March Beauty Favorites

Pretty much all of March (except for the last week) I was on a no-buy makeup for Lent, so it forced me to start using the makeup that was collecting dust. There were some exceptions though: Boxycharm subscriptions, the Benefit Porefessional (I had to use my 5x point offer from Ulta) and the NYX Micro Brow. So what were the products I kept coming back to this month?

1. Too Faced Natural Matte Palette: Even though I bought it last year and only used it a few times, I've been reaching back to it more and more. I feel like it's because it's my favorite palette for job interviews, and it's very work-appropriate without all the glitters. But I love wearing it for casual day-to-day beauty too. 

2. Too Faced La Creme "Pink Chocolate": One of my favorite neutral lipsticks at the moment. I've had this since last year too, and it's more fall-appropriate, but I love wearing it for spring too. This medium–rosy brown does not blend with my skin, and adds drama, while providing a hint of shine and moisture.

3. City Color Cosmetics HD Powder: I got this in one of my ipsy bags, and when I first tried it I felt like I looked too white in my face. I've been reading up about translucent powders and how they give your face a wonderful flawless finish, especially in long as you don't put too much. I was scared to try it though, especially when I see photos of celebrities in the red carpet that have caked on white under their eyes. And I didn't want to accentuate my pores, which is what a lot of these powders seem to do. So translucent powders how always mystified me. I was worried that it was more for people with oily skin. Well, I gave it a second chance and applied this very lightly with a kabuki brush on my face after foundation (for my nieces birthday party). It decreased the appearance of my pores and bumps, giving me a (kinda) Photoshopped look. I am going to order the Laura Mercier translucent powder next week during the Sephora VIB sale because I heard it is one of the few powders that doesn't give you flashback. Perfect for bridal makeup!

4. Benefit POREfessional:  The first time I have tried POREfessional was the 0.25 oz one in 2014 as one of the rewards. I wasn't too hot about it at first. But like translucent powder, I wanted something that made my makeup last AND give me a naturally beautiful skin. I got the POREfessional (the 0.75 oz one) for taking advantage of getting 5x the Ulta points for any Benefit product last week. I was very impressed with how the POREfessional did that before I put on my foundation. Wow, can you say #nofilter status! As much as I love my Tarte Clean Slate 12-Hour Brightening Primer feels and smells, it doesn't blur my face as much as POREfessional does. The only thing is that it it seems like mine dries up into pieces as I rub it on.

5. NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick (Exotic): Lately, rather than bright punchy red/orange/pink lipsticks, I have been reaching more for muted neutral shades. Even though the new NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks are very drying, I love the shades on me. I was at first disappointed with Exotic though, because it did not look as dark on me as it did on other peoples' arm swatch or lips. But overtime, it did grow on me. My perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade!

6. Chella Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Color: I got this from this month's Boxycharm, and I felt like I didn't need another eyebrow product. And plus, it's taupe, so it would be way too light for my hairs. Well, I applied some strokes on my brows, and I was very happy with my #browsonfleek. It shaped and filled my brows, while giving them a clean, natural, and not overdone look. It is not sloppy like my Maybelline Drama brow mascara. It's also the perfect lazy girl product: sometimes I don't have time or energy to pull out my ABH Brow Express, with the brush and all...which leads me to...

7. NYX Micro Brow (Brunette): I liked the retractable pencil formula of the Chella so much that I decided to get this, especially because I didn't want to shell out the more expensive dupe, ABH Brow Wiz. Like Chella, this gives my brows a clean, full shape, and it's bonus that there is a brow brush on the other side!

What beauty products have you been loving in March?


  1. I would love to try benefits porefessional! I think you blog is really nice by the way, let me know if you would like to follow each other!

  2. I've tried both porefessional and Natural Eyes palette and i looove them <3 Want to get this La Creme lipstick now!