My favorite foods for beautiful skin.

Great skin takes great work. And I'm not just talking about the usual cleanse-tone-moisturize route. To feel radiant and glowing from inside out, it's all about in nutrition. Just like eating for the body you want, you gotta eat for the skin you want too! Whether you're trying to protect yourself from the sun, prevent wrinkles and anti aging, and just plain glow. Here are a few of my favorite ones below: (all illustrations done by me)

1. Avocado
Ahh. the staple favorite of the fashion bloggers and the Instafamous. Why wouldn't be though, with it's taste, creamy texture and beauty properties? It's filled with monounsaturated fats (which is also great for a flatter belly), which hydrates the skin. It also has antioxidant carotenoids that protect your skin from wrinkles and fine lines. I love putting half an avocado on my toast and topping it with cheese and sriracha. And you can't forget my love for guacamole...

2. Dark chocolate
Who knew that something so rich and semi-sweet can be beneficial for you too? Studies came out 10+ years ago that dark chocolate protects your heart, but did you know that the flavonoids also absorb UV light and blood flow to the skin? Sounds pretty sweet to me. No wonder Too Faced chocolate bar palettes and cocoa powder products are filled with anti-aging antioxidants!

3. Sweet Potato
Like the other orange counterpart, carrots, sweet potatoes have beta carotene (which is also good for your eyes!) which reduces oxygen damage from other UV light and helps with various skin disorders. My favorite way of eating them is baked with a dollop of honey and cinnamon, Yum!!!

3. Olive oil
There's a tone of olive-oil based skin products for a reason. I used to even wipe it off to remove my makeup! And it seemed like it lengthened my lashes...anyway, olive oil contains Vitamin E to restore the skin smoothness to protect skin against UV rays. It also contains hydroxytyrosol to prevent free damage to the skin. I love using them as salad dressing and in some of my favorite dishes.

If you want really delicious and healthy recipe ideas, please check out ALOHA's recipes here! They have a wide range of great eats such as smoothie bowls, popcorn, healthy pizzas, etc.

Don't forget to drink water! What are some of your favorite foods to eat for beautiful skin?


  1. Awesome post Hannah :)

  2. great tips, thanks for sharing xoxo