Top 5 Tuesday: My favorite summer beauty products

So summer has officially started on Sunday...and honestly, it's been unbearably hot here in Sacramento. Actually, the weather has been acting up. 2 weeks ago, some days it would shower, other days it would be scorching in the 90s-100s. Now we have to deal with that again. Our summers are brutal: they can get up to 105 degrees. I am extremely sensitive to the heat. Anyway, during this time of year I don't want to paint a full face, because it would feel uncomfortable (even if it won't melt with the setting sprays I use). But I still want to look polished and put together...and glow-y. So here's my most used products so far for this season:

1. MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream (#27): I've been opting out of my holy grail MUFE HD foundation for this. Why? Simple: SPF 42. I have a bad habit of not putting on sunblock on my face or body (oops! But I'm trying!) so wearing this is my incentive to protect my face from the sun. It gives me medium–full coverage but it feels so lightweight, I almost forget I have it on sometimes. This is a Korean BB cream, which are known to provide more perks than a Western BB Cream (which usually is more like a tinted moisturizer): it acts as a primer, foundation, concealer and sunblock all in one. The downside? It only comes in 5 shades (#13, #21, #23, #27, and #31), all of which tend to be on the lighter side (especially because Koreans prize fair skin). I got shade #27 (I had #23 which turned out to be too light for me, so I gave it to my lighter skinned Chinese best friend). Also, you can purchase it only through the MISSHA website or Amazon. I prefer Amazon so I don't have to spend $40 for free shipping or pay $8 worth of shipping if I spend under $40 (the downside of the MISSHA website).

2. Benefit Majorette: I've been into cream blushes this season, because they do provide that natural, flushed look. This is a coral blush, but it sheers out once you put it on your face. So it gives a bit of color without making you look like a clown. I actually have to press hard or swipe 3-4 times on each cheek to get the desired color. This also smells fruity. You can wear this alone or over a powder blush.

3. Benefit Dallas: I love this bronzer, and I've been using this frequently when I don't want full on contour but some sun kissed look and light sculpting. Think jlo instead of Kim Kardashian. I like wearing this alone or with a blush. If you are medium/tan–skinned or darker (like me, I'm NC 40), than this is perfect for you. If you are lighter, however, I feel that Benefit Hoola would suit you more (which hardly shows up on my skin).

4. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil (Corrupt): The UD eye pencils are my favorite, because are the only ones that last a long time on my lower lashes. Almost every other pencil liner (even the supposed waterproof ones) are almost non-existent on my eyes within a couple of hours. This is Corrupt, which is a dark brown liner. I've been into dark brown eyeliners since they are less loud than black ones (black eyeliners have always been my thing since I was 13, and yes I still wear them)

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (Cherry): This has been my everyday lip color. It's a sunny bright red that makes me look like I licked a popsicle. It's fairly moisturizing (though not necessarily healing my dry lip problem) and it gives me a break from painful matte lipsticks. And it has an SPF of 15! Which is awesome because lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the skin. Unlike other tinted lip balms, this color packs a PUNCH! Almost light a lip gloss. And it feels so soft on your lips. I like this so much I also ordered the shades Tulip and Coral.

So let me know...what are your summer makeup staples?

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