Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments (kind of a letdown)

To put it bluntly: it feels like hell here in Sacramento. Temperatures rose to 109 degrees! The heat makes my lips just as uncomfortable as the blistering cold days (as you can tell, I hate extreme temperatures. I love milder, 70–80 degree weather). So even though I'm not ready to get rid of my bright lipsticks, I recently have days where I just want to go au naturale with a pop of color on my lips, just to brighten up my face and provide moisturizing. Enter the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.

(Left to Right: Tulip, Coral, Cherry and Rose)

The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments have an SPF of 15 which protect your lips from the heat (also during the winter when they are vulnerable to dryness. And just because there is no sun in the winter doesn't mean the UV rays aren't there!). They are available at Sephora for $22.50 a yeah, this pretty much hurt my wallet. I bought the shade Cherry in May (my first one!) and then I ordered Tulip and Coral to get the mini Rose shade and the Fresh Advanced lip treatment balm and serum as a part of being a VIB member. These babies come in 12 shades. While I love the intensity of color, I can't help but me disappointed about other aspects. Okay, well Cherry and Coral are my favorites. Coral is actually more orange reddish, and just a tad less intense than Cherry, but still almost just as red. Tulip is a flirty pink, but if I wanted more pink intensity I would have to give my lips 3 swipes (and this is supposed to be described as a sheer hot pink tint). As for Rose? Biggest disappointment ever, it's so sheer and hardly shows up. I guess you can call it a MLBB (My Lips but Better).

(Top to Bottom: Tulip, Coral, Cherry, Rose. All are just one swipe)

What I love about these are how soft they are on my lips. I've tried other lip balms and they felt waxy and dry. But these? They are so slippery and feel amazing. They contain black currant oil (which softens the lips), grapeseed and Vitamins A, C, and E to protect from wrinkles and UV Rays. It also smells sweet.

Why am I mad when I had Cherry on my lips, especially because I loved it so much? Well...I broke it. That's how soft these are. you have to be extra careful, especially in this heat. I had my air conditioning on and it still melted. And when I was swiping Coral, I felt that it was starting to melt. Well, it has been the hottest time of the year so far. No wonder all of the tester tubes for these were empty in Sephora! It's not because they were used a lot (Other lipsticks and glosses are heavily used, yet still on the tube). Oh no. It's because these are so fragile.

I will still wear it as much as I can!

I am torn. Coral and Cherry are beautiful, and I like Tulip because it is a cute, flirty pink, and Rose was a big letdown because it was too sheer. But the fact that this is prone to break kinda dropped MAJOR points for me, coupled with the cost. Will I still keep using these? Yup (except for Rose). Will I keep buying? Depends. If I run out of Coral then yes! It's definitely an everyday lip color for me, especially in the summer. I also would have wanted the shades Berry or Passion as well. But am I going to drive 30 minutes to the mall or spend $50 online (for free shipping) over these? I guess the key is to not mess around with them so much (like I did for this post), and don't twist it up all the way. So yes it's soft which feels amazing on your lips, but are prone to breaking. And don't get me started on the $22.50 (Okay, well I paid $32 for NARS lipstick, but those literally are one of the best and most high quality lipsticks I have owned). So I guess it's not worth it for the price.

Do you guys have any of these? What shades? Did you notice how soft and fragile they were? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oooh sorry, I feel you on the price tag. I splurged a lot on some stuff in the past but you want to fall in love with the item if you're spending that much! I noticed a Bite Beauty lipstick I have feels a little like that but fortunately didn't break. Must be the natural products?? Your lips do look hydrated and sounds good for that purpose! Glad to see you posting your review!