LUSH Luxury Pud Bath Bomb

I don't pamper myself in the bathtub that much, but when I do, I am in a state of euphoria.

The LUSH Luxury Pud Bath Bomb is 2nd bath bomb I've ever used. It is a winter-inspired relaxing machine made from lavender and Benzoin Resinoid.

Benzoin Resinoid is a resin that  originates from bark of the Styrax tree family. It has a combination of vanilla and balsamic scents. The resin comes hard like a block and then becomes extracted in liquid form using a solvent. Benzoin Resinoid is supposed to smooth the skin, ease muscles, and give shiny hair.

Here is the description of the Luxury Pud Bath Bomb, according to the website:

"Catch 40 winks on Christmas Eve with islands of sleepy foam and comforting lavender. Tonka absolute provides the perfect Christmas addition for your skin, while the reassuring scent of lavender oil and creamy benzoin resinoid banishes tension and aids relaxation. It's the perfect bedtime soother for excited children and grownups alike."

Now, I love the smell of lavender and I'm a pretty tense and anxious person, so I figured that this would be perfect for me. The lavender scent is really mild, though I love my scents strong. A few days ago, I was feeling sluggish yet anxious (I'm very sorry, but there are so many things racing in my mind at the moment). I also have been recovering from a foot injury from working out. So after receiving this as a birthday gift in October, I finally decided to put this to the test.

Upon throwing this in a tub full of warm water came this psychadelic array of colors. However, I didn't like how it turned into a muddy red color.

Coming in the water though, I was dunking my whole body and head in, acting like mermaid. My skin felt so smooth and silky, and after coming out of the tub? My body and muscles felt relaxed, and brain felt sharper. I was more alert. My skin was more moisturized and not as ashy. But I was disappointed with how quickly it fizzed out, and of course, the color.

This $7.95 bath bomb usually comes out for Christmas, and for that reason it is out of stock. This often gets compared to the LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb, which I reviewed here and which you can get anytime of the year. Honestly? You can get either or, they both have similar lavender scents and relaxing properties. 

Have you tried this bath bomb, or any other of LUSH's famous ones?


  1. I love Lush bath goodies! I'm not actually a huge fan of their bath bombs, though. I used to buy them all the time, but then I upgraded to their bubble bars and I find them so much better! It's basically just like bath bombs, but with super bubbles. :) This one looks lovely, I love the scent of lavender, I can imagine it would be very soothing and relaxing! Thanks for sharing, lovely. <3 xoxo


  2. I wish I could use LUSH bath bombs but my skin is really sensitive! This one sounds lovely and I love that the lavender helped calm your anxiety :) Great post xx

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

  3. I adore watching the colours burst from the Lush bath bombs, but you're right - they just end up all combining and look murky! That said, it's a great way to relax, the scents help a lot!

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  4. I have never tried a bathe bomb but I have heard a lot speak about it. Bathe bomb is a well raved product. I have sensitive skin also, so it might mess up with my ph balance.

  5. I hear so much about bath bombs, honestly I haven't tried them yet. Maybe I should try it some time :)


  6. Ahhh, this makes me want a bathtub so bad!!! I've never tried any bath bombs, but I'd love to, when I finally move into an apartment that does have a bathtub! ;)

  7. I love lush products! Its great that it made your body relax and skin moisturised x
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