MAC Vegas Volt & Retro (plus swatches and dupes)

I do like to march to the beat of my own drum. While everyone was waiting for MAC's Cinderella Collection (didn't want or need anything, although I thought the packaging was super cute and pretty) and the Bao Bao Wan Collection (I do want the Burmese Kiss lipstick), I just wanted more regular lipsticks. I wanted a nude and a coral for the spring. So I got Vegas Volt and Retro.

Vegas Volt is an Amplified Creme finish, which means it's not as drying and long wearing as the satins or mattes but still offers opacity with a bit of sheen. It is described as "full power coral". When I first swiped it on my lips, I was like, "Woah". It goes well with my skin tone since I seem to be getting a bit tanner (it's been in the 70s in Sacramento right anyone who doesn't live in California, I am so sorry).

Don't want to spend $16 or is the color too overwhelming? Try its dupe, Revlon Coralberry, for only half the price and a more subtle finish. It is more pinkish than orange and has more sheen. It's very feminine and perfect for the spring and summer. Like I can see myself wearing this with minidresses and sandals (my favorite warm weather staple).

Top: Vegas Volt. Bottom: Coral Berry. I only swiped Vegas Volt once, whereas I had to swipe Coral Berry a few times to give it similar opacity.

MAC Vegas Volt.

Revlon CoralBerry. The color is a tad bit more pink and has sheen.

I know it's spring but I also have found myself hankering for fall shades (browns/reds/nudes). So I also got the shade Retro (not to be confused with MAC's retro matte finishes such as Ruby Woo). Retro is a satin finish. I was surprised to see how similar it was to Del Rio (which is also a satin finish) when I swatched it. But it has obvious differences on my lips. Retro is more reddish brown whereas is more plum. I think I like Retro a tad bit better and I can see myself wearing it a lot more, but I do think Del Rio is a beautiful color as well.

Top: Retro. Bottom: Del Rio.

MAC Retro.

MAC Del Rio.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the shades I got. I have been looking for the perfect nude for my skin tone. I've been looking at Velvet Teddy, Twig, Creme in Your Coffee, and Verve but they all look too light for me. Then I found out about the shade Mocha, which is a satin finish and is the best suited nude lipsticks for Asian and tan skin tones, according to my research (reading the reviews about it and hearing raves from those in the NC 30–42 shade range, and looking up #MACMocha on Instagram to see how it looks). Unfortunately, it is sold out right now online. But I will keep checking!

What is your favorite MAC shade at the moment?


  1. I love my Vegas Volt lippy! Thanks for finding a dupe though this post will come in handy once I've ran out as it's pretty pricey! :)

    Roxie ♥

    1. Oh yeah you're welcome! Coralberry is such a pretty feminine color! It's for days where you want color but don't want to be too loud :)