2016 Wedding Floral Trends

Last week I met with my wedding florist for a consultation; we discussed my wedding vision, what I want for bouquets/boutonnieres/centerpieces, what colors I wanted, etc. The flowers have been the one section I have been looking forward to the most, because they add an extra oomph of romance and elegance to your special day. As long as I've been a Pinterest member since 2012, I've been skimming through the wedding pins, though my tastes have changed overtime. In 2014, when Cecilio and I seriously started talking about marriage, I started hardcore pinning elements I would like for our celebration, so that was then I started observing the wedding trends of the mid-2010's. I've teamed up with Paperless Post to give you an idea of what the hottest floral trends on for your nuptials!

Here are the floral wedding elements that are rising to the top in 2016:

1. Loose bouquets
My cousins' weddings in 2007 and 2012 had the tightly-packed round bouquets with white roses. I can understand that that was their style (classic church ceremony and hotel reception), and Pinterest started emerging in 2012 before it blew up big time, but I have been seeing the handpicked style of loose bouquets in recent years. I love the "fresh from the garden" ethereal look. Even though I too, have a church ceremony and a hotel reception, I have requested this style to my florist. It just gives the setting a natural vibe, and not as uptight. I have a teeny bit of boho in me, somehow.

Photo Courtesy of Style me Pretty

2. Metallic elements
Mason jars blew up big time, and I even toyed with the idea of having them as floral centerpieces at one point. However, I believe that wedding floral/event designers are seeing that they do not suite every couple (based on their personality and the location the wedding will be held at). Not everyones a Southern bumpkin with a farm wedding filled with lace and burlap. Which is why you will see mercury gold vases, like in the photo shown above, are becoming more ever-so-present. I also requested for mercury vases to my florist, and she had them even though they weren't as gold as I would've liked (no one will notice it the way I will, LOL!), they are perfect for those who like vintage glam with a modern twist.

Courtesy of My Wedding

3. Extra fillers
Let's face it: flowers aren't cheap, and you are expected to account flowers for 10% of your budget. That said, brides and wedding planners have been working together to save money by incorporating "fillers" (babies breath, greenery, berries, succulents) in the bouquets and centerpieces, rather than flowers only. The most pinned floral inspiration has been the bouquets with extra fillers and greenery, which also gives it that freshly-handcut vibe.

Courtesy of Brides Magazine

4. Smaller flower crowns
Flower crowns blew up big time, especially for those who wanted to steer clear from the veil. However, for some brides they can look and feel overwhelming, and even awkward for those who want to wear one in a church. Though flower crowns are here to stay, they have scaled back a bit so that they will complement, not clash, with a veil and a romantic updo.

Need more visual candy and inspiration? Check out Paperless Post's Wedding Invitations. They provide beautiful invitations catered to all themes, whether you want something rustic or a little more whimsical. 

What wedding trends have you been loving in recent years?


  1. Loving all these floral trends you shared with us, darling! The loose bouquets are probably my favourite. Like you said, they are not as uptight and look very natural. I also like the vintage vibes of the metallic elements. :) Hope your wedding planning is going well! <3


    1. Thank you! I am so glad to see the more loose florals, it feels more natural and less stiff. Wedding planning is going great, especially because we just booked our DJ!

  2. Great trends, loving the inspo from this post!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  3. Loving all these, so pretty and all so different xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  4. Though I'm not the biggest fan of flowers, I love how fillers look with the flowers. These photos are gorgeous, thanks for sharing the different arrangement trends <3


    1. Thank you! The greenery adds a more organic, fresh from the garden feel I love!

  5. Such lovely inspiration! The loose bouquet looks lovely and I'm sure your florist will come up with something you love.

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  6. Oh I trust that she will make the most beautiful bouquets!