3 MAC Lipsticks I want to empty

As I was sorting out my makeup to store in my new organizer, I found a few full bags of lipsticks. Then I started hating myself and regretting how much lip products I bought, especially when I haven't been using them that often. But I will use that energy to actually use those damn lipsticks.

I haven't picked up some of my MAC lipsticks in a while, and it's a shame because I could be taking advantage of the Back-to-MAC Program (taking back 6 empty MAC products in exchange for a free lipstick or eyeshadow). I honestly was tempted to get Ruby Woo after I purchased the similar Urban Decay lipstick in "714", and accidentally left it in one of my pockets while doing laundry; now it's gone and it took a few washes to clean that lipstick out of my clothes.

By frequently using these 3 particular MAC lipsticks, I will be able to flee temptation from spending on more lipstick (which I'm too embarrassed to even count how much I have):

MAC Russian Red
This matte red shade often gets compared to Ruby Woo, except that RR is deeper and more sultry. I actually haven't used this as much as it appears on the tube: I've used a lot of it for my Halloween makeup (blood for a zombie barista, and for my clown look). Great to use for a night out with friends or a lover, and at a party!

MAC Persistence
I know that lots of beauty junkies love Velvet Teddy or Whirl, but they just don't sit well with my skin tone. Persistence is a matte reddish brown nude that works though. I haven't been feeling the bold lip, especially when I went out to SF to see my best friend for her birthday. So I whipped this out to balance out my smokey eye. I honestly have no idea why I haven't been using this, but whatever, I will be reaching for this more!

MAC Retro
With the millions of times I have talked about this shade, it's a surprise that I haven't even emptied this tube yet. Well, let me tell you why: I thought I lost it, and ended up buying another tube. Whoops! This is my all time favorite shade: I've used it on my graduation day, job interviews, actual jobs, and even engagement photos! I decided that I won't be doing my wedding makeup anymore, but if I still decided to go through with it, I'd probably wear this or Persistence. This cinnamon pinky-red is wonderful for fall too! I also see that a lot of Indian beauty bloggers love this shade: it's so so flattering for those with medium–deep skin tones.

Top to bottom: Russian Red, Persistence, Retro

Have you emptied any MAC lipsticks? Which ones?


  1. Persistence looks really pretty! I've been loving Velvet Teddy so if that's a similar shade I'm down. I definitely need to use up some lipsticks as well, sadly I'm not even close with any of mine!


  2. Russian Red would be the perfect lipstick to wear on a night out and Persistence for every day now in fall! I don't own many MAC lipsticks but I have been purchasing a large number of lipsticks lately, hope I don't regret it!


  3. Persistence looks like my sort of shade, so beautiful and subtle! Hope your well Hannah :)


  4. I have Mac Russian Red and for me it's such a true Christmas red that I don't really wear it any other time of the year, so I know how hard it is to make a dent in it! xx