50 Things That Make Me Happy

I follow Paula from Thirteen Thoughts and she just posted a list of 50 things that made her happy, and tag anyone who would be interested. I guess day to day I get so caught up in the mundane and the blahs (who doesn't?!) that I forget about the things that make me smile. And she's right, we do focus on the negative and things that stress us out. I am a HUGE worry wart (I get it from my dad...) but let us not forget the things that make our hearts flutter!

1. My fiance. I'm so happy to call him that and I can't wait to call him my husband. Every moment with him is precious, from the little quiet moments at home to our adventures and excursions. Here's us at Battery Park before we hopped on the ferry to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

2. My family, however crazy they are and no matter what issues they have. My mom says that the issues we have help us rely on God's strength more because who knows, we could be cocky otherwise.

3. These cute dogs. Well the one on the right is Sandie, my sister and niece's dog. They are so adorable and cuddly, but can be vicious (small dog syndrome?) Flora (the one on the left, which I named my blog after) smells so bad right now because she killed 2 birds in our backyard this morning but I'm still letting her cuddle with me before I take her to the groomer today.

4. Fresh rain.

5. Sleeping. Lots of sleeping.

6. Whenever my doctor says "would you like to taper your prednisone?" which is very rare these days...here's to hoping someday I won't have to take it ever again. But I doubt it.

7. Coffee.

8. Museums.

9. Dancing. I wish I took more dance classes and took them seriously as a kid. I've taken jazz and ballet class on and off and I hope one day I can be consistent with it and go on pointe. I even did cheer for 1 year at my community college.

10. Eating out at different restaurants.

11. The Davis Farmers Market.

12. Driving again. It's annoying but I'd rather have my freedom than be miserable and depressed from not driving and feeling normal because of my past seizures.

13. Planning the wedding with Cecilio, even though I am freaking out about the cost.

14. Yoga/pilates/barre-based workouts, those that give you long/lean muscles even though I don't look lean at all because of prednisone. But I had really slim limbs and physique during summer 2013 when I was just doing yoga, treadmill and Ballet Beautiful DVDs. I hope to get that slim, 120 pound body again.

15. San Francisco. I grew up in Daly City, which is just right below, so every trip back takes me back to memory lane...and wanting to live there again, even though it's crazy expensive.

16. The Episcopal Church. I love their teachings about Jesus and theology, and how loving and inclusive they are. I grew up in evangelical and conservative churches so this one is totally different. The Episcopal Church is beautiful and serene, and they are also based on scripture, reason and tradition.

17. Photography.

18. Disney movies I grew up watching.

19. Memories of my dad.

20. Fall and everything about it—pumpkin spice everything (I'm not basic though), the cool-ish weather, leaves, my birthday in October, scarves, boots, darker lipstick.

21. Flaming Hot Cheetos.

22. Finding an outfit or piece of makeup that looks bomb on me.

23. When my doctors tell me lupus is doing really well (except for when they don't taper off my prednisone).

24. A nice long massage.

25. Mexican food.

26. Swimming.

27. Animals. I especially love dogs, cats, farm animals (sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, etc.) and aquatic ones.

28. Floral minidresses.

29. The 90s, my childhood!

30. Traveling. The above pictures I took are of the Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris) and Chrysler Building (NYC). I definitely want to travel more, it's the only money you spend on that makes you richer. And Cecilio and I want to go to Paris and Barcelona for our honeymoon.

31. Ice cream and gelato (especially come these summer days).

32. Being a child of God.

33. Christmas.

34. Long walks with the dogs and taking them to the dog park.

35. Drawing. I've never been the best at it so I would get frustrated, but I did improve. When I got accepted in the graphic design program, I was such on a creative high for the summer , but then I started doing my school projects and stopped. I want to get that creative mojo back so I can stay inspired and redo my projects again. The above was just a few fun sketches of garlic. I also used to love painting.

36. The beach, mountains and forest.

37. Wearing my engagement ring with pride.

38. When Cecilio calls the moles on my face "stars" even though I hate them and always felt I was ugly because of them. But no, he absolutely loves them.

39. Music.

40. New makeup.

41. Italian food.

42. Smoothies.

43. Long showers.

44. Walking around and exploring big cities with Cecilio (SF, NYC, a bit of Seattle and Vancouver).

45. Drinking lots and lots of water. Plain water too.

46. Cheez-Its.

47. My friends. I have a solid group of them. I've never been one to be super popular and partying all the time (ok, maybe during our early 20s and got super excited about drinking but I think we all toned down) but yeah, I'm happy and thankful that they're in my life :)

48. Blogging.

49. Always being on my phone.

50. You, whoever is reading this, thank you for taking the time to do so!

I tag whoever is interested in this!


  1. So happy that you decided to do this tag Hannah! It was so fun to read your answers. Your fiance sounds amazing, I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness! Try not to stress out too much about planning the wedding or the costs (I know it can get crazy) and remember that you two are the most important people on that day :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. Aww thanks for commenting! Yeah as far as wedding planning, we have a 2 year engagement and my mom is helping us out...but it's still gonna be stressful nonetheless! And I know it's going to be worth it on that day, and all the stress will melt away and be full of love :)