Step into Spring: My favorite bright pink lipsticks

So today is the 1st official day of Spring! We are really blessed in Northern California to be having 70–80 degree weather. But I can't enjoy it for too long due to our New York trip! But what better way to celebrate than breaking out your bright colored makeup? I know that fall colors have been super trendy, especially vampy shades and Kylie Jenner lips...along with the pumpkin spice latte. I do have some nudes and fall lipsticks I adore (like Maybelline Touch of Spice, and I also just got Gerard Cosmetic's 1995 Lipstick...which I'm not too crazy about but I'll talk about that in another blog) but bright pink lipsticks are what makes my heart flutter. I like medium–dark shades because baby pink hardly shows up or makes me look washed out. I also thought I liked MAC Candy Yum Yum...until I found out about the other 2 MAC shades below.

Here are the swatches (on arm and on my lips) and my reviews on each of them:

Top to bottom: MAC Viva Glam Miley, MAC (Girl About Town), NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, (Sao Paulo), NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Prague), Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Berlin), Too Faced Melted Lipstick (Jelly Donut)

MAC Viva Glam Miley: This is my first Viva Glam lipstick. I wrote a full review here. This is an Amplified finish, which means it's also not as drying as a matte or a satin shade. This is a shade Miley would definitely pull off. 

MAC Girl About Town: This shade also reminded me of Viva Glam Miley, but it's a lot more cooler toned (but no tinge of purple) so it helps brighten your teeth too. When I first tested this at MAC, I fell in love with it. This is one of my holy grails. I did a review on Candy Yum Yum here...but after that review, I found myself not using it that much. Then I found this. It is much more flattering on my skin tone. This is an Amplified Creme finish as well.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Sao Paulo): I am a huge fan of NYX Soft Matte lip creams. The shades are so diverse that no matter what your skin tone or style is, you are guaranteed to find a shade suited for you. I've been loving the pinks (I also recently got Milan and Ibiza). Sao Paulo is one of my favorites, I would say it's on the warmer side, even though the NYX website describes it as plummy pink. It's a medium pink to me and shows up enough color to make me satisfied but it's also subtle enough to wear everyday (although if you're a lipstick don't wear the same shade everyday.)

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Prague): Now this is a more of a plum toned lippy! I am not a huge fan of plum shades of lips but this shows up as more on the more pinkish side on mine, and it is also another shade I consider as a casual, everyday wear one.

Too Faced Melted (Jelly Donut): This shade is a part of Too Faced line of Melted lipsticks that came out this year. I bought this in Ulta as a celebration of getting my license back. It is pretty drying like the other Melted lipsticks, but this is my favorite color (I also have Violet, Coral and Berry). I know if you wear it for a long time it leaves a nice stain.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Berlin): I've heard a lot of great things about Kat Von D lipsticks, especially the shade Lolita. I actually ordered it 2 weeks ago at Sephora because it was back in stock (Lolita is the most popular shade) but I wasn't too hot about it when I tried it on. It's also a controversial shade because there are 3 different versions of it! The original shade is more dusty pink, like Stila Patina. Then a bad batch came in December and became a dark brown shade which a lot of people complained about! Then they tried to fix it which is still a bit brown. But I wasn't happy and I exchanged it for Berlin, which I'm glad I did. It's a warm rosy tone too. I can see this as universally flattering on all skin types. And it dries super matte too but surprisingly it's not that drying. It's also "everlasting".

What are your favorite spring makeup essentials?


  1. 1. I am jealous of where you live.. that might be that I'm binge watching The Parenthood Series on Netflix with my husband a lot lately.
    2. Thank you, I'm glad I didn't waste my money on the Gerard Cosmetics 1995 Lipstick and I agree I love the Maybelline Touch of Spice dupe and I'm a lighter yellow tone more like NC20ish (yes, isn just a tad lighter sometimes)
    3. Love the bright spring colors you chose and don't break the bank!

    Why I made a list? Fun though to see another Lupie that loves makeup. I have had to back off a little from it but I'm coming around again with caution!

    1. Aww! Thanks for the comment again! Yeah I really wanted to like 1995...I think it would be suited for lighter skin tones like yours. I just bought Too Faced La Creme lipstick in "Pink Chocolate"...I wanted the Melted lipstick in "Chihuahua" but it was sold out in Ulta. Yeah, I've always liked makeup but I started getting really back into it after coming from a super high dose of prednisone (80–60 mg from October 2013–January 2014, I'm on 10 mg right now) as a way of feeling somewhat beautiful :) and it's a fun indulgence too!

  2. I am in love with this colors and I have been dying to try out Too faced Melted and this shade is breth taking, and all of these look so pigmented!
    I really liked this post and I have nominated you for Versatile blog award and you can find more info in my latest post. Let me know if you do this post and want to follow each other

    1. this is a beautiful shade. They have other hot pink shades too like Fuchsia and Candy. Its totally worth checking out! And I am really interested, thank you for nominating me :) I'll check our your blog

  3. I own MAC Impassioned and Show Orchid, and I feel like both Girl About Town and Viva Glam Miley are sooo similar because they're right between these two shades .. I like the look of both of them, but I don't know if it'll be worth investing? I guess if I wanted to get one it'd be the Viva Glam one because of the charity aspect ..
    Anyways, lovely shades! :) x

    1. I just saw Impassioned, it's so pretty and I like the warm tone! I also like the shade Burmese Kiss from the Bao Bao Wan collection but of course it's sold out. Definitely get any of the Viva Glams. the I-IV ones are more nude and brownish, I don't think they are suited for my skin but they might work for you :)

  4. Kat Von D looks good on you. It's matte lippie. But I do love too on Too Faced melted. For Godsake it so gorg!
    nice post!