Wedding Dress Inspiration: Long Sleeves.

Nicky Hilton on her wedding day on July 10.

When Nicky Hilton's wedding photos surfaced on the Internet, my jaw dropped. I was so enamored with her dress. Of course, being a socialite, it's not surprising that her lacy Valentino number cost $77,000.
If I could get a piece that's 200 times cheaper, I would be so happy, I thought. She looks like a princess, all the fashion and celebrity sources kept raving. A far cry from her wild-child partying sister, and a totally different look from her 2004 Vegas nuptials.

What's not surprising though is that long-sleeve wedding dresses are coming back in style. In the world of strapless dresses (that honestly, all look the same to me), it's refreshing to see the classic silhouettes again. It's definitely appropriate for church ceremonies, and fits well into a ballroom setting. 

It flatters all figures. Honestly, if I am still on prednisone by the time I start wedding dress shopping next year and can't lose weight, I will definitely consider a long-sleeve gown (though I can't guarantee it, I want it to be a surprise for Cecilio). I have always had slim arms (and upper body) that get muscled easily with exercise, and they are toned and sculpted right now...but they're still hidden under a layer of fat. The idea of getting a dress with longer sleeves would make me feel more comfortable and less insecure, while feeling like I'm in a fairytale. Plus, I can just imagine constantly pulling up my dress because of my D-cup breasts. Not a pretty sight. So if you are self conscious about your arms, definitely consider a long sleeve gown. (Wear what you want though if you feel like you rock it!)

Though long sleeve dresses have always been the norm for the 20th century, in the modern times brides have been baring more skin. Which is not a bad thing. I would love to show off my arms and back, if it weren't for prednisone. But knowing that long sleeve wedding dresses are becoming trendy again, brides who want to flatter their figure or want a more conservative look have more options. It all started with Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen gown, fit for a royal:

And if the keywords classic, princess, conservative or feminine don't describe you, no worries! You can still rock a sexy, slinky frock! Kim Kardashian is...let's say, not the klassiest celebrity on the block, but she donned a Givenchy gown during her wedding with Kanye West last year. She had illusion sleeves and cut-outs on her waist to give her an edgy look.

The long-sleeve is also really popular with artsy, boho bride, complete with a flower crown and a botanical setting.

Stone Fox Bride

Oscar De La Renta

Monique Lhuillier

So that's an overview of my favorite bridal pieces, celebrity and runway. Brides to be, what kind of dresses are you envisioning? Don't worry, your fiancé doesn't have to know...and like I said, I'm not even sure what kind of dress I'll be wearing until I go shopping next year, just looking for inspiration :)


  1. gorgeous wedding dress , surely the dream of all women who want to get married

  2. I feel like I'm in a Friends episode wanting to sit around in a wedding dress looking at all of those gorgeous pics! You're going to have so much fun trying dresses on! You're going to find something that you can rock and you will tone up! You're putting the effort in, so you will see results! Keep the feel good thoughts and rest easy! Maybe soon we can hear some good news about tapering? You got the beautiful tan down already! :-)