Why I finally (and reluctantly) created a Facebook page for my blog

There's no doubt that blogging is a lot of hard work and grinding. If your goal is to have your personal diary, you can do what you please and write whatever and whenever you want. But if you are serious about growing an audience, fostering a sense community, and even working with brands or earning money, you have to go the extra mile. And that mile includes being active on social media.

I have a Twitter account here and I will make an effort to participate in the chats. It's been challenging because most of the chats are based in the UK and 8 hours ahead of where I live. I wish there were more US-based beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog Twitter chats, but it just means that I have to make time ahead if I want to participate in the chats. I also have an Instagram account here that I know I could be more active in.

I created this blog to share my love for makeup, a growing passion after going through some lupus flares and prednisone side effects (I learned how to contour after having the dreaded moonface from being on a high dose). I wanted to use this as an outlet to meet other like-minded ladies. And truth is, I want to grow it too and to be able to work with more brands.

I created a Facebook page as another way to grow this blog and interact with other bloggers and to have a stronger social media presence. I also wanted to show potential brands that I am putting in an effort to get a stronger following. I'm not quite there yet, but I am farther than when I started. I even got to collaborate with brands such as HFactor Water, Health Storylines, and Irresistible Me.

I've been hesitant about creating a Facebook because of the risk of my family and acquaintances finding out about it and reading it. You see, I've been writing some controversial posts lately (such as this piece about Filipino food, or my latest post about Michelle Obama which also expressed my disdain for President Donald Trump...and I have a new blog post idea in mind about Trump and his followers). Out of all of my family members, my sister, brother-in-law, Cecilio and I are the only liberal ones. The rest lean towards the conservative side politically and religiously. We've been told (in person and on Facebook) that we needed to move on and accept President Trump. We can make due with the best we can, but we cannot accept the hate and prejudice from his followers. My mom has seen my writing and Facebook rambles before, and she sometimes tried to correct me on my opinions. I know she means well though and I understand that we have different opinions. I wouldn't want her or my other family members to be offended. On the plus side, at least my mom and sister will finally know why I have a lot of makeup.

And even though this blog is primarily about makeup and fashion, it gives something my relatives to talk about (and not in a good way). You see, in Filipino culture, people love tsismis (gossip in Tagalog). Yes, I understand that everyone in all cultures gossip, but the Filipinos take it to the extreme...almost like a pastime.

I also still have some insecurities about former classmates in high school finding out about this blog and reading it. Obviously I would never befriend the people who bullied me, but I have some acquaintances that are close friends with said bullies. Again, I cannot give those people something to talk about. They will pick apart EVERYTHING about this blog, such as my looks or writing skills.

I guess it all boils down to self-consciousness. Yes, I am still worried about what others think. Yet I'm forcing myself to say...who cares? Who cares if people talk shit? That is their problem. They must like me somehow if they keep reading my blog even if it's to pick it apart. By creating a Facebook page, I am risking someone I know finding out about this blog. Oh, I am just content with only Cecilio reading it and making blogger friends across the world. I wish I could block certain people from reading it, but Facebook pages do not have that option. I love blogging and I want to get more serious about it, and I cannot let others around me stop me from growing.

Despite these insecurities, I feel good that I finally created a page. It's just another small step to growing this blog. Without further ado, please "like" my page here. I also added another button on the left-hand corner right next to my other social media links.

Do you have a Facebook page for your blog so that I can "like" back?
Do your family and friends know about your blog? If not, are you worried about them finding out?
Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear you guys about this topic!


  1. I find it easier to tell new friends about my blog than old ones and family members. I agree, it is a safe space and you should feel free to talk about whatever you would like! I recently saw a post by an old friend on Facebook about 'Clinton supporters vs. Trump supporters' which compared the more violent rioters to peaceful working folk. When I pointed out that it is unfair to demonize radical Clinton supporters without acknowledging the radical Trump supporters (who are committing hate crimes) I had soooo many people attacking me for it. Facebook has always seemed colder to me and I've been reluctant to make a page, too. Maybe I will and I just won't invite any of my friends or family to like the page lol. I hope everything goes well for it and it does show that you're committed to your blog!


    1. Oh, my aunt has posted that meme. Yes, there are some crazy protesters, but they pale in comparison to hate crimes that are starting to come out since Trump was announced President! Seriously...people shouting out the "n" word, writing slurs about them or LBGT folk on walls, etc. Who cares if people attacked you, you did the right thing. My sister and mom love Facebook, it's more for their generation (Gen X and baby boomer). My friends and I use Facebook too, but we don't post as much, especially when family members see it! I hope you do get a Facebook for your blog too :D

  2. Well done in creating a fb page! I don't have one, my friends or family do not read my blog, blogging is not that popular in my country than it is in other countries and it is a new thing here (yes, you are so far behind haha) so I don't think it will help me. I sometimes share my posts in my personal page but I get so little views it is not worth it :)


    1. Yes, it's not necessary to have one but it's always an extra nice thing. I personally find that I have success using Twitter for my blog out of all of the social media accounts!

  3. Everyone I know knows about my blog, but I've never been one to care much about what other people think. It takes a lot of creative and technical skills to have a blog, so you really should be proud of it! If someone doesn't know that and looks down on you because you have a beauty blog, they're the ones who should be ashamed, not you! ;)
    Is the lipstick in the top picture the Clinique Pop Matte in Rose Pop? If so, how do you like it?

    1. Yes it is Rose Pop! For some reason I forgot that you had it and had Bold Pop lol. I also ordered Clove Pop and Icon Pop from the Sephora VIB Sale, I can't wait to do a review on it :D

  4. I'm very self-conscious and no one knows about my blog because it's my 'me' place where I can just write! Lovely post, I don't think I will be making a page anytime soon!

    Lauren x | http://www.huggled.co.uk/

    1. Absolutely! It is a safe place from relatives and acquaintances that will not judge me. I feel like bloggers I meet all over the world are much less critical :)

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