June Favorites

I don't know what it is, but I do want to get back on my feet in the blogging world, but I feel stuck in a rut, uninspired. Maybe it's because of life after graduation, I've just been at home resting and slowly job hunting. I am also looking for volunteer work in the meantime. I definitely want to keep at this blog and start to become more serious about it. How can I call myself a designer when I haven't designed a logo or background and buttons for this?! That's how much of a creative block I've been feeling. And honestly, I had that a lot in school. But it's time to get out of my stupor.

I'm really trying not to buy a lot of makeup (it's really hard, trust me, I still bought quite a bit this month) so I can save up for my wedding. Cecilio and I are planning to have our wedding on March 2017. We came up with the guest list together (along with our parents because of course they want many extras to invite) which came up to 155 guests! Yikes. The Urban Decay Vice Ltd. Edition Palette was on sale for $39 on the Ulta website (original for $58). I was debating whether or not I should get it because OH MY GOODNESS I love the colors, but $39 is still steep! I have palettes from UD, Too Faced, It Cosmetics, etc. but the Vice Ltd. palette had a gorgeous range of jewel tones and neutrals. When I clicked "add to cart" a few times, it became out of stock. I thanked God because I really don't have much self control!

I hardly came up with June favorites...so I didn't want to force add things if my heart wasn't into them. So here they are:

1. BH Cosmetics Eyes on the 80's Palette: Okay, so I did a review in March on this palette and wore this for St. Patricks Day. I broke this one out this month, especially when the Supreme Court declared that gay marriage is now legal here in the US. So I wanted to celebrate by experimenting with rainbow eyeshadow (my first time doing this):

And here's another look: (I was so sad to wash this one off)

Let's just say I've been bored with neutrals and I want some color and pizzazz back in my life. After all, my love for eyeshadow stemmed from neon colors, and the neutrals caught my eye in my early 20s. In fact, I had the Urban Decay Electric Palette for 2 weeks and I returned it, as I wrote here. Now I am thinking of buying it again! See where my self control is?! Haha.

2. Barre3: Okay, so I've been going back into exercise, and for my May Favorites, I was singing the praises of Physique 57 and Bar Method...I'm putting those on hold for a while because I discovered Barre3 online streaming workouts and I LOVE IT! There are 100+ videos here, and they also sectioned into 10/30/40/60 minutes so if you don't have enough time, you can squeeze in a 10 minute workout. It is $15 a month, which is cheaper than other ballet/barre streaming videos (Bar Method is $15 for the first month and $35/month after, Physique 57 is $57/month). Barre workouts such as Bar Method, Physique 57, Pure Barre, Core Fusion stem from the Lotte Berk method of incorporating ballet, small movements (lifting your leg an inch till it burns), pilates, etc. Barre3 has that, but what sets it a part is that it is also very yoga-based, and I love yoga. It has you do both small and large range of motion, and emphasizes the neutral spine (other barre workouts don't incorporate as much yoga moves, only have small range of motion and emphasize the back tuck). They say Barre3 is one of the easiest ones, but I would have to disagree, I'm always sore the next day! 

3. MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream: I've been reaching for this, especially because of summer and needing the SPF (this one has 42!). It provides full coverage but feels light. I talked about it in this post here. It does an awesome job of moisturizing, covering and protecting my skin.

4. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: Speaking of SPF, this one has 15. These moisturize your lips all while giving it color, almost as much as a lipstick. Be careful in the heat however. It easily breaks (It just happened with one of mine and now I'm mad, especially because it's $22.50 a pop)

5. The Grange Restaurant: For those who live in Sacramento, The Grange is a restaurant in downtown where they serve local, farm to fork cuisine. Actually, the reason why I am putting this restaurant here is because it's located in The Citizen Hotel, where Cecilio and I plan to have our wedding reception, and the wedding package includes the catering from The Grange (so no need for outside catering vendors!) and private tasting to pick what you want in the menu. We went there for lunch and I had fettuccine with pesto, pine nuts, summer squash and cherry tomatoes. Cecilio had wild king salmon. We also shared a plate of different cheeses, honeys and crackers. Delicious!

Okay so this is a pretty short monthly favorites, but I will get back into the swing of blogging!

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