Battle of the Metallic Green Nails: Julep vs. Sinful Colors

Since green is one of my favorite colors, it's only natural that I love St. Patrick's Day and using it as an excuse to wear green outfits, eyeshadows, and of course, nail polishes! I am celebrating it early by rocking these 2 jewel-toned polishes.

The 2 polishes, Julep (Cher) and Sinful Colors (Queen of Green) look earily similar. I even painted both on each hand, and from afar, you would think that they are one and the same color. But if you look closely, there are some slight differences.

The Julep polish is a part of the Color Treat Birthstone Collection. Though the shade is named "Cher", it is modeled after the Emerald gemstone. I purchased it back in July when the collection is sold in the Ulta website. I bought it because I loved the color and because Emerald is the May birthstone, and May was my dad's birth month. Because it is limited edition, you can no longer purchase it at Ulta or the Julep website. It is still available on Amazon. It is $14 for .27 oz.

Because it's more difficult to get find the Julep polish, I found a much more affordable and accessible dupe. Sinful Colors (Queen of Green) is available at your local drugstore (Walgreens, Target, Walmart, K-Mart, Rite-Aid, etc.), but is also limited edition. It is a part of the Luck of the Stylish Collection, and retails for only $1.99 at 0.5 oz. You get more product and value for the price.

If you look closely, the Julep polish is a more vibrant lush green shade. However, that doesn't mean that the Sinful Colors shade isn't popping': its more golden shimmers give it a more warm toned and foiled look, fitting for St. Patty's Day. Also, you can feel the grittiness of the shimmers in Julep, whereas Sinful Colors is smoother.

I like the long, sleek packaging of Julep's polishes, making it easier to store. However, I am not a fan of the brush. It picks up way too much product, thus applying too thick on my nails (similar to Essie brushes). The Sinful Colors polishes have a wide, flatter brush (similar to the OPI brushes), making it much easier, smoother and more even to apply. 

Both apply on sheer at first, requiring a 2nd or 3rd layer to make it opaque. Julep is more on the sheer side. 

As far as how fast it dries? I painted both right before I went to an optometrist appointment. The Sinful Colors was on my right hand, and Julep was on my left. I will tell you that Sinful Colors dried much quicker, and Julep was still wet to the touch. Trust me, I was extra careful with touching my items as I was waiting for them to try, and it could be that because I'm left-handed I was touching more stuff with it, but it's my observation that it was more damp.

Now if it seems like I am knocking the Julep polish, I am just being honest. It is an absolutely gorgeous shade. Both of them are. But I choose the Sinful Colors polish overall: for price, more product, and quality. Julep gets a +1 for packaging.

If you're looking for an affordable, high quality, festive nail polish for St. Patrick's Day, Sinful Colors (Queen of Green) is the your go-to.

What are your favorite green polishes?


  1. I have exactly the same colour as Queen of Green and I haven't used it in ages, totally forgot I had it. Both colours are so pretty and perfect for St Patrick's day!


  2. The Julep polish looks good, it's sad that it didn't perform well on application.
    I agree, the Sinful Colors one looks great for St. Patricks Day haha

    xo, Gillan /

  3. Great review! I actually like the color of the Julep one better, too bad it didn't perform as well. Happy St. Patricks day :)

  4. I really love the packaging of Julep! But I prefer the outcome of Sinful Collection. It looks more muted, but the color is deeper. Plus, based from your review, it seems like it is way better and cheaper than Julep. It's a great alternative!

    - Gretch of GG Memochou

  5. I adore the Sinful Colours nail polish!

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx |

  6. we don't get Julep polishes here, but i do like the shape of the polish bottles. Sinful Colours we used to get that here, but during last year i just don't seem to see them in our local pharmacy anymore. I must say it's a beautiful green shade.

  7. The Julep looks amazing in the bottle! I see what you mean about packaging but I haven't tried either of these brands, gorgeous colour though! Thank you for sharing Hannah, hope you had a great weekend x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  8. Such a cool color!



  9. Both are gorgeous shades. I need some green nail polish for St. Patricks Day.
    Nina's Style Blog

  10. I've never really worn green polish, but it looks great on you xx

  11. This color suits you quite well. I personally love mint green nail polishes.

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