart Spring tag on my blog, hope that's okay! <3 Hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far. :) xoxo


  10. Wow this box is so generous compared to many others I've seen! You definitely got many wonderful products to play around with, and everything is looking gorgeous <3

    Stacey, thebambieyes.com

  11. okay okay okay. whoa. where do I sign up?
    also, so glad that they will replace that for you because that blush is the perfect colour. xX

  12. This looks fab! I like the cargo eyeshadow palette - great soft shades. It's also good to hear a brand listening to customers by replacing the blusher x