LORAC Pro Palette

Many a beauty blogger have the LORAC Pro Palette 1 as one of their must have staples. It's often compared to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes or the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes, with their similarities in shades and formulas. Some would say that the LORAC Pro Palette is actually superior due to the range in shades and the softer, more buttery textures. I'm also not surprised to see that it is a staple for bridal makeup, after seeing the #loracpro hashtag on Instagram and overhearing about it from one of the makeup artists for a fashion show I volunteered in April.

The LORAC Pro Palette is $49 for 16 shades, the top half being matte and the bottom half being shimmer. That is cheaper and more bang for your buck than the Naked Palettes, which sell at $54 and 12 shades. The packaging is a thin cardboard, which is less clunky but that also means you have to be careful with it when you bring it for traveling. 

I like how the matte and the shimmer shades are separated by row, it makes it easier to navigate when I'm applying the shades on my eyes. Here are the swatches on my arm:

Top (matte) shades (left to right): white, cream, taupe, light pink, mauve, sable, espresso, black

Bottom (shimmer) shades (left to right): nude, champaign, gold, light bronze, pewter, garnet, deep purple, slate

I am pretty impressed with the sleek packaging of this palette along with the soft as butter texture (you know as us makeup druggies...we are very tactile)...and the versatility! Like I said before, this is one of the holy grails for brides, but you can also use them for nights out on the town (by playing around with the shimmers) or casual brunch days...or during work! The possibilities are endless!

I hope they come out with a LORAC 3 with more jewel-toned green and violet shades like they did with the LORAC Mega Pro palette last year which was unfortunately limited edition...I'm not digging the Pro 2 Palette...

Anyway! Here is what it looks like on me! I used gold and light bronze for lid, sable and garnet for crease and cream for brow bone! I also lined my upper lashes with black and my lower lashes with gold.

Do you have this or any of the other LORAC Palettes in your kit? What's your favorite? Please comment and let me know!

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