My trip to Maui, Hawaii!

The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas

So all of this week (Sunday–Friday) I went with my mom and younger sister to Maui! This is my 2nd time in Maui, but my 4th trip in Hawaii overall (I've also been to Oahu and Big Island). It was amazing and relaxing, just what we needed...especially for my mom, who needed a huge getaway from her work. We stayed in The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas, which we originally booked for a studio room (oceanfront) but we got upgraded to a junior suite! Our room was on ground level, steps away from Ka'napali Beach! How awesome was that?!

Despite the weather forecasts predicting floods, it was sunny throughout most of our trip! There were instances of rain during the night, but I am so thankful for the sun because we were able to swim at the beach...actually, it was pretty humid. But the water was soooo warm. We actually had an epic fail where we tried to snorkel but the waves were too strong for us to be able to, my mom and sister couldn't put their headgear in and I broke the flipper because my foot got stuck in it too deep! We still got to swim and the water was perfect and therapeutic.

Ka'anapali Beach, where we stayed right next to and swam.

We also got to to explore the main town of Maui called Lahaina. It has restaurants, little shops, and art galleries. We had lunch there and shopped around for gift items. I wish we could've explored it more but it was way too humid and I felt dizzy, plus on that day Miss Aunt Flow decided to visit me that day. At that point I was ready to go back to our room.

Trees and hundreds of birds in Lahaina

Lunch with my sister

Tiki items being sold in Lahaina

Can't go to Hawaii without beating the heat with saved ice! Here's mine, with cherry, coconut and blue vanilla flavorings.

I bought this little cutie...but I realized in the plane that I FORGOT TO PACK HIM in my bags when we were leaving!! I was soooo sad, and I still am :'( I'm thinking of ordering another one online but it's just not the same...I need to be more careful with my things...

My mom and I also had a 100 minute ocean side massage under a cabana. It was SO amazing. We love getting massages, but yes you can't beat one that's right next to the beach! It's also so good for us lupus patients. 

I would say the highlight of our trip was the helicopter tour on Thursday, where the guide took us overlooking West Maui and Molokai. Actually, the original package stated that we were supposed to see Haleakala Volcano but because of weather disturbances the tour guides told us we would see Molokai instead. It's funny we went with a newly-married couple on their honeymoon (they looked to be my age or younger) and the guy was pretty pissed off about that fact, going on about how they had to take a cab for $200 (to and from the heliport...our overall trip renting a car was only $173!) and if he had known that the itinerary changed at the last minute, he would've canceled the tour...we got a DVD recorded of our tour and we watched it last night and started laughing at the guy because he looked so upset throughout the tour, whereas my mom, Sarah and I were laughing and smiling. Seriously, it was so awesome. We got to see waterfalls and the Molokai cliffsides and we saw manta rays and whales on the was amazing. I took a lot of pictures on my DSLR but I didn't have a lot of nice ones due to the glass glare. So here's a good one I have:

Can you tell my family loves Hawaii? Like I said above, this is my 4th time there and it's my mom's 6th time (her first time was with my dad, and she went on a business trip one time). She talks about wanting to come back for the winter to watch the whales or buying a vacation home there. Me? I love it. I really wish Cecilio was there to experience it with me. I promised him we would go there sometime, but I'm not too keen on going for our honeymoon because of how many times I've been. I really would love to go to Mexico for our honeymoon! And he agrees, especially because it is more affordable than Hawaii. We plan to first go to Honolulu, Oahu since that's the big city there and there's many activities such as the beach, shopping, hiking up Diamond Head, and touring Pearl Harbor...

I got a few shades tanner, and now my lipsticks look different on me. Not that it's a bad thing! I love that bronze goddess look!

Also, I got some great news! During our trip I got an email from Make-a-Wish Foundation because I had an interview there last week for the Marketing/Communications internship...and I got accepted for it! I start Monday and I'm so excited. It's unpaid, but I am excited about the experience. Also, I applied for a graphic design job at a marketing agency for salons...I actually did horrible on the phone interview, but they still emailed me regarding the 2nd phase of the interview (a design assignment). Since I told them I was on vacation, they extended my deadline to turn in the assignment on Tuesday! How amazing is that?! Pray/think for me that I may get that job or whichever job comes my way...things are going great in that aspect. I didn't think I would get those positions or any sort of progress because it took them longer to email me, and the fact that I was horrible in the phone interview for the graphic design job...but God is good and works in ways I can't comprehend. I am excited. And I am excited for wherever the next adventure will be.

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