Forever 27

Today I am 27. I have officially entered the "late 20s" realm. Wow. There's a part of me that still feels (and looks) like I'm still in my early 20s.

Honestly, I have been anxious about growing older. This will be my last "single" year, and I put that in quotation marks because Cecilio and I have been together for 7.5 years and we are not married yet. This will be our first times living outside our parents' homes, which is safe and comforting, but restraining. There's a part of us that is afraid of the logistics of marriage: Will I be able to help contribute financially? How can I be a good wife? Thankfully, Cecilio's answer is always to be the best person you can be. He doesn't care about the traditional roles of the wife. Even though I watched my mother be the breadwinner of the house and my dad took care of my autistic sister and I, there's still a lot of emphasis in Filipino and Christian cultures about the wife staying at home and raising the children. Should I not have a job by then (and hopefully I will), of course I will help take care of the house without a doubt. I would want Cecilio to come home to a relaxed environment. But I thank God for his feminist ideologies and how he believes that it takes both of us to put 100% in the marriage and home.

And here I go again, comparing myself with other people my age who already have established careers, marriages, and homes. Here I am wondering why I am falling behind miserably. But thankfully with the loving support of my family, friends and Cecilio, I am reminded that everyone is on their own journeys. There's no need to compare. And I have been able to accomplish a lot given the circumstances, even this year. And I will get to where I need to as long as I work hard, never give up, and seek to God for strength.

27 is going to be a huge year for me, and as nervous as I am, I'm excited for the ride.

Here's the save-the-dates that I have designed and sent to my loved ones:

And check out the video collage my mom made for me here. I love it!


  1. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had an amazing day, the video your mum made is beautiful :) Don't overthink, I am sure you will be a great wife, it is good to hear that your fiancee is supporting you, which is important! I hope the wedding preparation is going great, also how pretty that save the date card is :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!! This was such a beautiful post to read, I love the invitations, its so different to the invites in my culture, and actually really refreshing to see! Have a lovely Weekend :)

  3. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!! Xx This year will surely be so, so exciting and fulfilling for you. And don't worry about feeling "behind"-- it's your life, right?? That makes you the expert! Cecilio is right-- just be the best you :) love ya!