Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron Review

This post is sponsored by Irresistible Me and the product was sent for free of charge to review. However, my opinions are 100% my own.

Growing up in the Bay Area, I've always had frizzy, wavy hair that was hard to manage. I was always so jealous of the other Asian girls that had thin, pin-straight hair. Could it have been the fog and proximity to the ocean that caused it? Possibly. It was still a problem when I just moved to the Sacramento area when I was 11 1/2, but as high school started rolling around, my hair became straighter and much more manageable. I think the dry heat in Sacramento got along with my hair. Of course, no matter how straight it gets, I will always have a bit of a wave. My mom jokes that she determines her favorite city by how her hair looks. She loves Reno and Denver because they give her beautiful hair, whereas humid places such as Florida and the Philippines cause her tresses to roll in a ball of frizz. You see, my mom has naturally coarse hair that she hated growing up, and it's not surprising that she straightens it regularly. When I was in 7th grade, she straightened my hair for me too. While I got my slight coarseness from her, it got compensated with the straight hair from my dad.  But honestly, I had the best hair of my life  in 2009. I was healthy despite lupus, and I had long, thick and straight locks. Here's an evolution:

1999: Goofing off with my nephew, Nico. Look how unruly my hair was! Just look!

2009: No straightening required

Right now, my hair has been resembling the 1999 version. And I am not happy. I know well it could be my lupus flareups from the past 5 years, or it could be the shampoo and conditioner I am using (I use OGX). However, Irresistible me contacted me in order to send me either their hair extensions or their ceramic hair straightener, aka the Diamond Flat Iron. I, without a doubt, chose the latter. 

I was really amazed with how quick the shipping process was! Madison from Irresistible Me have been emailing each other back and forth, and she told me that the flat iron was shipped on June 14. I found it in my mailbox on June 15

The Diamond Straightener is $149, which seems high for someone like me who never ever straightens their hair, but would probably be reasonable for my mom who lives and dies by a flat iron. 

The ceramic plates are coated with crushed diamond particles and tourmaline. What does that mean? According to the Irresistible Me Flat Iron Fact Sheet, these materials will protect your hair and lock the oils and moisture. So if you are someone who is terrified of damaging your hair, you may want to consider this.

This is considered a "smart" product because it tells you the temperature once you turn it on, and you can adjust it accordingly with the buttons. The buttons are inside, so you don't have to worry about accidentally pushing it while you are straightening. Although you have to be careful, you don't want to burn yourself! And trust me, it gets hot within seconds of turning on. Which is good, because who wants to wait for the temperature to rise? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Isn't it neat how it shows the temperature? Notice the line above with the green LED lights and the 3 dots indicate the heat settings. Irresistible Me has a guideline on what temperature you should set it as based on your hair type:

1 Bottom (Fine or Damaged Hair): 250–350°F
2 Middle (Medium or Normal Hair): 300–350°F
3 Top (Thick or Coarse Hair): 350–450°F

I assumed that because my hair is between fine and normal, that I could lower the temperature. However, I found that the first 2 times I used it, the temperature was 260° and I felt like it didn't straighten my hair all the way. It straightened it, but I still had that annoying wave. I grew more frustrated. Well, I increased my temperature...and what do you know, it works like a charm at 370°F! 

I still have a tiny wave on the after photo, but it's hardly noticeable.

As for longevity? The curl came back a little bit after a day, but it still held up pretty well. After Day 3, I went back to the before photo. However, it could be possible that my OGX shampoo and conditioner are playing a part in keeping my hair wavier than I would like. I will be testing different shampoos and conditioners, and if anyone has suggestions, please let me know in the comments! Erin from Make Erin Over has had great results with it, and it has lasted her 3 days!

Overall, I think this is a great product, especially for hair-straightener beginners like me who need to smart technology to set the temperature correctly. It is also quick in heating and straightening. It actually took me 12 minutes to straighten everything. It is very light-weight and easy to bring with you for traveling, which is not something I can say about a lot of straighteners. Whether you're a straightening novice or are skilled and are curious, I highly recommend this.

Now tell me..

Do you straighten your hair? If so, how often? What hair products do you use before straightening?


  1. I straighten my hair all the time so I can't wait to try mine! Great review x

  2. whoa! a smart straightener! So cool. And this is besides the point but, I love your nail colour :) xX

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