MAC Whirl Lipstick

You know one of those popular, have-to-have products people keep raving about? And then when you try it on for yourself, you see that it's not necessarily for you?

That's what I feel about MAC Whirl lipstick (not to be confused with the Whirl Lipliner). This came out last month as a part of the new Matte Lip collection (You can see my review on the shades Persistence and Studded Kiss here). Whirl in lipstick form came out due to the super-popular lipliner when it was found that Kylie Jenner uses that lip liner. So of course, the Whirl lipliner has been sold out on the MAC website.

I was on the hunt for it though. Yesterday I went to the mall with Cecilio. I went to the MAC store and looked for it there. Didn't have it, but Nordstrom did. I bought both the lipstick and the lipliner. 

Now that I have it, I remember why I bought Persistence instead last month (I tested out both). Don't get me wrong, I want to love it like I do with Persistence and Retro (even though that's a satin lipstick). But just because something is popular at the moment and associated with Kylie doesn't mean it's suited for everyone. Of course, something that looks good on her will look completely different on me, I'm a lot darker!

On Instagram, I see a lot of females rocking Whirl, and it either looks dark mauve or reddish brown (which is what Retro is to me). But it looks like a grayish brown to me, almost like Stone. And it's more cool-toned than Persistence, which is described as a peachy cinnamon. Here are the comparison swatches of all 3 below:

All 3 shades are perfect for the fall. And these are known as the 90s shades, which are really popular right now. And if you like Whirl, go ahead and buy it! What may look awful on me might work perfectly on you. And that's the beauty of makeup. Everyone has their own unique look and preference for products depending on their skin type, skin color, style, etc. What is popular won't look good on everyone and will probably be a passing fad in 5-10 years from now. But I am digging the 90s lipstick shades (as long as they are warm toned, darker reds or reddish-nudes, if that makes sense) because I grew up as a kid in that decade. Don't force yourself to like the hot thing.

Whirl on me, no other makeup on.

Luckily I still have the Nordstrom receipt and box so I can return it! And I will probably exchange it for Velvet Teddy. I actually tried it yesterday to give it another chance and you know what? It actually does look good on me, especially with the right foundation, bronzer, blush, etc. Brick-o-la is another one of my other lusted after shades.

Do you have this shade? How do you like it? What are some of your favorite nude shades? Please feel free to comment below!


  1. I have the whirl lip liner and I love it! You are so right when you say that even though you like a colour it doesn't mean that it is going to suit you.