Fitness Wishlist Wednesday.

Oh boy, it's that time of year again when everyone will be stuffing their pieholes with turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes. Then comes Christmas season with never-ending holiday parties, comforting cookies and drinks! Then, before you know it, 2016 will roll around and almost everyone in this world will vow to lose 40 pounds and sign up for a gym membership. They get pumped, going and going...then stop in the middle of January. Sounds familiar? I'm guilty too, although I'm not a gym person (although I loved my college's gym, and I would lift weights and kettelebells, I mostly went for the yoga, Zumba and hip hop dance classes). I'm more of an exercise DVD person. I have been working out here and there, although I do want to take it up a notch. I understand that weight loss is mostly about the diet, which is frustrating because I do love to eat and I don't mind exercising at all. That said, here are some things that I've been eyeing and will take me up a notch:

1. CIZE: This is a new Beachboy program crafted by Shaun T that came out this summer. He calls this program the end of exercise, morphed into CIZE: a fun and non-dreadful way to burn calories and fat. The first few weeks have the instructors break down the moves one by one, then it's all about working your heart rate to the max, toning muscles, and having a blast. You may be familiar with Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs, Insanity (which Cecilio got me, but I injured my elbow by day 5), Asylum, and T25.

2. PiYo: Another Beachboy Program, Chalene Johnson combines yoga poses, fluid Pilates movements and develops a 60 day program called PiYo. Best of all, there's no weights or no impact, so this is perfect if you have joint problems. I am a huge fan of yoga, Pilates, and barre workouts so this program would definitely would be up my alley. I am worried though because lots of people who have tried this workout says it's not good enough for weight loss...but then again, I am reading reviews from fitness fanatics and lets just say I'm way more out of shape than them, so doing this would be a breeze for them. Even though weight loss is on most people's mind (it sure is on mine), this program will give you muscles (which will burn fat), gain flexibility, and give you greater peace of mind and breathing.

3. Gaiam Yoga Block: I do yoga on and off, but I feel like a yoga block would help aid me in many poses. I am just not as flexible or as strong as other yogis (and trust me, I love yoga but not yoga culture: it is very intimidating and elitist) who don't need it...but I just have to swallow my pride and use it to help me modify, and sometimes get deeper in the poses.

4. Never Ever Give Up Jewel Timer Bottle: This is a water bottle designed by Youtube fitness instructor, Cassey Ho of Blogilates. On the front part of the bottle, it has a cute design saying "Never Ever Give Up!" and the back gives you a timer of when to drink your water and contains lines of how much you should drink. I admit, I don't drink a lot of water...I love feeling hydrated, I love the taste of plain water, but I hate going to the bathroom. But the inconvenience is worth it for healthier skin, organs, weight loss, hydrated skin/lips, right?

5. Custom Sweating for the Wedding Tank: Well, that is a big motivation for me to get in shape, right? It is a bit cheesy, but nothing wrong with wanting to look good for the big day! Although, what's more important is maintaining a healthy lifestyle to have a high quality of life with Cecilio by my side and to live as long as we can with minimal health problems. On the back of the top, it's custom made with your future last name and wedding date. And you can choose different colors. I would probably get red or pink, with the words "Future Mrs. Padilla — 03.18.17"

What are you doing to stay in shape for the holiday season or for your lifestyle? What are some health and fitness goals you want to achieve?


  1. Yes!!! I think that the summer body is made on winter hahah, I love running! Great post

  2. Yes!!! I think that the summer body is made on winter hahah, I love running! Great post

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