MAC The Matte Lip Collection: Persistence and Studded Kiss

I went to Arden Mall with Cecilio yesterday in search of a new pair of shoes. Lately I've been battling a cold and feeling lightheaded. I've been feeling under the weather because the weather has been so strange: it was 104 degrees on Monday, got cloudy on Tuesday, showered yesterday and now it's back to 97 today. And it's going to continue to get hot. I've been having headaches and just not feeling good too: maybe because I've also been exercising a lot more, and therefore I get hungry, so I have to eat to regain my fuel. After I got my shoes, Cecilio and I stopped at Hot Dog on a Stick and shared a corn dog, fries and lemonade. I went to the MAC store and picked these up and he said I completely perked up after I came from there.

I bought these 2 shades Persistence and Studded Kiss, which is a part of The Matte Lip Collection which consist of 22 shades, some that are already established shades but are being repromoted (Velvet Teddy, Ruby Woo, etc.) and 14 of the shades are new. So I decided to pick these two up.

I was torn between Persistence and Whirl (since the lip liner Whirl is really popular, I figured it was going to be a holy grail as a lipstick someday) but I picked up Persistence because it was less brown. I was looking up #macthemattelip pics on Instagram or #macpersistence and someone compared the Persistence swatch to MAC Taupe (which I also have), and said that if you have Taupe, you don't need Persistence...I disagree. Taupe is a little bit lighter and only shows up a little bit on my lips. Persistence is described as a peachy cinnamon. Yes, it is a warm rosy brown, but not too brown. I love it especially under natural light. On my bathroom lights though? It shows up as a more grayish. Nevertheless, this will be a staple of mine. This is one of the few nudes that look good on me.

Then I also got Studded Kiss, which is described as Dark Oxblood Red. It is definitely a 90s type or fall shade, but it's a unique dark berry red and I can see myself wearing it often. It's not as dark as it's described though, therefore not as intimidating. You can wear this with any outfit, even if it's just perking up a casual one.

Swatches of Persistence and Studded Kiss

MAC Persistence

Let me say that the matte finishes from MAC aren't my favorite because they're so drying, but I am pretty impressed with the shades so far! Next time I get these, I definitely want Whirl and D for Danger. Has anyone shopped for the new shades from the Matte Lip collection? What are your favorites?


  1. I really love the look of Studded Kiss, but I'm sorry to hear they were so drying!
    Ivory Avenue

  2. Persistence really works for you! Out of all matte collections I have to say MAC is more gentle than other brands I feel. I have Honey Love, Velvet Teddy, and Russian Red. I hardly touch those anymore, because right now I'm into bright corals when I'm not wearing the usual nude from Maybelline. When I think matte though I think long wear like Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick but that definitely requires prepped lips (exfoliated, moisturized). I always enjoy your shopping posts! :-) Take care and I'm so happy you're doing something to feel good!

    1. Thanks! Yeah the mattes are a bit drying but for the mattes I also have Russian Red (love it!), Candy Yum Yum (there's better pinks IMO, like Girl About Town which is Amplified) and Taupe). Oh yeah, the Stila liquid lipsticks are the absolute most drying ones I have ever had! I guess I don't reach for Patina for that reason. And thank you! I've just been resting since graduating before I start job hunting and wedding planning!