Winter Polish: Zoya "Shawn"

not bad for not doing it on my own, right? I know I'll get better with practice.

This is my first nail blog post. Despite having 11 bottles (that's really minuscule compared to other collections I've seen), I've never reviewed nail polish because I always go to the salon to get them done. I haven't gotten them done since October, because I am trying to save money. The salon I go to, depending on whether you want a basic or spa mani/pedi can cost between $12–$30. And when I go, I usually get my whole face waxed, which is $30 ($8 if I just want to do my brows and $5 for upper lip). Yikes! Though it's not much cheaper to buy your own polish (especially because I am slowly developing an addiction to it), every little penny counts, and I do want to experiment with more colors than what is offered at the salon.

I bought the Zoya nail polish in the shade "Shawn" at Nugget Market, a Sacramento-based chain grocery store that carries conventional items, but mainly specializes mostly organic, local, gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian, non-GMA products, gourmet, etc... basically, their target audience is for the health conscious (and upper middle class, since their prices are not cheap). They have a decent-sized beauty section that contains makeup, hair products, nail products, skin care, perfume, body care, and soap. I never bought anything from the beauty section, though I would test the lip gloss or take a whiff at the soaps (they smell heavenly!), but one day last month, I found myself browsing the nail polish section, overwhelmed and indecisive about what shade to get. Nugget Market has a huge section for Zoya nail polish, and I found myself drawn to the green shades, since green is one of my favorite colors. After debating to get "Shawn" and "Hunter", I ended up with Shawn.

I would say that Shawn is a forest green shade with yellow tones. I fancy all shades of green, but I particularly love the forest/mossy/emerald shades, so of course there's no surprise I chose this. This is a festive color for the holidays or even for St. Patricks Day. The Zoya website describes this as a cream finish, which I don't know what that means in terms of nail finishes (I know there's matte, glitter, metallic, etc.) but it looks and feels glossy to me.

Because Nugget Market only carries eco-friendly beauty products, it's no surprise that they sell Zoya. They always make the list of non-toxic nail polishes. The brand was started by Zoya and Michael Michael Reyzis, who founded Art of Beauty, a spa that specializes in natural nails, skincare, and European herbal treatments. Their polishes have no:

Toluene: a water-insoluble liquid used to add to gasoline (yikes!), paint thinners, cleaning products, and adhesives. More information here.

Camphore: A white solid substance with strong odor.

Formaldehyde: A colorless, flammable gas.

DBP (dibutyl phthalate): a plasticizer, used to add long lasting power in polish.

One thing I noticed about this polish is that there is no strong smell, because they don't contain any of the ingredients above. I do admit I love the smell of strong polish (like Essie's) but I know it's not good for me or the environment.

The only thing that bugs me is that it shows up a tad darker on my nails than on the bottle, but I guess it's ok.

I used Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat for the base, and Mineral Fusion Top Coat, which is also sold at Nugget Market.

Overall, I think this is a classy, subdued holiday shade that reminds me of a Christmas tree! Would you wear this shade, or do you have any similar green polishes you like? What kind of nail art or polish do you like to wear during the holidays?


  1. I'm always slacking off when it comes to my nails! I've been looking at more natural products I'd like to start using for my skin care and makeup, so I think that's really cool to do the same for your nails. I read sometimes it's not our skincare products that irritate our faces, but what's on our hands such as polish and lotion. Did anyone else catch the "Shawn" and "Hunter" thing or is that just me? Love Boy Meets World..... ;-) I think Shawn is a good color for the Christmas Season!

  2. It's not a shade I usually pick, but this green is very peculiar! Looks so nice on you :) xx