2015 Reflections + 2016 Dreams + Special Thanks

2015 has been an epic year for me. It started off kinda meh...but come February, everything started coming together. I want to talk about the things that have happened, because I have reached heights I never I thought I would be able to:

1. Getting my US Citizenship: Okay, so my family and I moved to the US when I was 2.5 years old and I didn't get my green card until I was 16. My parents and I have been talking about getting our US Citizenship, but unfortunately, my dad passed away almost 3 years ago so he never fulfilled his dream of being a full-fledged American. Though Filipino by origin, his heart belonged to America. My mom and I applied in December 2014, got fingerprinted in January, took the interview (and passed!) and took my oath to be a citizen in February. America is not perfect, but I am thankful and happy to be here. As soon as I got my Naturalization certificate, I registered to vote Democrat (Bernie Sanders 2016, please) and I still have to get my passport soon so I can travel to other countries (like booking our Mexico honeymoon).

2. Getting my license back: In 2014, I have talked about not being able to drive because I had seizures. It was a depressing time, especially as I watched my peers getting jobs and internships yet I was left behind because of lack of transportation. I was so thankful for my brother in law to drive me to school, but I knew it would be inconvenient for him if I added a job or internship on top of all of that. After much begging and crying to my neurologist, she agreed sign the medical form to give to the DMV so I could start driving again. I got my license back in March, and I've been unstoppable since. I've also been taking my keppra (anti-seizure medication) religiously, unlike before when I was lazy and skipped.

3. Getting engaged: On March 26, 2015, my then-boyfriend, Cecilio got down on his knees at Central park in NYC and asked me to be his wife. I was so excited and never hugged him harder than that moment, and I almost put the ring on myself! We set the date for the big day on March 18, 2017. I know that 2016 is going to be a big year as far as wedding planning, and I'm so so excited to take on this next chapter in my life, hand in hand, with my soulmate and best friend.

4. Graduated college: After 8 arduous years, with my illness flareups and the loss of my dad in-between, I kept fighting to get into the graphic design program and finish school. It was amazing feeling of accomplishment, and it made me see how resilient I am and I could go anything I put my mind to.

5. Got an internship at the local Make-A-Wish: I interned at Make-A-Wish for 4 months, and it was an amazing experience getting to know the staff, working with the Marketing Coordinator, gaining design/marketing experience, and being a part of an organization that makes a difference in children's lives. I will miss it there, and I so wish they opened up a job opportunity for me so I could stay!

So, with 2016 around the corner, here is what I want to accomplish:

1. Get a job where I am actually appreciated for my efforts, where I feel I can make a difference, so that I can pay off my bills, some of my student loans and contribute to the wedding expenses.

2. Lose weight. I never thought it was possible to lose weight on prednisone (a steroid for those with some medical conditions to suppress the immune system, with weight gain being the biggest side effect), but the weight has been falling off since I tapered down to 8 mg at the end of July! Before, I could not lose weight until I was down to 2.5 mg. Now, I went from 157 to now 149. I figure if I up my exercise routine and go back to eating healthy like I used to, I could go down to 135 pounds (125 is my ideal, but I don't think I could get down to that by the time I go wedding dress shopping in May). I want to have a fit and healthy lifestyle too.

3. Go to church more, read Christian (Episcopal/mainline Protestant/Progressive) books along with the Bible and Book of Common Prayer, go close with my relationship with God. I definitely want to go to church more especially if I will be getting married in the one Cecilio and I have been going to right now.

4. Be more organized in my life and way of thinking. I'm very messy and scatterbrained, and I get it from my dad. Of course I won't ever be the neat freak my mom is, but I understand that a neater environment gives helps you be in a calmer state of mind and be more productive.

5. Be more loving towards others...it's hard...we humans tend to be selfish, but I want to practice empathy and putting myself in other peoples' shoes, even when I get annoyed and impatient.

6. Manage my money better. It's hard having this blog, it gives me the temptation to want and want, and spend. But I've been buying impulsively less and I want to get only the things I have been researching about and wanting for a while.

7. Never stop loving and pursuing Cecilio. I understand after marriage things go stale for a lot of couples, but I don't want that to happen to us. I want us to keep pursuing us no matter what, and strengthening our bond together.

8. Practice designing and art again. I've been feeling really low and crappy at my work, especially after getting fired, and I've lost inspiration. I feel like I am not good enough. I've always felt like that especially next to my former classmates. But I gotta get back up and pick myself up, and not worry about being perfect.

I want to give a special thanks to everyone who reads and comments on my posts. It truly means the world to me to be able to connect with other bloggers all over the world, sharing our love for makeup and fashion, while also talking about serious issues. I love you all, I am serious. I am so blessed and thankful to be a part of this community, and here's to 2016 being awesome to us!

How has 2015 treated you so far? What good (and bad) things did you experience? What are your goals and dreams for 2016?


  1. Never stop fighting for what you want to achieve! You say you lack confidence, but I think you are also a very strong person at heart. Look at everything you've accomplished despite your illness and your dad passing away! I'm sure, you'll be able to accomplish a lot more. Good luck with everything :)

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet words girl! I wish you a wonderful 2016, and I am glad to have known you through your blog even from thousands of miles away, thanks to amazing technology! Good luck with everything for you too as well!

  2. So excited for you and your man's wedding! I'd take it as a blessing in disguise they fired you - that environment sounds SO stressful, and would have done more bad than good for you anyway. It's so sweet that you want to keep pursuing your love, I think all romantic loves should be treated that way! It's so easy to kind of lose the spark a couple of years in.

    Wishing you an awesome new year!

    becky ♡ star violet

    1. Thanks! It does suck that they fired me, and I'm relieved because I'm not miserable, but I just hate how coldly calculated they did it. Oh well. Wishing you a fabulous 2016! <3

  3. I struggle with #4 but #5 will come easier as you grow in your relationship with God. I tend to find myself cringing more when someone is in a nasty mood or has something bad to say about even someone I'm not especially fond of. It feels good to care for others' feelings you never know when God will return it to you when they show you compassion as well. Happy New Year! Love reading your blog always! Can't wait to see what this year has in store!

    1. Thanks for always encouraging me spiritually, I love how much we have in common: lupus, loving makeup, and being Christians. Wishing you a wonderful and fabulous 2016, and can't wait to hear from you more!