Wedding Moodboard: official colors.

This week, Cecilio and I are going to visit the hotel we are having our wedding reception to tour one more time, put down a deposit for the venue and secure the date. So I'm pretty excited about letting the planning begin. 

One of the most exciting yet agonizing thing about planning a wedding is figuring out what the color theme is going to be. Since I got engaged in March, I kept going back and forth regarding what colors I want. Initially I wanted powder blue and pink, which I created my first moodboard here. But eventually I wasn't feeling it: it doesn't really match the setting of the ceremony (church with lots of warm gold lighting) and reception (a 1920's-inspired hotel with a modern twist). How can I not know what colors I want, I'm a graphic designer?!

No matter what color scheme I wanted, I seemed to lean towards pink. But I didn't want it to be sickenly sweet, and plus my cousin Ara had a lavander/pink theme going on at her wedding. My family friend Nicole? She had green and pink, which was a shame because green is one of my favorite colors. Red and pink? Forget about it, it looks too much like Valentine's Day, especially for a March wedding (March 2017, that is...)

Until I re-discovered marsala, the 2015 Pantone color of the year. I fell in love, especially combined with pink and gold. It's a deep red/burgundy shade that complements the warmth of our wedding ceremony and reception sites, and it's a classic all year long. This jewel-toned shade gives off an elegant and luxurious vibe, but pink softens it and makes it more romantic. It's attractive to both the boho and city-loving types. Like the link says, marsala goes well with all skintones.

I'm a fan of art history and Italian Renaissance, and I see marsala in paintings, clothing, patterns, interiors, etc.

Best of all, it's not that bright red we think of as the Valentine's Day color. Although you can still use marsala if you ever dream of February 14 nuptials to give your day extra drama.

So this is our official wedding colors: marsala/burgundy, blush pink with gold and cream accents. Let the fun planning begin!

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  1. Gorgeous colour choice, and all the best on your wedding prep! :) x