Wedding Cake/Dessert Bar Tasting

Hello to [less than] 7 months out before the wedding! Or should I say in technical terms...208 days. After taking a month of from planning, we are back in full swing in August. On August 6, Cecilio and I went to our cake tasting appointment.

After figuring out where to get our cake tasting among the many delicious bakeries in Sacramento, we ended up in Freeport Bakery. We both decided to go there because 1. It was listed under our reception venue's Preferred Vendor list (all of our vendors, except the DJ, have not been in the list but have worked in our venue) and 2. It has a bit of meaning to us, since it's close to the community college Cecilio and I attended and met. Freeport Bakery is a few blocks away from Sacramento City College, and he, I and other friends would hop on the light rail and have lunch at a few other eateries there, and would always walk by Freeport. I think we've only been there once, and I've had my 24th birthday cake from there.

Upon arriving in both appointments (the cake and dessert bar tasting were on separate days), we were greeted with complimentary coffee and waited for our consultant, Lily, to take us to a separate room where all of the wedding treats were made. We talked about colors, shapes, textures, how many cakes, cupcakes, etc. we would want. We initially wanted a smaller cake with a sheet cake in the back to save some money, but ultimately we decided to include cupcakes instead.

Lily gave us a plate of 2 cake flavors and 4 fillings based on what my flavor/filling preferences among the check list when I filled out the form online.

We picked golden buttermilk and rich fudge flavors. Among the filling were: strawberry buttercream, chocolate mousse, vanilla buttercream, and cream cheese.

My favorites were the strawberry and vanilla buttercream fillings. When I think of vanilla, I think "tastes good, but not bland or out of this world." Boy was I wrong here. I was all over the vanilla buttercream. I was thinking about it (paired with the golden buttermilk cake) hours after our tasting appointment. That's usually a pretty good sign, right?

Ultimately, we went with the golden buttermilk flavor on the bottom and middle tiers (with the bottom tier having vanilla buttercream and the middle having strawberry buttercream). Our top tier is the rich fudge with the cream cheese filling.

I gave Lily moodboards so that she can design the cake based on our colors and motif, and she would give me the sketch for our next tasting (the dessert bar tasting). Here was the final result:

I am completely in love. I requested for burgundy dahlia sugar flowers since that will be one of our main flowers. The final piece will be a darker shade of burgundy with some shading to add dimension. And one of the things Cecilio has been insistent on was having a Lego cake topper, which we will start looking for and constructing online :)

For our dessert bar tasting, Lily sent out a chocolate chip cookie, lemon bar, chocolate mousse tart, and some macarons. Again, this was based on what we wanted to try upon filling out the form.

Everything was to die for. How can something as simple as a cookie be so darn scrumptious? And I don't usually like tart desserts, but I loved the lemon bars too! Unfortunately, I could not finish everything because my teeth have been insanely sensitive to sweet things, and I have some cavities that I need filled.

Cecilio and I ordered 3 flavored mini macarons with mint, mocha, and hazelnut cream fillings. The color of the macarons will all be based on our wedding colors: the mocha/chocolate macaron will be burgundy with chocolate drizzle. The mint macaron will also have a mint flavored shell and is the blush pink with no design. And finally, our hazelnut macaron will have edible gold luster painted on it.

We also ordered the chocolate mousse tarts, lemon bars, cookies, and added flourless brownies because my best friend/bridesmaid Rebecca is gluten intolerant (she's not jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon, she really does have bad sensitivity to it).

Love is sweet, isn't it? These tastings are something we have been looking forward to for a while. Now we are waiting patiently for our last tasting in January: our dinner tasting where we pick out the hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, and entrees. I will for sure blog about that!


  1. How exciting! I am sure your wedding cake will look amazing and looking forward to seeing it :) Since my wedding was abroad, I couldn't attend to cake testing, however, my mother in law did a great job at picking the cake, it was beautiful :) All these things you ordered sound delicious! At least one thing is out of the way, you have one less thing to worry about :)

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. I can't wait to see the final masterpiece. Glad to hear that you ended up loving yours!

  2. This sounds like heaven to me! Best of luck for your big day
    Summer xx

  3. I love the idea of a dessert bar. i just went to a wedding where they had very little cake and lots of desserts and it was fantastic!

    Abby Talks

  4. Sounds amazing, the final design looks so good!
    A Blushing Beauty Blogx

  5. So exciting and delicious! Can you choose all of them?! :)))

    1. Yes, you absolutely can use one flavor and/or filling for each tier!

  6. This is so exciting! The cake sounds like it's going to be amazing. Would love if you could check out my new post? :)

    The Fashion Road
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

    1. It is, thanks! I'll check your blog out!

  7. 208 days... but who's counting. yum yum yum! so excited for you both! and the cake is to die for!!! <3