24 Hour Fall Guide to Sacramento.

Hey to my lovely readers! So I'm pretty excited about this post because I have collaborated with Eventbrite to create a Fall Guide for my city, Sacramento. Eventbrite is a self-ticketing site where one can create and manage events within their city. The purpose of their business is to get people involved in their own city in different and fun ways. If you're more interested in how you can create cool, happening events for your city, check out the Eventbrite Management Software.

Most people in the U.S. know that Sacramento is the capital of California. However, when most people think of California, they are thinking of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, or even any of the other coastal areas (Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Monterey). Even those who are familiar, or even reside in, Sacramento are pretty self-deprecating. We are known as "Cow-town". We have a juxtaposition of rural farms and hip city life. Even when outsiders ask what is there to do in this city, Sacramentans usually answer, "oh, you can go to Old Sac (our biggest tourist trap)" or "It's right in between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe! Oh yeah, we're close to Napa too!" However, you may not know that Sacramento is a league on its own. Whether you're a foodie, sports fanatic (Our basketball team, the Sacramento Kings, is getting a new arena in 2016), art-enthusiast, or family (wo)man, you're bound to find something to do here.

Here, I have compiled a guide of what you can do during the fall season for 24 hours in Sacramento. Fall is my favorite season here because the weather starts cooling down: our summers (that go up to 110°F/43.3°C) and winters (which can get as low as 28°F/-2.22°C) are brutal. Spring here is gorgeous, but is horribly allergy-inducing since we're trapped in the valley with tons of pollen and foliage. After all, our other nickname is also called "The City of Trees". But fall is one of the most beautiful and comfortable times of the year with slight winds, and the leaves start turning gold and red. Gorgeous, isn't it? So here's what my city has to offer!

1. Wake up to Java: Insight Coffee Roasters

eventbrite Insight Coffee Roasters

Eventbrite Insight Coffee Roasters

Eventbrite Insight Coffee Roasters

Before you judge Sacramento as being bland, you have to check out the local, indie coffee shops such as Insight Coffee Roasters. They get their beans at various locations in Latin America and Africa to support the farmers. In addition, they educate their customers by hosting different seminars and tea tastings on how to brew at home, and the best coffee presses that go with certain beans. They even have latte art competitions, one which I wrote about in last year here for a class project. Insight also offers tea, hot chocolate, and delicious pastries to go with your brew.

Insight Coffee has 4 locations:

Southside (South of Downtown)
1901 8th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Capitol (Downtown)
1014 10th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Pavillions (East Sac)
566 Pavillions Lane
Sacramento, CA 95825

Fremont (Downtown)
1615 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

2. A nice breezy stroll: McKinley Park

Eventbrite McKinley Park
Photo Courtesy of Sacramento Public Library

Eventbrite Rose Garden Sacramento
Rose Garden: Photo Courtesy of McKinley Park Center

McKinley Park is a haven for families because it boasts of a playground, climbing walls, and different play areas. Those who are interested in sports and fitness are in luck: McKinley Park offers basketball/tennis/volleyball courts, soccer/softball fields, a swimming pool and jogging trails. More into relaxing? Then walk around and just take in the park's beauty. Relax on a bench by the large pond and hang out with the ducks, swans and geese. There is also a gorgeous Rose Garden with 1,200 rose bushes. Feel free to walk around and take photos of them, because there are many different species and colors. The Rose Garden is also a perfect wedding venue for Sacramento brides on a budget, since you won't need a florist or much decor because the place speaks for itself. Fall calls for nice walks with its perfect, chilly weather.

601 Alhambra Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95816

3. Farm to Fork Brunch: The Grange Restaurant

Eventbrite Grange Restaurant

Eventbrite Grange Restaurant
Photos Courtesy of Downtown Grid

Maybe I'm biased towards The Grange restaurant because it's located in The Citizen Hotel, where I will be having my wedding reception and they will be the caterers. But I believe you have to check out this 4-star restaurant. They are completely a farm-to-fork cuisine, serving only organic foods. Everything served on the plate is food from farms no further than 150 miles from Sacramento. The brunch is only on weekends from 8 am–2 pm, but they offer savory dishes such as huevos rancheros and seasonal eats like pumpkin waffles ricotta gnocchi (the menus change by the season). To check out the menus for breakfast/brunch/dinner/dessert/drinks, click here.

926 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

4. Gaze at History's Finest: Crocker Art Museum

Eventbrite Crocker Art Museum

Albrecht Durer Female Nude with a Staff
Albrecht Durer, Female Nude with a Staff, 1498.

Wayne Thiebaud Boston Cremes
Wayne Thiebaud, Boston Cremes, 1962.
All photos courtesy of Crocker Art Museum

You have a few more hours to spare in the noon and afternoon. Maybe it's the art history nerd in me, but I highly recommend hitting up one of the most popular museums in the city, Crocker Art Museum. Did you know that it is the first public art museum found in the Western U.S.? They even expanded their building in 2010 to make room for more artwork and exhibitions! The Crocker Art Museum has art ranging from the Baroque period of the 17th century to contemporary works. Wayne Thiebaud is a local artist, known for his fun, colorful still-life paintings of desserts, lipsticks, sunglasses, ice creams and gumballs. He is often compared to Andy Warhol. There are works even from other regions of the world, such as ceramic pots in South America, masks from Africa, and various ceramic objects and armor from Asia.

