February 2016 Boxycharm: Rush to Relax

Getting my Boxycharm is like a monthly treat from Santa! I'm always giddy when I get it, and since I resubscribed in January (I also got the December 2015 box, so so far I have 3 boxes) I have not been disappointed.

This month's theme is Rush to Relax, with the tagline: From stilettos to slippers, get ready to work hard and rest easy!

And I would say that the products reflect on that tagline, with the amount of skincare and body products there are. I don't know about you, but even though I have been really lazy with my skincare (and breaking out because of it), I find it pampering and relaxing when I keep up with my routine. And all in all, my skin feels so much cleaner.

1. Spongelle–You Have My Heart on a String ($15): Finally, I am in need of a new loofah or bath sponge because the ones I have are pretty old (I don't want to say how old they are, but I've been putting off buying them! This is so adorable because of course, the heart shape is fitting for Valentine's Day! Another bonus? It is also infused with olive oil and other toning extracts, and there's a soft and a coarse side on each sponge. The softer side is to cleanse and tone whereas the coarse side is to exfoliate the skin in circular motions. So basically you are killing 3 birds in 1 stone. Win-win!

2. OFRA Banana Powder Godet ($12): When I first saw this, I was like,"What is this?! I don't wear yellow eyeshadow!" until I read the little sheet of paper that lists all of the products you get, saying that this was a banana powder, but you can use it as a regular face powder, a way to set your under eye concealer, or an eyeshadow. I can see myself using this to conceal my dark eye circles. I have heard of the Ben Nye Banana Powder and I would love to get it someday, but right now this would be a good tester. I would love to try it for "baking" and getting Kim Kardashian's contour on fleek as well.

3. Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum (sample size–full size is $58): I'm happy to get another eye cream, especially to compare it to my Murad Eye Cream. The description on my little Boxycharm sheet tells you to "say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness with this ground breaking, lightweight eye serum." It's easy for me to hide dark circles, but the puffiness is a lot trickier. I am hoping this will do the trick. Unlike my Murad Eye Cream (which is white and thick), this one is clear with a gel/liquid consistency.

4. Beauty For Real Blush + Glow Stick ($24): If you like dewy skin and a natural glow without extra fuss, this is your babe. This is also perfect for traveling, as it will take up less space in your bag. For $24, this is a great bang for your buck because it has 1 blush and 1 highlighter on each end. My Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter is $30 alone! I am not sure if it well work well for those with oily skin though. While it looked very subtle in person, I look shinier in the picture. The highlighter is rose gold-ish (reminds me of a cream version of Champagne Pop) and the blush is warm medium red. I am in love! The only thing that bummed me out was that the blush part popped off, but I was able to put it back in. Be careful of over twisting!

5. Shray Ms. Amazing Facial Mask ($12): The only sheet mask I have used was the Sephora Rose Mask, and when I found this little gem in my box, I was curious. I found the packaging insanely adorable (and would love to design these kind of packages for a living) and I was happier to find that this was for dry and sensitive skin! I've been suffering from dry skin, even though temperatures have been getting insanely warm for February. It has hayluronate, which holds water and plumps the surface, rice extract to tighten and control pores, and finally...piper methysticum extract, hydroxyethyl urea and pure water for EXTRA SECURE MOISTURE. I am not sure if I put on the mask correctly because it was tightly packed, but I left it on for 10 minutes as directed. My skin feels amazingly smooth afterward, like a baby.

6. RealTree For Her Eau De Parfum ($12.99 fr 10 mL): This is different from other sample sized perfumes I have received in the past. While they are in clear bottles, this one is in an adorable pink bottle with whimsical design. Of course, the scent really impressed me, because it was floral and earthy with a hint of sweetness. I don't like overly fruity or candy like scents. If I wanted to smell that, I would go eat some dessert. I like my scents to be floral, earthy, musky or clean. Well this thing right here has notes of persimmon and pomegranate with orchids, lotus blossom, champaca flower, amber, violets and mahogany wood! Everything I love is packed into this teeny tiny bottle.

When I get a subscription box, there's usually 1 or 2 products that are duds and that I just toss to the wayside. But not with the February 2016 Boxycharm. I am SO happy with everything here and so impressed, especially with the facial mask and perfume! Too bad I am only able to use it once :( These are products I see myself using regularly. Boxycharm usually gives out 4–5 products monthly, but this month's box contains 6 ITEMS! Sorry for all the yelling, but I am just so so happy and never have been so excited before. If you are interested in beauty subscription boxes, get Boxycharm: you get $100+ worth of quality products for just $21/month! 

I would love to get another Beauty Box when I have more money. I have not been impressed with Birchbox or ipsy but I can't knock them down too much because Birchbox is one of the original beauty subscription boxes, and ipsy is one of the most well-known ones (after all, it's curated by Michelle Phan and other Youtube beauty gurus!). I am interested in Glossybox (which my best friend friend Rebecca is subscribed to) or Memebox, which is full of Korean beauty products. But I have been taken a liking to green beauty, so I am torn between Petit Vour or Goodbeing.

I hope my review spurs you to try Boxycharm! Unfortunately they are only in the US right now, but I'm crossing my fingers for them to start shipping internationally for my European beauty blogger friends!


  1. I've wanted to try a banana powder too! The fora one looks really nice and so cool that you get to try it out now. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! :)
    Hope your weekend is going well lovely <3
    Emma xxx


    1. The funny thing is most banana powder is loose whereas this one is pressed. Thanks for commenting and I hope you have a great start to a new week!


  2. Aww I wish these were available in the UK, it seems like such a lovely little subscription box!! :) <3 I find that with a lot of subscription boxes, I end up not using at least a couple of the items, just like you said! So it's really nice to see you love all the products in this one, they sure seem amazing! <3 That RealTree fragrance sounds right up my alley (I love amber!), and that blush looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Thanks for sharing. x


  3. I saw this on youtube and thought they gave such a great selection! I would love to try the sponge!

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

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