How I Re-organized my makeup collection.

Yeah... I don't like other people going into my bathroom being horrified about my makeup collection. I know I have a lot, and this month I am doing a Project Low/No Buy type thing (you can read my post here). This month, I only bought 2 Maybelline lipsticks, other than the ipsy bag and the Boots Botanics All Bright Micellar Cleanser (because I ran out of my Murad cleansing oil and didn't want to send $32).

Now, I'm a really messy person naturally. Cleaning to me is dreadful. I get it from my dad. My mom always tells me to not be like him in that aspect, and that women are supposed to be clean. Well, she doesn't know that I've seen other women my age who are way way worse. Still, that shouldn't be my benchmark of how organized I want to be. Cleaning my makeup space has been looming in the back of my head, so I finally JUST DID IT.

I flipped my purse upside down to find all of the contents. While I do have cosmetic bags, you can also see that a lot of my lipsticks were just hanging inside loosely. So I looked for each lipstick and lip gloss and find out if I love it enough to wear it on a regular basis. The ones I did, I put it in that "Lipstick addict" bag above. The ones I did, I put in my lipstick holder...but if I really regretted buying it (or anything else), I threw it in the trash. I do honestly feel guilty about wasting it, but I didn't want to hold on to it if I hardly touched it. Plus, I don't want to give used makeup to family or friends because of my germs. I also looked for a local shelter to donate makeup but there is none.

I also transferred make makeup and my drawers from my bathroom to my room so I could place it on my clothing drawer. This makes it so much easier so that I don't have to go back and fourth getting ready, since I now put on my makeup sitting down on the floor in my room where I have a full body mirror. It's hard for me to get ready in the bathroom, because my bathroom is really narrow and I don't have space for a seat.

So that means...I had to get some other stuff off my drawer and dump it on my bed temporarily, such as my jewelry box, books, stuffed animals, etc.

I got this organizer from BH Cosmetics here (It's retailed at $50, but I think I got it on sale for $37 in April). The area where the pencils are in the back are divided into two, so I separated the pencil eyeliners and the lip pencils. Right next to them are the Too Faced Melted lipsticks. You can also see that I have the Benefit Watts Up Highlighter, Benefit Majorette blush (which I have been using a lot in the summer and made a big dent), and the ELF liquid blush. On the two small sections below, I have some lip balm, concealers, and black gel liner. Then the bottom two sections are filled with blush.

I believe I got the two containers above at Target. My eyeshadow palettes are in one fairly large plastic container, and the one in front is divided into three: sprays (left), individual eyeshadows (center), and foundations (right).

I bought this 60-compartment lipstick holder from Amazon here for only $18.87. These are the lipsticks I love, but I don't wear often. I put the longest ones (such as Colour Pop lippie stix and their Ultra Mattes) in the back so that they aren't blocking the smaller lipsticks. In the middle, I have a LOT of NYX products...and then there's the MAC up front.

I found a container somewhere in my house (I forgot from where) where I put loose items that I use regularly, such as: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Benefit Dallas, Bodyography brow trio (and the brush), Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (my absolute most favorite mascara, hands down), Too Faced Hangover Primer, Too Faced Love Flush (Ok, can you tell I'm a TF fanatic?!), Becca x Champagne Pop Highlighter.

An of course, my bedside table needed some TLC. I used a Birchbox container for my lotions, and another one for lip balms and treatments.

Wow! Well lets just say that re-organizing taught me a lot. Sure it's a mundane, tedious thing to do, but it does force you to really think about how much you are spending, whether it's on makeup, video games, cigarettes, etc. especially with how a lot of them are impulse buys, or "filler" buys to get the free shipping online. 

I'm a bit ashamed and remorseful, because I could be using the money to save up for the wedding, dental/medical bills, new shoes (I don't have a lot of shoes but I could invest in a few good quality ones), and travel. I still have a lot of makeup, maybe more than the average person (but not as much as an average blogger/vlogger/MUA). 

Doing this forces me to rethink and redo my spending habits: such as, telling myself, do I really need this? Have I been lusting for this for months or is it just because it's there? It's like eating junk food. If you don't have it in your house, you can't eat it whereas when it's there, you don't stop at one. All of a sudden the bag of Hot Cheetos is almost empty. That's how it is when you walk into Sephora, Ulta, the cosmetic sections at the drugstore, etc.

But I feel freer now. I feel relieved of completing a task I have been dreading, and free of the desire of wanting "more". I mean, of course makeup is still my passion and it's not like I'm gonna stop buying completely...but is it necessary for me to drop a couple of hundred every month? No. I'm not perfect. I am admitting my faults and weaknesses. Judge me or not, I am really working on it.

Ok how about you? How often do you organize your makeup collection? Do you get rid of the things you no longer use, after hoarding them for a while without using them? How do you feel afterward?

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  1. I am so messy when it comes to my makeup products, I probably reorganize and clean my makeup/closet room a once a week and I still have problems finding some products at times ;)

    Thirteen Thoughts