216 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

5. Muy Deliciosa Cena (Very Delicious Dinner): Tres Hermanas

Basically, California is very well-known for its Mexican food. Tres Hermanas is no exception to that. Tres Hermanas serves fresh, Northern Mexican cuisine in Midtown on 24th and K Streets. They offer belly-filling burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and various combination plates. For bebidas (drinks), sip on some horchata (my favorite—Mexican cinnamon and rice drink), Jarritos sodas, and margaritas! There are vegetarian options if you're into that. I went here on my 23rd birthday 3 years ago.

2416 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

6. Drink up: Mercantile Saloon

eventbrite Mercantile Saloon
Photo Courtesy of CBS 13 Sacramento

eventbrite mercantile saloon
Photo Courtesy of The Daily Meal

Though I'm not into the bar scene, I have been to the Mercantile Saloon (aka "The Merc") a few times and I like the environment there. Although it looks like an old abandoned building during the daytime, and night it comes alive with congregations of bar hoppers and regulars, whether they are playing pool or dancing in the outdoor patio. The people are very friendly here. Also, this is the place to be for cheap cocktails...but they are very strong, so watch out ;) also, did I mention this is a gay bar? Just putting that out there in if case you're into that or not.

1928 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

**Bonus:** Apple Hill

eventbrite Apple Hill pumpkin patch
Photo courtesy of Sac Mag

For the true fall experience in Sacramento, head out to Apple Hill Growers Association, located in the Placerville, Camino and Pollock Pines areas. It is a 40 minute drive through the 50 Freeway, but you get to experience so many apple and berry picking farms, bakeries, and wineries. Whether you have kids, are on a date, or want to plan a fun activity for your friends, Apple Hill has something for everyone. Just stay away from the apple juice for now due to recent reports of E.coli. Of course, would would a whole land of farms be without a pumpkin patch for the fall? Also, with winter slowly creeping up on us, there's a slew of farms growing fresh-smelling Christmas trees!

2461 Larsen Drive
Camino, CA 95709

I hope you guys get a glimpse of the things to do, see, eat and drink in my city, especially for the fall! What are some of your favorite fall activities in your city?


  1. Your photos are so beautiful! I am actually planning to go to Sacramento sometime between now and end of the year. I have been there once and remembered loving it. It's a really nice place :) Thank you for your guide too! I'll def bookmark these places on Yelp.

    1. haha, only the Insight Coffee roasters photos are mine. The rest are pictures from other websites I gave credit to. I'm glad to hear that you like it, because a lot of people turn their nose up at Sacramento, but it's a really nice city with a lot of culture, good food and entertainment as well. Have fun visiting later and let me know how it goes!

  2. Ohh, this is such a great, detailed, well put-together guide! I've never been to the US, and you are right - whenever I think California, I think places like L.A. etc. Sacramento seems like a lovely hidden gem, though - vibrant, lively, with interesting culture. :) The park and the museum definitely seem worth visiting! x Thank you for sharing, dear, this was such a lovely post to read x


    1. Yup, my mom always says that Sacramento is California's greatest hidden treasure and that she doesn't want it to be as famous as LA, SF, etc. because it would lose it's charm that way :) Me, I'm a big city girl at heart, and I grew up as a child in Daly City (a suburb literally right below SF) but of course I have lived in Sacramento longer than I lived there now, so this is my home :)

  3. Thanks for recommending these things to do in Sacramento. I recently moved to UCLA and really want to do as much as I can before I have to move back to the UK. If you have any more recommendations for things to do in California I'd love to hear them.

    Check out my Sephora giveaway!

    1. Wow, you're going to UCLA?! My fiance went there for a college tour straight out of high school and applied there but got rejected, but ended up going to community college (where we met!) and he transferred to UC Davis, because he already was raised in Davis all his life, haha. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you are interested in Sacramento! California is a huge state, with the Northern part being completely different from the Southern (where you're staying) so I would recommend the following:

      -Disneyland is about an hour or 2 (depending on traffic) from LA, so you should definitely check it out.

      -Monterey is a gorgeous coastal town with rocky beaches...beautiful but cold. Definitely check out the Aquarium and the cute little area, Cannery Row for some shopping and dining.

      -For sure never leave California without San Francisco! It is one of the most beautiful places in the world...and most expensive to live in. Check out the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, etc. These are the top places to do from the top of my head, but I'm sure you will find many things to do because it's just so dang fun and beautiful.

      Thanks for posting!

  4. Great guide! I've only been there once for a night but maybe I should go back!


    1. Definitely, next time you do you have more stuff to do in your itinerary! Thanks for posting!

  5. Ohh, this is a brilliant guide, Hannah! Will be sharing it and bookmarking for my own future reference. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

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