Rediscovering my makeup stash.



The meme above might be funny, especially if you are a self-proclaimed makeup addict/artist/blogger/vlogger/whatever. But it's no laughing matter when dealing with real life finances and "adulting", especially for me as I am still job hunting. I have an internship, but it's unfortunately unpaid, and I need to pay for my bills, medical/dental expenses, student loans, and wedding. Honestly, it's pretty daunting to think about, and part of me feels remorse for impulse buying a lot. Especially when I'm not using a lot of it. So what better way to keep from spending...than actually use the products you have?

Raise your hand if you are a beauty blogger and you buy something impulsively, justifying it by saying, it's for the blog! You're laughing because it's true. It's always fun to try new products and provide new content, but it's not fun knowing your funds are running low...which is why I've been trying to be more creative with my blog post topics.

So here are a few products I found in my makeup kits that I haven't used in a while, or have hardly used at all:

too faced chocolate bar

First is my Too Faced Original Chocolate Bar. I'm so sorry for abandoning it in favor of the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, it must be so sad! Yes, this was my holy grail eyeshadow palette until the Semi-Sweet came along, and I started using that one more. The Semi-Sweet palette has more golds and bronze shades that are more fitting for the summer, whereas the original Chocolate Bar has more deep browns and plums. I wore this last week eating out with my family, and what can I say? I miss wearing it, so it's going to be a regular staple of mine again. If the Semi-Sweet is a summer palette, then the Original is the fall palette. I have a review of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar here. In fact, it is one of my first blog posts!

nyx blushes

Next are the NYX powder blushes (Cinnamon, Desert Rose, Terracotta). My my, I dusted a sweep of Desert Rose on my cheeks and I forgot how pigmented these were! Right now, Terracotta is too light for me since I got pretty tan from going to Hawaii, but I'm excited to see how it'll look on me in the winter. Now I am tempted to go to my local Ulta and get another blush or 2 from NYX...I know, I'm keeping my spending to a minimum, but this is better than spending $20-$30 from Too Faced, Tarte, MAC, right? These blushes are just as high quality with their pigmentation and staying power.

mufe hd blush

Here is the MUFE HD Blush in #310 (Rosewood), that I was using practically everyday last fall and winter! But when the warmer months started rolling around I ditched it in favor or bright pink and coral blushes. I'm really happy that I was using this enough to hit pan, and I hope I can empty it out soon.

wet n wild lipsticks

Wet n Wild are known for having great lipsticks for just $2 but with amazing pigmentation and strong staying powder. They are also known for being dupes of higher end lipsticks. My favorites above are Wine Room (left) and Spiked with Rum, especially because Spiked with Rum is a dupe of one of my favorite MAC lipsticks, the shade "Retro".

tarte cc undereye corrector

Finally, for a while I have been using the Tarte CC Undereye Corrector, in the shade medium–tan.  Here is another one I hit pan on. This has been pretty good at hiding my dark circles, and I have them pretty bad...thanks to poor sleeping habits I'm trying to correct.

If you are a beauty blogger/aficionado and you are trying to minimize your spending (which is a challenge), I highly suggest you take a look at your current stash, and check out some of the products you haven't used yet! You'll be surprised and scratching your head wondering, "why did I abandon this for a long time?!"


  1. Aw I loved reading this and TOTALLY empathised with you - I did an unpaid internship last year and luckily managed to find a paid job now but it's still so easy to end up spending too much on makeup - especially when it's not necessary!

    Those NYX blushes look amazing, especially Terracotta which looks like it would double up as a beautiful highlight!

    Definitely feeling inspired to revisit my stash now!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. Ahh yes, I have an interview this Thursday at an architect firm, and I am REALLY hoping I get it especially my dad's best friend used to work there and I used him as a referral. I was shocked they decided to put set up an interview for me!

      Yeah, the NYX blushes are great, unfortunately they aren't selling these type at Ulta anymore, the only blushes they sell are the HD, cream, mosaic and stick ones.

      Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I loved this post so much, I've been telling myself I will do the same, but I just haven't had enough motivation, but your post just got me on my way to stop shopping, at least for a while, maybe a 'Project 10 pan' would be also a great idea :)

    1. Oh yeah! I would love to do project pan sometime! Yeah, it's been really hard for me to stay disciplined, so lately I've been limiting myself to drugstore products, but I have to be careful because it still adds up! Thanks for commenting!

  3. i bought the chocolate bar palette and didn't love it. then i let it sit there for a year before i recently re-discovered it and tried more color combinations. i like it a lot better now.
    nyx blushes are where its at! so affordable and pigmented!

    1. Yeah, I'm so glad I picked it up again, and I think I'm starting to like it better than the Semi-Sweet. I was at a period at the beginning of the year where I was buying palettes left and right, not a smart idea :/

  4. I'm so with you on trying to use the old stash up first! That is exactly why I had to wean myself from youtube for a while. There's something about watching them apply the makeup and talk you through that says, "MUST BUY THIS!" I'm better... Thank GOD! But I sure feel guilty for having a wants list! I'm disappointed in myself for buying so many hilighters that probably won't be used in my lifetime!

    1. Oh man, I had to unfollow a few Instagram beauty gurus! All those perfectly composed pictures of lipstick or eyeshadows look so enticing! But I think my resistance to temptation is getting better and stronger.

      Ok I have a confession to make: I made a Wishlist Wednesday for The Balm right here: and I said I wasn't going to buy anything on their Hautelook deal. Well true enough, I ended getting one of the blushes and the bronzer I wanted, because the deals were 50% off ($10 and $11 instead of $20 and $22) but I swear, I would not have gotten it at all for full price!