May Favorites.

Well, it's already the beginning of I literally missed the last day of my May favorites. Oops. I would say May was quite the busy month, especially for graduating college. So let's talk about that first!

1. Officially a Sacramento State alumni: On May 23, 2015 I officially graduated college. It was a bittersweet moment. During my time at Sac State, I struggled. A LOT. I transferred during Fall 2010, thinking I was going to get accepted into the graphic design program Spring 2011 and then graduate in 2013. Well, life got in the way...illness between my dad and I, and being rejected from the program in 2012...then finally getting accepted in 2013. I was so happy, especially because I still want to be a designer. I just had so many hardships during my time in the major. I knew coming in that it would be an intense program (one of the most demanding majors at Sac State), but I didn't know that I would also have to struggle with my lupus and not being able to drive on top of that. It (being depressed about all of those issues) all really affected my work performance in school, and although I didn't do too bad, I feel remorseful of not trying my best. I have to believe I can still redeem myself though as I am on the search for applying for a job and building my portfolio.

2. NARS Audacious Lipsticks: These are love at first swipe. Seriously. One swipe packs PIGMENTED PUNCH! I fell in love with the shades Jane and Audrey. Jane is a cross between coral and nude, and you can read my review here. Audrey is a cool-toned berry red, that's more suited for the fall but I still also love wearing it this time of year. Unfortunately, these come at a hefty price tag for $32...and yet I still find myself drooling for more. Well, not really. I'm trying to restrain myself. These babies also feel super soft and yet they are 

3. Too Faced Natural Matte Palette: After getting the Sugar Pop Palette, I wanted to get the Natural Matte Palette to complement it (both are apart of the Summer 2015 collection). Other than the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette, this is my only other all matte eyeshadow palette. The colors here are gorgeous with strong pigment and a soft texture. These suit all skin tones. I know this will be a regular staple of mine.

4. Benefit Majorette: Summer is coming and it's time to whip out the cream blushes for that more natural, flushed feel. I actually bought this and the Dallas bronzer when I went to get my brows waxed at the Benefit Brow Bar for my graduation...yep, I am a sucker. The ladies at the brow bar tried different blushes on me (such as Dandelion and Coralista), and this was the one I liked the most because it actually shows up on my tan skin. Same reason why I chose the Dallas bronzer over Hoola (which seems to suit more the fairer skin tones). What can I say? I am a sucker for cute packaging and the color gives me a glow.

5. Barre workouts: Now that I graduated and am transitioning to finding a job and getting married, I am trying to get back into shape. Barre workouts have always appealed to me, because I like the promise of long lean muscles (although a lot of fitness experts would say this is a myth) the low impact way. Barre workouts are a fusion of ballet, pilates and yoga and they all come from Lotte Berk's technique. I can attest those ballet-girly workouts work for me: when I wasn't on prednisone, I was doing Ballet Beautiful (trainer is Mary Helen Bowers: she trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan and a few celebrities and Victoria's Secret models) and I really slimmed down to 118 pounds. I know, people say that lifting heavy won't make you bulky but it sure does for me, plus I have rather sensitive and weak joints due to my lupus. So enter Bar Method and Physique 57. I actually became a member of the online Bar Method workouts because the fee for the 1st month is $15 and you have access to various 1-hour workouts (with a couple of mini-20 minute sessions), but I'll cancel because it's $35 after the first month. Sad because I really liked it a lot, it worked my body and made me so sore without being rough. I ordered the Physique 57 set (which comes with 2 30-minute DVDs and a 57 minute DVD, and a ball) and man I get really beat from that. Physique 57 is seriously one of the hardest barre DVDs known to fitness enthusiasts. I know I want to be strong and healthy despite lupus and have a great quality of life with my future husband, Cecilio. And I want to look good in the wedding dress. But I have to be super careful with Physique 57 because sometimes I feel like I have to pass out. It's that fast paced. I have to rest, eat more and drink more water.

6. Smores Frapuccino: Okay, so this is the COMPLETE opposite of the barre workouts I mentioned...that's why I get them only once in a while. I'm a huge fan of marshmallows (which are mixed in the drink) with the graham cracker bits on the whip cream. But like I said, I only get this once in a while, and I get the mini cup (which isn't much smaller than the tall, but it's thinner in diameter and satisfies me well). I know that the mini cup is only temporary, but I think it should be a permanent part of Starbucks for the health conscious, those who can't finish a tall frap (I sure can't), and the little kids.

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