My first Colourpop Haul

I said I was going to take a break from my blogging on my previous post and that I would make a few exceptions...but yeah I do miss it and being out of the loop. And that I would make a few exceptions. I also just need to manage my time better too if I want to have time for both...but I definitely wanted to make an exception for my first Colourpop haul.

When I entered the beauty world, I kept seeing a lot of people with the lippie stix, blushes, and eyeshadows so I was curious and ordered some lippie stix and a blush, which also came with a free mini highlighter. Colourpop is a really popular brand for beauty junkies because of the cute packaging, pigmented product, affordable price and because of the fact that a few Youtube gurus have  collaborated with them to create more lippie stix. I've never seen that many variety of one specific type of lipstick before. So you are bound to find something, no matter what skin shade you have.

Top to bottom: Lippie Sticks (Lumiere, Julep, Bichette, Rocket, LBB, Fancy), Super Shock Cheeks (Fruit Stand, Wisp).

Lets talk about the lippie stix first.

Can I just tell you how much I fell in love with Lumiere?! That and Fancy (which I also love) are the ones I have worn so far. Lumiere was created by beauty guru Kathleen Lights (love her, first found out about her when I watched her NYX Intense Butter Glosses video on youtube, then I was touched by her anxiety story). It is that Kylie Jenner type shade. It reminds me of a darker, creamier version of Stila Patina, which is super–matte and drying. I was blown away by Lumiere, unlike Patina which when I first tried it...I liked it a lot but didn't love it. But these babies are a quarter of the price! I imagine that this is what the original Kat Von D Lolita shade used to look like. When I first saw Lumiere, I was worried that it would be too light or hardly show up on my lips. But nope. This really suits all skin colors.

Me wearing Lumiere

The other matte finishes I got were Bichette and LBB, but these are nowhere near drying at all. In fact, I think you have to be careful because they do feather and bleed. I may need to get the matching lip pencils for those. Which I will because so far I am impressed!

I also really adore Fancy, which is a pinkish-coral shade with the satin finish that is more on the subtle side. So it's feminine, not loud and perfect for the spring and summer. The other shades I have are:

Julep: bright orange with a cream finish
Bichette: matte dark red, perfect for the fall
Rocket: pink-coral, but more bubblegum pink with a satin finish. I'm not crazy about baby bubblegum shades but I am pretty impressed with this one.
LBB: Described as a rich plum wine, another fall/90s shade.

And then there's the blush...I got Fruit Stand, a bright orange shade suited for summer. It's a matte finish, and it is pigmented but not too pigmented to where you end up looking like a clown. Oh, and did I mention how oh-so-rich and buttery it feels on the fingers?! When I first felt it, I was wondering whether it was gel or powder. Turns out, it is a cream powder blush. Same goes for the highlighter, Wisp. It feels so velvety too. I do wish I got the lighter highlighter though, because Wisp looks more like a bronzer for me.

My only thing with the lippie stix are that they get messy easily. Yes, the twisting crayon design is cute and more portable for traveling, but be careful because it can get on your hands and clothes.

Will I be getting more though?! Oh hell yeah! I'm going to buy the matching Lumiere lip pencil. As far as other lippie stix? I the following on my mind: Brink, Bossy, I Heart This, and Frida. I also want the blushes Swift and Birthday Suit.


  1. Ah I love them all so much!! For my first order I just did one from each colour 'category'. I should get some blushes too!! Not much of a blush person but I should start trying, haha. :)

    1. yes, the blushes are gorgeous! I also can't wait for all of the highlighters to come out! I also definitely want to try more lipsticks...thanks for stopping by!