Ballet Beautiful Classic 60-minute Workout

I took a month-long hiatus from working out, so now I am back at it. I have exercise ADD, and I'm not even the fittest gal you'll meet! But seriously: I've tried Zumba (love love the live classes, but too expensive and I don't like the DVD sets), Insanity (I injured my elbow with that), 30 Day Shred (quit halfway through), yoga (love it, but I can't seem to make a commitment on it as much as I'd like), kettlebells, barre, weights, etc. but the one thing that has stuck with me were the Ballet Beautiful workouts, from former NYC Ballet dancer Mary Helen Bowers. She is also known for training Natalie Portman for Black Swan and she helps prep the Victoria's Secret models before they bare all and strut the runway every year for their fashion show.

This is not a ballet class where you do moves on the barre or chair. This is mostly the floor exercises ballerinas do to condition their bodies with a pilates-twist.

I've had the Classic 60-minute workout since 2012. It has served me well as I started tapering down prednisone, and I credit this DVD as a huge part of my weight loss from tapering and not taking it during that period. I mean, of course I was also doing the treadmill, yoga and eating well but this was the DVD I was doing the most.

June 2013, I was primarily working out with Ballet Beautiful...this is me at a fitting room in TJ Maxx. I bought this dress in a medium but had to return it because there was a big hole, and when I returned it, they only had the small ones left so I bought the small and it still fit!

Now, the Classic Workout is an older version of the Total Body Workout DVD. Both are exactly the same, but the newer version was bought out by Lionsgate. The only difference is that the newer DVD only breaks down the sections (bridge, abs, inner thigh, outer thigh, arms, standing) without playing it all the way, whereas the older version (the one I have and am talking about) gives you the option to play the whole workout or to choose which section you want to work out.

Here are the breakdowns of the DVD:

Bridge series: 15 minutes of different variations of bridges, such as with legs together or apart, butterfly bridges, one-legged bridges. This is painful!

Abs: A short 6-minute ab series with roll-ups and oblique twists.

Inner thighs: Variations of inner thigh leg lefts, going straight up and down, and circles.

Outer things: More leg lifts, but targets the hips and butt.

Arms: Tricep dips and flapping arms...not the trademark Swan arms in the Blast DVD. Don't think these are easy, gravity works against you and your arms start to burn!

Standing: The last 3 minutes of ballet-type moves like plies.

I just want you guys to know that this is one of the best exercise DVD's I have owned, and the moves are SO simple compared to some tricky yoga, Pilates or even other dance moves. It's really low impact which is perfect for those with medical conditions or injuries. HOWEVER, these will slay you  and burn your muscles. You will ache for a couple of days. But whatever chronic pain you have will eventually go away because these work your core like no other, which helps prevent injuries and increase your day-to-day activities. Don't be afraid to take a break. Mary Helen Bowers encourages breaks. And don't worry if you're not as flexible as her. Flexibility will be built here.

You may not look like a prima ballerina or a supermodel, but you will develop long lean muscles. I know that's a bit of a stretch, but many other people who have done Ballet Beautiful have tried other workouts that have bulked them up, but Ballet Beautiful leaned and toned them out. I can totally attest to that. Of course, the key is to mix it up with other activities too.

If you have this DVD, or you're more curious, you can also check out her Blast DVD which has 4 15-minute blast videos of her workouts, and I would say that these are harder than the whole 60-minute workout. She also has streaming workouts on her website that last about 10–15 minutes long (so if you can't do a 60-minute session, it's totally ok if you can only squeeze 15 minutes a day), or you can get unlimited access to them with her Custom Workout for $39.99/month (I don't do this though because I only want certain videos). Moms, you are in luck: she has a toddler and another one on the way, so she has created a whole slew of pre- and post- natal workouts!

She also has Bridal package streaming videos, and I bought this one (which has 3 videos: Bridal Bridge Blast, Bridal Core, Bridal Posture). I wanna psyche myself up for the big day!

I guess I am feeling pretty encouraged because I lost a few pounds after getting weighed to see my nephrologist. And I am on 8 mg of prednisone right now. Here's to hoping that it keeps getting lower and that my kidneys don't act up again (Lord please don't let it happen...) I have 18 more months till my wedding, but Cecilio and I want to start practice healthy living for life. I can't wait to see how I look and feel after a few months of this.

Eventually I'll do a review on the Body Blast DVD and the Bridal package streaming videos.

Have you ever tried Ballet Beautiful? Or are you curious about it?

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