Christmas 2015 recap

Hey guys, I kinda have been out of the loop with blogging...I mean, I still read everyone's post through my phone, but I haven't gotten the time to comment or post myself. This Christmas season has been a bit hectic, and different. Why so?

We usually spend Christmas Eve having a formal dinner and we wait until midnight to open presents. But we decided to have Christmas Eve "linner" (the time between lunch and dinner), and open our presents around 8 pm, because my mom and nephew Nico were super busy packing to go to the Philippines on Christmas morning. So planning for Christmas has kinda been on the side for us this year, but we still wanted to celebrate.

My mom was pretty stressed out about the laglag-bala (drop bullet in Tagalog) incident going on in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, where there have been reports of innocent passengers randomly getting bullets planted in their luggage and getting fined over it. You can read more about it here. She's been frantically looking for TSA locks in the house, and Cecilio helped her with opening and closing them. Luckily, she and Nico did not have to deal with the laglag-bala upon arriving in the airport. But their whole flight took 28 hours, from SF with layovers in Tokyo and Guam in between, before finally arriving in Manila. They are staying there for 3 weeks, and I know they are going to have an awesome time. This is a much-needed trip for my mom to get away from work and to visit her mom, my grandma, as much as possible. I love seeing the pictures of her and Nico just relaxing in the patio of my Tito's house, and I'm kinda jealous of how warm it is there compared to here.

So on Christmas Eve, we ordered takeout from Peony Palace, a Chinese restaurant 5 minutes from my house. I love Chinese food, and we don't eat it as much as we eat pho, Thai, Japanese, or Filipino food, but Chinese is one of my favorite cuisines so I was happy that we got to have that. I didn't take pictures of the food, but here are some of our little get together with my sister and her family:

Me and my sister, Trixie

My doggies!

Me and Cecilio

With my mom and sisters

Cecilio's gifts for me: Matcha Green Tea, "Beloved Dog" (a coffee table book), and the CIZE Program by Shaun T. I have been hinting about how I wanted CIZE or PiYo, and I even had them in my fitness wishlist. Right now I've been doing 3 days of the beginner calendar, and I love it. I will definitely do a review next month (argh, year...) and track my progress. Once I finish the beginner program (which is 6 weeks long), I'll do the standard advanced program, which is 4 weeks long. I've been lucky to lose 7 pounds since July, despite still being on prednisone, and not having the best eating habits. Maybe because now I'm only on 8 mg? This is my favorite gift, lol.

My sister got me some notecards and a Juicy Couture keychain! Definitely gonna use this for my car keys!

My mom also got me a pair of leggings with a skirt built in because she knows I LOVE leggings...can you blame me, they are comfortable and black goes well with everything! But, they sent us the wrong size, which ended up being 3 sizes too big. So I have to call the Customer Service and have them send me the box with a return label so that I can exchange it for the right size (my mom even showed me on her order history it was the right size).

On Christmas Day, I started my Day 1 of Cize, haha. But Cecilio and his family celebrate the day, so I went over for a little get together and we had Filipino food along with some ham my mom gifted them with. I got some cool presents from my future in-laws too!

We all got scarves, and I was SO happy because the scarf I got is super warm compared to the yellow one I am wearing in the pictures! That one is is thin and more suited for spring. Whereas the plaid blue one keeps me so nice and cozy.

After the festivities died down, Cecilio and his parents watched Star Wars Episode VII, and his sisters went to see Daddy's Home. His aunt and niece+nephew left, so we decided to watch Star Wars Episode VI, because I only got to watch Episodes IV and V before VII came out. I always knew he was a Star Wars fan, but I never got into it until recently when VII came out and I watched the movies so I can understand. Now I'm pretty hooked! He is the Han to my Leia, haha. Now I need to watch the prequels! And VIII is coming out on May 26, 2017, which is 2 months+8 days after we get married, so that's another huge thing to look forward to in 2017! (Not that I'm not excited about 2016, because I am too).

Then towards the end, we decided to take a drive down the Fabulous 40s, a wealthy neighborhood in East Sacramento, which is actually close to where I went to college. Every year, all of the houses seriously decorate their houses to the max. I don't have pictures, but last year they were featured on the list of America's Best Streets for Christmas Lights. Cecilio and I kept lamenting on how much we want to live in those houses (they range from French gothic to colonial style mansions), but we would have to be millionaires! And I'm sure even the one-story houses there would still be at least $600k.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/Festivus and have a great New Year! Please tell me if you guys did anything awesome, I would love to hear about it!


  1. We're heading back to Malaysia for a visit end January next year and we have roughly 25 hours flight with one layover in Taipei, it would be a nightmare for our toddler. :-(

    Wishing you a very happy new year, Hannah!

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    1. Oh no! I'm sure that would be very overwhelming, poor baby :( but I know he will adjust. Have fun in Malaysia, and have a wonderful year as well :)

  2. Hey Hannah :) It's good to hear you had a lovely Christmas, even though it was a little different than usual!
    Basically, I just ate non-stop for 3 days, LOL!
    I wish you an amazing New Year! :)