Wishlist Wednesday: The Balm Edition.

The Balm Cosmetics is one brand I have never tried. It is very much like Benefit Cosmetics with their vintage-inspired packaging...I would actually say that look much closer to the 1950s illustrations. And I think people want to have some sense of going back in time. Oh, and did you know both of them are headquartered in San Francisco?! The Balm is less mainstream though, as it is only sold in store at Kohl's and their website, or they have some great deals on Hautelook (actually, they have one tomorrow...but I am really gonna have to skip this one for now)

There''s a Kohl's 5 minutes away from my home, and I have gotten a chance to see their products, oohing and ahhing over the packaging, names of shades, and of course, and products themselves. So here's what I am lusting over:

1. Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette: Inspired by famous classic rock bands (If you have Spotify, you can also listen to a classic rock playlist I posted here), this palette has shade names such as Lead Zeppelin, rem, Blink 1982, Metal-lica. These shades are a mix of matte and shimmer. Also, they have 2 blushes and 2 lip creams called Milly and Vanilly.

2. How 'Bout Them Apples?: This is a lip/cheek stain palette that is circle shaped instead of square, because of apple graphics and inspiration. The name of the palette itself is funny, and has shade names such as Cider, Cobbler, Pie, Crisp, and Caramel. I can see myself wearing all of these shades, especially Pie and Caramel.

3. Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks: Liquid lipsticks are in the rage in the 2010's, and The Balm is no exception to succumbing to it. The shades have names of characteristics of the fictional Matte (Hughes), and I chose Adoring (merlot) and Honest (warm coral).

4. Bahama Mama: This is a bronzing/contouring powder that flatters all skin tones. Definitely want to try this and see how it compares to my other bronzer powders!

5. Instain: Honestly, these were the first things that caught my eye when I see The Balm section at Kohl's. I always love long wearing blushes! These look very pigmented and give a healthy flush of cheeks. My favorites are Houndstooth (Mauve), Swiss Dot (Peach), and Toile (Strawberry). Can you tell that the names and packaging are inspired by popular vintage fashion patterns? I LOVE houndstooth clothing!

6. Nude 'Tude Palette: Now this palette has some controversy due to the negative shade names associated with it (Sassy, Stubborn, Selfish, Stand-offish, etc. but I don't think Sophisticated is a bad one!) and the fact that it has illustrations of women, where it's men-inspired palette, Nude Dude has positive names (Fabulous, Faithful, Funny, Friendly, etc.). You can read the article here. However, The Balm president stated: "Nude 'tude is about attitude and being able to express yourself however you want (as that is the name of the palette). Nude Dude came two years later (the name came about primarily because it rhymes with 'Nude 'tude'), and this is more about qualities we feel naked men should have." All controversies aside, I am in love with the shades, especially Sexy (a matte deep violet). It reminds me of Urban Decay Naked 3 with more versatility.


  1. i was into the balm for a little while. well, interested but didn't really buy anyting. their blushes always seemed like such great quality as well as their luminizers

    1. Yeah, I mean if you live near a Kohl's that sells The Balm or higher end makeup, they have an event this Saturday where you can get 10% off but you have to call and see if you can get the coupon, you can learn about it here http://nouveaucheap.blogspot.com/2015/09/kohls-prestige-beauty-event-this-weekend.html

  2. I really want to try the How Bout Them Apples palette. I have the Frat Boy blush and its a nice soft pink that I like for the winter:)

    1. I just got the Balm Jovi palette, and the blush is the exact same as the Frat Boy blush, and I like it a lot! It's a pretty pinkish coral, and I think it works for all seasons :)