Last Sephora Haul of 2016 (& Hello VIB Rouge Membership for 2017!)

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As I was shopping for Christmas gifts, a few of which were in Sephora, I found myself having $80-something left before becoming a VIB Rouge member. I figured, I may as well go all the way. I honestly never expected to join the top ranks of beauty addicts, but here I am.

For the past 2 years, I was a VIB member of Sephora. VIB members are those who spent $350 per year, and the VIB Rouge members are the ones who spent $1000. What is the difference between the two?
  • VIB members get one gift and one free makeover. VIB Rouge members have unlimited access.
  • Beauty Insiders and VIB members have to spend $50 or more to avail of the free shipping, or pay a $10 fee to use flash free shipping for the year. A VIB Rouge member automatically gets free shipping on any order.
  • VIB members are the 2nd in line for the Beauty Insider sales in April and November. VIB Rouge members get first dibs.
  • VIB Rouge members get a private hotline and invitations to private events. Now I'll definitely going to these next year to take advantage of the fact that I'm in the "beauty impulse spending club".
I picked up a few goodies online as Christmas presents to myself. Such as:

When this first released in the beginning of 2016, I wasn't all that amazed. After all, I have a NYX Love in Paris Palette with similar shades. Plus, I already had a lot of Too Faced palettes and certainly did not need one more. I know that this was a cult favorite and sold out FAST. It rereleased this month along with a new Sweet Peach collection including highlighter, blush, and lip oils. So as I was Christmas shopping, I decided to buy this for a friend. And OMG, it was beautiful in person. The colors were unique and different than what Too Faced has created. Now I understood why people went crazy for this. It smelled like my favorite Peach gummy ring candies too! So naturally, I had to add this in my cart.

I was super happy to find that Sephora was releasing a whole bunch of shades from their Cream Lip Stain Collection. I already had the shades Strawberry Kissed and Always Red. I did have Blackberry Sorbet and Marvelous Mauve at first, but I hated them. I was so disappointed too because Marvelous Mauve was a favorite in the blogosphere. But I returned Blackberry Sorbet and gave Marvelous Mauve away. So in my little haul, I purchased the shades Burnt Sienna and Rosewood. Burnt Sienna doesn't really live up to its name because it is more of a deeper brownish mauve, and it's cool-toned. Rosewood is a dark brick red that totally flatters my skin tone.

It's only 2 and a half months before my wedding and I'm panicking about my teeth. I'm supposed to be getting a root canal and some fillings replaced but with most dentists do not accept the insurance I have right now, so it's likely that I won't get treatment until after I get married. I have been having problems due to not being as diligent as I am now, and because of the medications I am taking...prednsisone and keppra causes my gums to swell and keppra causes my teeth to grind. I only found out last year that my past seizures have also caused the grinding. In the meantime, I wanted to try the new Tarte teeth whitening pen since it is supposed to protect the enamel and whiten teeth, but is gentle for those with sensitive teeth like mine. I tried it before my Christmas Eve dinner and I didn't feel a thing, which is good because I heard that whitening can be painful. My smile did get a bit brighter and if I keep using this I know that I'll be confident to grin widely on my big day.

Have you treated yourself with anything? What is your last haul of the year?


  1. Oh gosh I want the peach palette so much! It's so pretty xx

  2. Ahh I want the Sweet Peach palette so badly!

  3. Lovely haul, items look amazing!

  4. Great haul!!! I want that Sweet Peach Palette so bad!!!