Throwback Thursday: Embarrassing Pictures

Here's something different. I love looking back in time at old pictures, seeing my old demeanor and comparing and contrasting to the woman I am today. I actually am inspired by Zoella's video of her old embarrassing photos here. Love her or hate her, but she is one of my many influences when it comes to blogging. Granted, I've only done one Youtube video and I'm a few months older than her, so I'm not really a crazy fan girl (her target audience is comprised of teenage girls).

For the most part, I don't like pictures. I feel like I'm not photogenic or pretty enough, especially because of taking prednisone and gaining weight and having that moonface. Even when I was thinner, I felt like the camera just wasn't my friend. So I would get irritated when my older sister or someone else would force me to get into a picture. But at the same time, I love them. I love reminiscing. That is why my sister is a huge fan of memorabilia; it's fun to see yourself visually 5, 10, 20 years ago. It's also funny looking back, wondering what the hell was I thinking?! when it came to style and hair choices. I actually had numerous Myspace accounts back in the day that I deleted...and I regret not keeping the pictures. Sure they were extremely embarrassing, and I wouldn't be caught dead in bleach blonde hair anymore...but lets just say I had a lot of different style phases.

Me and my friend Bernadette in middle school. It was the thing (especially for Asians) to take photos in a studio with different types of backgrounds, then wait for your prints to keep in your wallet.

My freshman year in high school, 2003–2004

I went to my friend Jamie's junior prom in 2005 (she is a year ahead of me)

My junior year. I only stay in touch with Nina on the far left, which is very rare as an acquaintance. That's what happens. People drift away. But she was/is one of the people who tolerated my craziness.

My senior pic

With my cousin Arjay in Vancouver, Canada

Christmas 2009 with my sister. That is my old cheer skirt I was wearing!

This was my old room. I've had it since we moved to our current house (I was 16), so yes it's definitely a teenager like room. I was 20 in this picture though. Since it's downstairs, I gave it to my dad when he was diagnosed with cancer because there were times when he was too weak to walk up and down the stairs (but he was strong enough to once in a while). He redecorated with his western movie and classic rock posters, and Native American souvenirs. When he passed away, my nephew was living with us for a year and a half and he filled it with anime posters and figurines.

I remember this. I just got my first Macbook 5 years ago. I was so happy and excited, so I kept taking pictures using PhotoBooth! This isn't so embarrassing. I would love to be that thin again.

My 21st birthday. Those brows though. Zoella had a picture of her in prom with super thin brows, horrified. I'm lucky to have thicker eyebrows...but now I am obsessed with filling them in, even just a little bit. My face feels bare without them! And those glasses hid my eyes...I had a fun time there though...a bit too much fun with Sapporo and my friends buying me more drinks...haha

If you want to laugh for a little bit, go look back at old pictures. I actually had a "punk" phase my freshman year of high school. It was embarrassing. I can't find pictures at the moment but when I do I'll post them. I put quotation marks because I just wanted to shop at Hot Topic and Pac Sun (yeah...that's so punk...) and wear fishnets, jelly bracelets, Converse and Vans. I LOVED AFI and Linkin' Park (even though they're more alternative). I hated Avril Lavigne but was a fan of Good Charlotte, which doesn't make sense. And sometimes I used safety pins as earrings. Yet sophomore year, I was all about Abercrombie, American Eagle and still PacSun. How weird is that? We all go through our phases, especially in our adolescence when we're trying to figure out ourselves.

<3 Hannah

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